List Of All Itadaki Seieki Characters You Must Know!

If you’ve been in the anime community for a while, you’ve probably seen memes of Itadaki Seieki. It is a vampire H anime where the vampire girl actually behaves like a succubus. In this article, we will be taking a look at all the characters from the Itadaki Seieki series.

Also, I’ve ranked this list based on the fan votes from MyAnimeList. Obviously, given the nature of the story, there aren’t a whole bunch of characters. We’ve only got a couple of them, so this will be a quick read.

What is Itadaki Seieki?

Doumou is a Japanese author and artist who created the H anime series “Itadaki Seieki.” The title, when translated, means “Gimme That S*men!” The show’s English title is “Vampire Vixen.”

The series aired on March 28, 2014, and is still popular among fans. For almost a decade, anime fans have been talking about this series.

The show is known for its explicit adult content and focuses on themes related to vampires and adult encounters.

It gained attention in the adult entertainment community due to its unique and fantasy subject matter.

It is important to note that “Itadaki Seieki” is intended for mature audiences and contains explicit content, making it unsuitable for minors or those seeking non-adult entertainment.

Best Itadaki Seieki Characters, Ranked

There are only two main characters in this H anime series: Mari and Kanzaki, the vapire and her prey. Now, I’ve listed them below, but I’ve also taken the liberty to add some mobs.

Mobs are characters who do not play any important role but are just there in the background.

4. Suda


Suda is a side character in the Itadaki Seieki series. He is not involved in any ecchi activities in the show. He is a schoolmate of our main protagonist, Kanzaki.

Suda has black hair and is average-looking. Overall, Suda is a perfect mob character who does not have much meaning in a story. He appears only for a few seconds in the anime.

3. Nishihiro


Nishihiro is yet another supporting character in Itadaki Seieki. He is a blond-haired, tall boy. He is also very handsome and looks like a shonen anime protagonist.

Nishihiro is a bold and straightforward guy who is one of Kanzaki’s classmates. He also does not get much screen time in the anime. After all, he is not a part of the “main activity”, if you know what I mean.

2. Kanzaki

Kanzaki - Itadaki Seieki Characters

Here comes the one and only Kanzaki, the main male character of Itadaki Seieki. Now, this boy looks like a background character, no matter what. However, he is not, because this is not your average family-friendly anime.

He is an average boy with an average height who has a normal personality. If anything sets him apart from the others, he is kind. Of course, he is also most likely a simp.

Kanzaki allows Mari to suck his blood, despite her trying to fool him into becoming her prey. Well, lucky for him, that random act of kindness granted him access to vampire goodness.

1. Mari Setagaya

Mari Setagaya - Itadaki Seieki Characters

Mari is the main female character in the Itadaki Seieki H anime series. She is a vampire girl who uses school as her hunting ground.

One day, she sends a letter to Kanzaki, asking him to come to a secluded area in school. Assuming that it was a love confession, Kanzaki happily complied.

However, Mari was actually planning to attack him and drink his blood. That said, she fails to do so because she’s clumsy.

Despite all that, Mari confesses that she hates the taste of blood. This sparked an idea in Kanzaki’s head, and he offered a different body fluid to nourish her.

That’s it for this post! In this article, you learned the names, roles, and personalities of Itadaki Seieki characters.

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