Os três grandes em MHA - tudo que você precisa saber

The “Big Three” are the group of three powerful students in the MHA series. They get an enormous amount of love and popularity among the fans because of their likeable personalities and incredible powers.

Just after their debut, they already get a lot more attention than most of the major characters in the series. However, they haven’t gotten much screen time since the Hassaikai Incident.

Many questions must be running through your mind, such as who the big three are, what part they played in the series, and what powers and quirks they possess.

You only need to read this article completely to receive the answers to all of these questions.

So without any further delay, let’s explore this fantastic article about the big three and their members.

Who are the Big Three in MHA?

Who are the Big Three in MHA?

The Big Three are the most powerful students at UA and have the potential to become top pro heroes in the future.

They first debuted dentro Episode 62 (in anime) e Chapter 122 (in manga) during Class 1-A’s second term orientation.

They were invited by Shota Aizawa, homeroom teacher of Class 1-A, to explain to his students about hero work studies.

After meeting with the big three and experiencing their immense strength, all the students of Class 1-A understand why the big three are recognized as the top students of U.A. high.

Each member of this trio has a strong quirk, but not as powerful as Deku’s, Shoto’s, or Bakugou’s.

However, they completely mastered their own quirks through hard work and experience and became U.A. High’s strongest students.

The big three play a very important role in the Shie Hassaikai Raid and demonstrate their enormous power.

They, alongside Class 1-A, succeed in saving Eri from revisão and defeating many powerful villains.

In the final act saga, they again reunite in order to help the pro heroes in the final battle against the villains.

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Who are the members of the Big Three?

Who are the members of the Big Three in mha?

The members of the MHA big three are Mirio Togata from Class 3-B, Tamaki Amajiki from Class 3-A, and Nejire Hado from Class 3-A.

They all mastered their quirks and honed their skills at a very young age through their hero work studies.

Each of them worked under top Pro heroes such as Sir Nighteye (Mirio’s mentor), Fat Gum (Tamaki’s mentor), and Ryukyu (Nejire’s mentor) and got excellent experience and skills.

Despite being students, they have already acquired more power levels and skills than most of the pro heroes.

Let’s learn more about the members of the big three.

1. Mirio Togata

Mirio Togata

Mirio Togata is the most powerful member of the MHA big three due to his incredible physical strength and unique quirk.

He is a tall and muscular teenager with a simple facial structure and blonde hair. He is physically strong enough to take down many powerful villains without using his quirks, just like All Might.

As a consequence, he is the primary selected student to become the inheritor of the One For All quirk until Izuku Midoriya gets it.

Mirio is well known by his hero name, Lemillion, which means he wants to save at least 1 million people’s lives before he dies.

During his first introduction to class 1-A, he challenged the whole class to fight him, and he easily defeated all of them, even though Shoto and Bakugou were not there.

He also shows his greatest extent of power by having a toe-to-toe fight against Overhaul, the most fearsome villain.

Mirio’s quirk is permeation, which allows him to pass through any matter, such as walls, ground, and even enemy attack.

However, he faces numerous problems in order to master his quirk, but with the assistance of Sir Nighteye and his hard work, he is able to do it.

His most powerful attacks are Phantom Menace and Blinder Touch Eyeball Crush.

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2. Tamaki Amajiki

tamaki amajiki

Tamaki Amajiki is the second strongest member of the MHA big three due to his incredibly powerful quirk and extraordinary senses.

He is a tall and well-built teenager with messy hair and elf-like ears. He is also the most potential student at U.A. High and is capable of surpassing the majority of the Pro heroes.

However, his personality is the major problem that holds him back from using his power to the full extent.

Tamaki is well known for his hero name, Suneater, which he got due to his unusual quirk.

His quirk is “manifest,” which allows him to manifest the physical characteristics of anything he’s eaten.

He was also capable of using multiple creatures’ powers at a time and enhancing them to the greatest extent.

After getting guidance from his mentor, Fat Gum, and experiencing the deadliest battle of the raid, he now believes in himself and begins to become stronger.

His most powerful attacks are the Scorpius Toxin and Plasma Cannon.

3. Nejire Hado

Nejire Hado

Nejire is the most expert and trained member of the MHA big three who saved many lives.

She is not as physically strong as Mirio and Tamaki, but she can easily save more people’s lives than they can.

She is a cute girl with beautiful hair and blue eyes.

Apesar de ser um rescue-type hero, she is strong enough to handle multiple powerful villains on her own.

Nejire first got her experience from Ryukyu, the No. 10 pro hero, and later she began giving lessons to class 1-A girls.

She shows her greatest rescue skills during the destruction of Jaku City by saving several citizens safely.

Her quirk is wave motion that allows her to convert her life force into energy and release it in the form of powerful spiral shockwaves. These shockwaves are strong enough to cause huge damage to the crowd of villains.

Nejire is also capable of flying through using these shockwaves and is able to land powerful punches and kicks on her opponents.

However, her limited life force is the major drawback of her power, but she has already mastered it by increasing her stamina. Her most powerful attacks are the Nejire Wave and Nejire Flood.

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MHA – The Big Three – Data Chart

my hero academia big 3 data chart
Mirio Togata 
(Hero name: Lemillion)
Permeation18July 15
Tamaki Amajiki
(Hero name: Suneater)
Manifest18March 4
Nejire Hado
(Hero name: Nejire-Chan)
Wave motion18October 6

That’s it for this post. This is everything you need to know about the big 3 in my hero academia!

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