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Le dieci stranezze più potenti di My Hero Academia

There are several quirks in my hero academia. They are awesome and powerful. Each quirk has its own advantages and uses but among many, here are the top ten extremely powerful quirks as of now.


Shigaraki quirk boku no hero academia

Decay allows the user to disintegrate almost anything that the user’s fingers touch. This quirk is quite powerful, especially against close range opponents. It spreads throughout the entire body and works on both living beings and non living objects. 


my hero academia quirks - explosion

Explosion belongs to Katsuki Bakugo; it allows him to secret sweat that explodes. By storing large amounts of sweat he can unleash explosions with great destructive power. The quirk can also be used for flight and creating grenades that would explode on contact.


sforza il mio eroe accademico fiamme infernali

Hell flames is used by Endeavor; it allows him to manipulate and generate hot flames that could burn almost anything. It can also be used to fly and blast people away. However, the flames can overheat the body causing it to burn.


todoroki boku no hero academia fire and ice

Half hot, half cold is used by Todoroki Shoto; it allows him to generate and manipulate both fire and ice. Due to its ability to manifest two (opposing) elements it is very useful in combat. It is a combination of his father’s hell flame and his mother’s ice power, which enables him to freeze or incinerate his opponents.


MUSCLE AUGMENTATION boku no hero acaemia

Muscle Augmentation belongs to the villain Muscular. This quirk allows him to augment his muscles, granting him superhuman strength and speed. It took Deku 1,000,000% of his power to knock him out. That proves how powerful this quirk is.

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My hero academia quirks - erasure

Erasure allows the user to disable the opponent ability to use quirks by looking into their eyes. It is really powerful but if the user has weak physical ability, he would be badly beaten by natural strength. This quirk is quite useful, but weak against a large number of opponents, and the effect stops once the user blinks.


eri rewind stranezza in bnha

Rewind grants the user the ability to rewind anything, like rewind human back to the time before they even had quirks or any injuries. However, this quirk is extremely lethal too. It was able to separate Kai Chisaki and Shin Semoto (one of Chisaki’s followers) fused form, and also nearly killed Deku. But this power only works on living beings and not on inanimate objects.

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MHA quirks overhaul

Overhaul is a powerful quirk wielded by Kai Chisaki which allows him to disassemble and reassemble anything he wishes in my hero academia. This quirk can be activated by touching a person or the object. It was even capable of merging two bodies together and completely destroying Magne, one of Chisaki’s underlings.


tutto per una potenza mha

All for one is a powerful quirk that allows the user to steal quirks from others and pass it onto others. This quirk can enable the user to gain more quirks, making them very powerful. However, it cannot steal one for all due to the nature of the quirk. This quirk made all for one a very powerful Villain and enabled him to wield several quirks, and combine them to form a very powerful attack.


One_For_All all might

One for all is a powerful quirk wielded by both All might and Deku. One for all provides the user with superhuman physical strength and speed that allows the user to smash through objects and move at an incredible speed. This quirk can be passed on to others, and the quirk passes on the powers of the former inheritors to the new user as well. However, this quirk is too strong to handle it. This is clearly obvious by seeing Deku, who had been training for months unable to withstand its true power.

Do you agree with this list? Or do you have some other powerful quirk in mind that should have made into this list? Let us know in the comment section below (^^)

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