Best Beyblade to Buy in 2024 – PERFECT Buying Guide

Beyblades are a great addition to every kid’s toy collection. This is because it helps to keep them entertained for hours. Adults and kids alike enjoy playing with Beys, and it is an excellent way to limit screen time. In this article, I’ll be recommending the top 10 best Beyblade to buy in 2024.

Beys are sleek spinning tops are designed for high strength, solid defense, and aggressive attacks. These spinning tops must be used in a Bey stadium to simulate intense battles like the ones from the anime.

Although the tops are available in a wide variety of styles, the basic goal is to either topple the opponent’s bey or force it out of the arena.

Os melhores Beyblades são leves com uma combinação de peças de plástico, metal e borracha. No entanto, cada um tem seus pontos fortes e fracos. Enquanto alguns são construídos para velocidade, outros são projetados para defesa e força.

The best top for a player is one that matches the player’s style and choice. And with a wide variety of styles available, there is a perfect fit for everyone.

Antes de entrarmos na lista, você deve saber que este artigo contém links de afiliados por meio do qual ganharei uma comissão se você decidir comprar o bey listado. Claro, isso não terá nenhum custo adicional para você.

The Best Beyblades to Buy in 2024

With the hoidays coming up, you may be looking for the best gifts for your kids, friends, or for yourself. And since you’re here, you’re clearly going to buy something for a beyblade fan.

Com isso em mente, compilamos uma lista dos melhores beyblades que existem hoje!

1. Beyblade Burst Pro Series Lord Spryzen Spinning Top — Best Balance Type BeyBlade To Buy In 2024

Pro Series Lord Spryzen

Isto é um left and right spinning top Lord Spryzen D88-P PR-11 that is made out of original, premium components.

Você pode ajustar a direção do giro superior para a esquerda ou para a direita na Camada de Energia.

The bey is extremely durable, made with high quality metal making it able to land pretty heavy blows.

When it comes to defensive abilities, this beyblade is pretty much un-burstable and it has a decent stamina também.


  • Muito durável, quase não estoura.
  • O bey é girado para a esquerda e para a direita.
  • Tem uma mola dourada que ajuda na taxa de explosão.


  • Desgasta após várias batalhas intensas.

2. BEYBLADE Burst Pro Series Judgment Joker Spinning Top Starter Pack - Tipo de ataque Jogo de luta com lançador de brinquedo

Judgment Joker beyblade

Beyblade Burst Pro Series Judgment Jocker é um lançamento oficial da loja Beyblade com componentes originais direto do Japão.

This blade consists of both metal and rubber, making it extra durable and tough, perfect for intense battles.

UMA right-spin GT Chip, two-Part Forge Disc, and Layer Weight component are included with the top.

To make the bey more appealing it also has some cool stickers with which you can customize the top.


  • O peso da lâmina combinado com os pontos de contato de borracha ofensivos facilitam o nocaute de outros beyblades.
  • Tem um bom alcance de resistência para um beyblade do tipo ataque.
  • Perfeito para batalhas profissionais.


  • Pode ficar desgastado após várias batalhas intensas.

3. Burst Dynamite Battle B-189 Booster Guilty Longinus Kr.MDS-2 Karma Metal Destroy-2

Burst Dynamite Battle B-189 Booster Guilty Longinus Kr.MDS-2 Karma Metal Destroy-2

BelleJiu Battling Tops Burst Dynamite Battle B-189 Booster Guilty Longinus Kr.MDS-2 Karma Metal Destroy-2 is another official Takara Tommy Beyblade. This Bey is particularly known for its offensive abilities. It packs heavy punches and has a great range.

It is the king of all attack type Beys that has the L gear system that will destroy most other beyblades.

This is also heavy and metallic which adds to its attack potential. It is easily one of the strongest beyblade to buy in 2024.


  • Engrenagem L
  • Tipo de ataque pesado
  • Grande alcance
  • Defesa Incrível


  • Resistência baixa

4. Pacote duplo Beyblade Burst Turbo Slingshock Leopard L4 e Silver-X Jormuntor J4 – 2 tops de batalha de giro à direita

Pacote Duplo

This is a combo pack of the official Burst Turbo merchandise that comes with two tops.

One is Beyblade Burst Turbo Sling shock Leopard L4 DR58 TA14-S. This is a right spinning attack type bey known for its offensive abilities.

The other is a balanced type bey Silver-X Jormuntor J4 D28 TB01-S, which has an overall balanced offense and defense setting.

Has rail riding abilities thanks to the performance tip.


  • Tem Rail andando junto com a habilidade de explodir em pedaços.
  • Ótimo ataque e resistência.


  • Desgasta mais rápido do que os beis Takara Tommy.

5. Beyblade Burst Pro Series Soul Balkesh Spinning Top Starter Pack — Best Stamina Type Beyblade To Buy In 2024

Beyblade Soul Balkesh

Isto é um stamina type battling top that is a perfect fit for surviving long and grueling battles.

The Soul Balkesh D90-P PR-08 is a left spinning beyblade that comes with a big surface Energy Layer and friction reduction in the Performance Tip.

Ele também contém um componente de peso de camada, bem como um chip GT de giro esquerdo.

O bey vem com adesivos impressionantes com os quais você pode personalizar o topo para o conteúdo do seu coração.


  • Resistência super alta.
  • Camada de energia gigante com redução de fricção para melhor desempenho.
  • Pode suportar a maioria dos ataques, se o oponente não tiver um bey forte.


  • Desgasta bem rápido após uso intenso.
  • Baixo poder de ataque.

6. Beyblade Slingshock Turbo Spryzen S4

Beyblade Slingshock Turbo Spryzen S4-min

We have yet another Spryzen model (S4) with 6 modes that is slingshock compatible. This bey has bidirectional spinning capabilities which can be used in the middle of the battle by using the ripcord.

The bey is made out of hard plastic that makes it durable and good enough defensive and stamina.


  • Turbo Wings que impedem o estouro quando lançado.
  • Tem 6 modos.
  • Preço barato.
  • Giro esquerdo e direito.


  • A ponta de resistência se desgasta rapidamente.
  • A estrutura da parede é danificada facilmente.

7. Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst B-148 Heaven Pegasus

Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst B-148 Heaven Pegasus

Atualmente indisponivel

The B-148 Heaven Pegasus is a high-strength Beyblade designed by Takara Tomy. It is a great choice for those looking for a long-lasting top. It is built from quality materials, which makes it quite sturdy and successful in battle.

This Bey has a powerful core which keeps it balanced and allows it to maintain its speed. It has yellow wings which release when hit by an opponent Beyblade to help with recovery and attack.


  • É bem equilibrado.
  • Tem grande resistência.
  • Extremamente resistente a ataques


  • Tem um driver baixo, o que às vezes facilita ser nocauteado.

8. B-104 Explosão Vencedora Valquíria 12 Vulcânica

B-104 Explosão Vencedora Valquíria 12 Vulcânica

Atualmente indisponivel

This Bey is known as one of the most powerful tops on the market. It has great offensive power, high spin power, and excellent stamina, which provides it with massive offensive ability. The Burst Winning Valkyrie Volcanic is fairly bulky and has a colorful design.

It comes fitted with three large metallic wings, which knock out other tops. The Bey has a Volcanic tip which allows it to reach very high speeds.

It is a perfect beyblade to buy in 2024 if you’re looking for a winning streak!


  • Capacidade ofensiva massiva.
  • Apresenta uma ponta vulcânica muito rápida.
  • Alta taxa de rotação.


  • Tem um design desequilibrado que pode causar a explosão.

9. Battling Tops Burst B-185 Booster Vanish Fafnir .Tp .Kc-3 Tapered Kick-3 Left Spin DB Layer System

Battling Tops Burst B-185 Booster Vanish Fafnir .Tp .Kc-3 Tapered Kick-3 Left Spin DB Layer System

Anybody who is in love with the Fafnir line will absolutely be thrilled with this beyblade model. It is a left spinning Bey with the DB layer system.

It has easily one of the best spin stealing abilities, thanks to all the rubber, making it spin for a long time. The powerful counter attacks and spin equalization makes this a strong Beyblade to buy today.

Ele pode vencer facilmente a maioria dos outros beyblades em uma competição, mas um pouco mais de personalização pode levá-lo a outro nível.


  • Equalização de giro/roubo de giro
  • Alta resistência
  • Defesa alta
  • Contra-ataques poderosos


  • Baixo poder de ataque

10. BelleJiu B-169 Starter Variante Lúcifer .Mb 2D

BelleJui B-169 Starter Variante Lúcifer .Mb 2D

If you are looking for a Beyblade that offers great defense during battles, then the BelleJui B-169 Starter Variant Lucifer is an excellent choice. Apart from its exceptional sparking launcher, it also has 6 neon pink rubber blades that extend to provide excellent defense.

The Starter Variant Lucifer combines offense with defense with its 2D double chassis. While this can reduce its stamina, it allows the Bey to be able to withstand attacks during defense and offer powers during offense.

This is a best Beyblade to buy if you want a well-balanced play style.


  • Lançador de faíscas de alta qualidade.
  • Ótima combinação de defesa e ataque.
  • Possui uma barreira de defesa exclusiva de 6 lâminas.


  • Seu design grande e pesado significa que ele tem baixa resistência.

11. Battle Tops Burst Dynamite Battle B-187 Starter Salvador Valkyrie.Sh-7

Battle Tops Burst Dynamite Battle B-187 Starter Salvador Valkyrie.Sh-7

This is an attack type beyblade with right spin and burst system. It is capable of recovering itself (spin steal) with its wing, which will prove helpful in battles.

This beyblade can take most other Beyblades head on and win. That said, it is far from the best beyblade there is. It is prone to burst easily against heavy types and has a comparatively poor driver.


  • Bom poder de ataque
  • Alcance e resistência decentes
  • Boa recuperação


  • Fraca resistência ao estouro
  • Tem um driver baixo, o que às vezes facilita ser nocauteado.

12. Beyblade Burst Evolution Single Top Pack Spryzen S2

Beyblade Burst Evolution Single Top Pack Spryzen S2

The Beyblade Burst Evolution Single Top Pack Spryzen S2 is a well-built attack top that is a great choice for beginners.

It is lightweight, which allows it to gather an amazing speed boost. With its speed, experienced players can launch it in such a way that it will be able to avoid attacks from enemies by darting around the stadium. This will allow the Beyblade to outlast the opponents during long battles.

This is one of the best beyblade to buy for beginners who are just starting out.

However, its light weight also means that it can be easily knocked out by more offensive tops. At the center of the top is a quality metal ring, which helps it to maintain balance.


  • Top ataque rápido.
  • Ofensa decente.
  • Bem construído e robusto.


  • Defesa fraca e fraca.

13. Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst GT B-155 Master Diabolos

Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst GT B-155 Master Diabolos

Atualmente indisponivel

Beyblade’s Master Diabolos are a great improvement from the older Venom Diabolos, which were known for their low-quality components and poor stick driver. While the Master Diabolos still has Venom’s dual-layer ability, it is stronger, has more endurance, and more stamina. These features allow it to easily knock out tops during battles.

The Master Diabolos can spin as a left-spinning top or a right-spinning top, which allows it to change from offensive to defensive mid-battle. At the start, it is an attack top, but if the battle continues to drag for a long time, it will start to sustain its momentum so it can outlast the opponent. The Beyblade comes with its own ripcord and launcher.


  • Tem habilidades de giro à esquerda e à direita.
  • Grande equilíbrio entre ataque e defesa.
  • Vem com seu próprio lançador.


  • Possui apenas pequenas partes metálicas.

14. Beyblade Burst B-161 Booster Glide Ragnaruk

Beyblade Burst B-161 Booster Glide Ragnaruk

Atualmente indisponivel

This neon orange top is one of the newest releases which is a perfect Beyblade to buy for kids.

It is a great improvement over the older Ragnaruk versions.

The B-161 Booster Glide Ragnaruk is highly customizable with four elements that can be placed on the driver or personalized depending on the player’s choice. It also has a singular chassis, which allows it to be paired with any disc.

Quando comparado com as versões anteriores, este Ragnaruk é mais robusto e ajuda a derrotar os topos agressivos. Possui um driver de revolução da velha escola que pode ser trocado por um novo driver, se necessário.


  • Possui várias opções de customização.
  • Grande melhoria nas versões anteriores do Ragnaruk.
  • Alta resistência.


  • Poucas capacidades ofensivas

15. BelleJiu B-180 Booster Dynamite Belial .Nx .Vn-2 Nexus Venture-2

BelleJiu B-180 Booster Dynamite Belial .Nx .Vn-2 Nexus Venture-2

This is one of the cheapest attack Beyblades to buy today. It has red, black, and metallic gold details, as well as the dynamic Demon King motif. The BelleJiu B-180 Booster Dynamite Belial .Nx .Vn-2 Nexus Venture-2 has a dual-mode design for low or high attacks. This allows you to adjust your attack height based on your strategy or the design of your opponent’s Beyblade.

The Beyblade has a right-side spin and a Nexus disc to provide more weight and height, especially during the high attack mode. It also features a unique triple-blade design, and its high-performance tip ensures aggressive, quick attacks.


  • Beyblade de alta resistência e estilo de ataque compacto.
  • Oferece modos de ataque baixo e alto para escolher, com base na estratégia e no oponente.
  • Tem uma aparência única e agressiva.


  • Feito de plástico leve.

What To Look For In A Beyblade?

What To Look For In A Beyblade?

Beyblade is a game where two players launch tops at each other in a stadium. The tops can burst, which means they come apart. The first player to get three points wins the game.

I just recommended you some of the best beyblade to buy today. However, which among them is the best choice for you? It all comes down to individual play style.

There are four types of Beyblades: attack, stamina, defense, and balance.

  • Attack Type: These tops are powerful but can be easily knocked out of the stadium.
  • Stamina Type: These tops are durable, but don’t hit hard. They spin for a longer time.
  • Defense Type: These tops are hard to knock out but don’t hit hard either.
  • Balance Type: These tops are a mix of attack and defense, offering a stablilized gameplay.

Depending on the player’s strategy any of these Beyblade type can dominate a duel.

Some Beys are also good at spin stealing. This means, a top that is about to die out can steal momentum from an opposing Bey and continue spinning. This is definitely one of the best things to look for when buying a Beyblade.


Como mencionado anteriormente, existem diferentes tipos de Beyblades, por isso é importante que o tipo escolhido corresponda ao seu estilo de jogo.

Você também deve considerar o peso e o equilíbrio da parte superior. Embora os piões mais pesados sejam mais poderosos, eles também são mais difíceis de controlar. Aqueles com grande equilíbrio são muito mais fáceis de controlar e duram longos períodos. Além disso, confira a resistência do Beyblade para garantir boas habilidades ofensivas. Seguir essas dicas irá ajudá-lo a obter o melhor Beyblade para você.

Hope this article helped you to find the best Beyblades to buy in 2024 and fulfill you or your child’s dreams!

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