How Old Is Kurumi In Lycoris Recoil?

Kurumi is one of the important characters in the Lycoris Recoil anime series. She was a world-renowned hacker also known as “Walnut.” She is a character shrouded in mystery. In this article, we will be finding out how old Kurumi is in Lycoris Recoil.

What is Kurumi’s Age In Lycoris Recoil?

There has been no clear answer to this question in the anime or by the anime’s creator.

The folks from the DA believe that ‘Walnut’ is over 40-50 years old. This is also backed by ‘Robota’ calling ‘Walnut’ an “old man.”

However, this does not necessarily mean Kurumi, who has been working under the name ‘Walnut’ is actually 40 or old.

Why? Because there might have been another person who operated as Walnut before her. Or maybe not. The point is, we really can’t be certain about her age based on the information we have right now.

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Fan Theories About How Old Kurumi Is

Fan Theories About How Old Kurumi Is

Now comes the juicy part. There are a few fan theories about how old Kurumi actually is. I’ll be going over each of those in this section.

  • Kurumi is 15+ Years Old (teenager) : In Lycoris Recoil, Kurumi works as a maid at the LycoReco cafe. Which means she has to be 15 or older, as that is the minimum age required to work in Japan.
  • Kurumi is 20 something Years Old : Kurumi is a genius hacker. Her prowess with computers would make sense if she were in her 20s. Not to mention, in the scene where the LycoReco members sneakily follow their manager into another fancy bar, Kurumi says to the guard she is over 20 years old. (Although the security didn’t believe it, lol.)
  • Kurumi is actually 40+ Years Old : True to the age of Walnut, Kurumi might be 40+ years old. Kusunoki mentioned that Walnut has faked his death several times over the past 30 years. If we assume Kurumi has been Walnut from the start, it would mean she is actually an adult who looks like a little girl. After all, this kind of thing is not uncommon in anime.
wallnut age reveal

So, Let’s Predict Her Age

We’ve seen all the fan theories about Kurumi’s age in Lycoris Recoil. Now, here’s our take on it.

She is definitely over 15 years old. The theory that she has to be 15 years old or older to work in a cafe holds strong.

But, in a radio interview show for the anime, the voice actor for Kurumi said, “The ADULT team (Mika, Mizuki, and Kurumi*), we recorded late at night.”

What this means is, Kurumi is over 18–20 years old. However, some believe the VA might have faked it just for the sake of that particular episode. Besides, the VA also agreed that she does not exactly know her age.

Knowing all this, it is safe to assume Kurumi is a teenager (15–18 years old). The way she talks is like an adult, for sure, but it might just be her quirk.

It is more likely that she inherited the name of Walnut from a previous generation hacker who could’ve mentored her.

So there you have it. You now know what her age might be.

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