7 Seeds Season 3: Release date, Plot & More!

7 Seeds season 3 has officially been cancelled by Netflix. This announcement shook fans as the show was going great. With a good rating and a decent fanbase, the anime definitely deserves a sequel.

In this article, we will be taking a look at the possiblilities of 7 seeds getting a third season in the future.

7 Seeds Season 3 Overview

Name of the Season7 Seeds
Season NumberSeason 3
GenreAdventure, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
7 Seeds initial Release DateJun 28, 2019
7 Seeds Season 2 Release DateMar 26, 2020
7 Seeds Season 3 Release DateNo official dates announced
7 Seeds Season 3 Manga ChaptersChapter 108 & beyond

“7 Seeds,” a captivating manga series crafted by the talented Yumi Tamura, first graced readers with its presence in the year 2001. Over the years, it evolved into an epic journey spanning an astounding 35 volumes before drawing its manga curtains in 2017. It was a tale of survival, discovery, and the relentless human spirit.

Studios Gonzo and Kai worked together to create the anime adaptation for the manga on June 2019. The show also got a second season on March 2020.

7 Seeds Season 3: Release Date & Renewal Status

7 Seeds Season 3: Release Date & Renewal Status

The series has been cancelled and will not be renewed. Netflix’s decision to not renew the show for a third season has left fans angry. The streaming giant hasn’t provided an official explanation for the cancellation, leaving viewers curious about the reasons behind it.

Although the show had average ratings, its sudden discontinuation disappointed many fans.

However, there’s a ray of hope for devoted viewers. Past experiences with shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Family Guy, which fans revived through petitions and support, demonstrate that online movements can make a difference.

Fans can make their voices heard and potentially bring the show back to life if they continue to advocate for it.

Is There Enough Source Material For A Sequel?

Is There Enough Source Material For A Sequel?

The “7 Seeds” anime is based on Yumi Tamura’s manga. The manga, published from 2001 to 2017, spans 35 volumes. It has a total of 178 chapters.

In contrast, the anime adapted 20 volumes across its first and second seasons. With 15 volumes left, there’s ample source material for future seasons.

So, source material availability isn’t an issue. However, since Netflix has officially cancelled the third season of 7 Seeds, you better pick up the manga.

The anime’s final episode more or less leaves off at chapter 107. So, you should start reading from Chapter 108 if you want to contine the 7 Seeds manga after anime.

7 Seeds Season 3 Plot

7 Seeds Season 3: Release date, Plot & More!

The last episode of season 2 was intense! Natsu, Arashi, Ango, and the gang faced two tricky situations.

First, the ship was attacked by bacteria, and there was a missile countdown. They navigated through obstacles and survived.

Their bonds are stronger now thanks to those hardships. Ango and Ryo joined Summer Team B, with Ango becoming a leader.

The next season will likely continue the story. Season 3 of 7 Seeds will probably cover the story starting from Chapter 108 of the manga. Get ready for more adventures with our crew!

Cast, Characters and Crew Of Seven Seeds Anime

Cast, Characters and Crew Of Seven Seeds Anime

The anime adaptation of 7 seeds was made in co-production with Netflix. The studios Gonzo and Studio Kai collaborated on the series.

Yukio Takahashi was the show’s director, while Youta Tsuruoka was the music director.

If a third season is ever confirmed for renewal we can more or less expect the same cast. Below is a list of Japanese voice actors who worked on the first two seasons of 7 seeds:

Natsu IwashimizuNao Touyama
Takahiro AramakiNozomu Sasaki
Hana SuguronoYouko Hikasa
Semimaru AsaiKatsuyuki Konishi
AngoKensho Ono
Arashi AotaJun Fukuyama

Where Can I Watch 7 Seeds Season 3?

“7 Seeds” is a Netflix co-produced anime series. It’s likely that season 3 will also be a Netflix exclusive, if they decide to continue working on the sequel. If the show is not available in your area/region, use a VPN to bypass it and see if it’s available now.

Buying Blu-Ray box sets of the latest season is the only other option to legally watch the show.


We will most likely not be seeing 7 seeds season 3 on screens as Netflix has cancelled the sequel. Only fans can make them change their mind through petitions.

However, given that the series has a very little fandom, it will likely not happen. So, you better start reading the manga because the third season might never see the daylight.

The only other hope is a rebooted version where the series starts over from the start. Shows like Shaman King, and Toilet Bound Hanako Kun are examples where reboots have been successful.

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