Ego Jinpachi Quotes: Blue Lock’s Recipe to Success

Ego Jinpachi is a key character in the Blue Lock anime series who is responsible for creating world class strikers. He is a serious and very logical person who uses psychology to bring out the best in his students. In this article, you will find some of the best quotes by Ego Jinpachi that will change your life.

While most other sports anime purely focus on strong will and determination, Blue Lock breaks it down for us. Throughout the first season of the anime, Ego has said a variety of things that make sense in a realistic way.

Most of his lessons are based on real life psychology that can be applied to any field. This is why I thought that I must compile and record Ego’s lessons and mindset so that others can use them to achieve success.

So get ready for some deep and thought provoking content!

10+ Ego Jinpachi’s Quotes From Blue Lock

Ego’s quotes about awakening your best self

Ego's quotes about awakening your best self

Awakening is like doing a jigsaw puzzle with your accumulated thoughts and experiences.

The moment you awaken is the moment you learn who you really are.

– Ego Jinpachi (Blue Lock)

According to Ego, everybody is capable of awakening a more skilled and talented version of themselves. In order to do so, one must look at their past experiences and actions. Then, they must make sense of what they are capable of and how they can expand their results. In a literal sense, one must know who they really are to awaken their higher self.

Jinpachi’s quotes about talent

Jinpachi's quotes about talent

What is talent? Is it a natural gift you’re born with? Or is it being blessed with a splendid physique? To me, those things make you nothing but a diamond in the rough. Talent is a skill to prove one’s own ability.

– Ego Jinpachi (Blue Lock)
Jinpachi's quotes about talent

Someone who dreams of demonstrating the ability he believes in to the rest of the world, and dedicates his life to it… That’s what I call a genius.

– Ego Jinpachi (Blue Lock)

The words talent and genius are thrown around whenever we see someone excel at something. But the fact is, no matter how talented a person is, their dedication and hard work are what make them shine. A person who truly strives to showcase their ability to the rest of the world through sheer hard work and dedication is what a true genius is.

Ego’s quotes about defeat

Ego's quotes about defeat

Defeat is a simple phenomenon that must exist in the world of competition. What matters is what you take from the defeat.

– Ego Jinpachi (Blue Lock)
Ego's quotes about defeat

We, humans, are creatures that only see what we want to see. Becoming aware of your limitations changes how you see and think about everything.

– Ego Jinpachi (Blue Lock)

We have all heard this a dozen times in our lives. But not many of us truly understand and incorporate this into our lives. Defeat is a stepping stone to success. It teaches us valuable lessons and makes us grow. However, there might be times when one does not admit defeat. Denying defeat and continuing things the same way will not let you grow. This is why one must be aware of their limitations and admit defeat when they fail. This will change their perspective and make room for a comeback.

Ego’s quotes about dreams

Ego's quotes about dreams

Their goal used to be achieving their dream, but now their goal is the act of chasing after it, in order to not feel like it’s all been a waste. I call it “dream doping.”

– Ego Jinpachi (Blue Lock)
Ego's quotes about dreams

If you don’t live your life to achieve your dream, it’s pointless. That’s why defeat is the crossroads for your dream. What’s needed is the strength to fully realize your powerlessness in that moment. The ability to feel dispair.

– Ego Jinpachi (Blue Lock)
Ego's quotes about dreams

There’s a path you can only see once you’ve given up on the path to your dream. And that path leads to your new potential.

– Ego Jinpachi (Blue Lock)
Ego's quotes about dreams

Those who continue to fight in spite of their despair are bestowed with the power to achieve their dream.

– Ego Jinpachi (Blue Lock)

Dreams are big things in human lives. They give meaning to one’s existence. But most of us are more attached to the process of achieving the goal than the goal itself. It is our way of pretending that everything is fine, even though we haven’t attained our dream.

In order to truly achieve a goal, one must learn to despair and admit failure. Then they can use the lessons from their defeat to try and achieve their goal once again, with a different approach.

Jinpachi’s quote about luck

Jinpachi's quote about luck

Luck doesn’t exist just anywhere. It only comes to those who put themselves in its path. But even if you were to have luck on your side, if you stood by and did nothing, the opportunity would go to waste. Luck only comes equally to those who give their all in the fight.

– Ego Jinpachi (Blue Lock)

Luck is something that most people take for granted. While it is true that luck happens on its own, it means nothing if you don’t take action based on it. When an opportunity strikes, you must take full advantage of it in order to become truly lucky. Sitting by and doing nothing will nullify the luck.

With season 1 completed, I’m sure we are going to get more sequels in the upcoming years with more and more mind blowing quotes from this brilliant man named Ego. But for now, these are all the best quotes from him.

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