Yonko est-il plus fort que Warlords In One Piece ?

The world of the One Piece manga and anime series is filled with powerful characters, each with their own unique abilities and strengths. Among them are the Yonko and the Warlords, two groups of characters known for their incredible power and influence. In this article, we’ll be analyzing whether the Yonko are stronger than the warlords.

People in the world of One Piece think that the Yonko are the most powerful pirates. Whereas the warlords are powerful pirates who have joined forces with the world government.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the strengths, abilities, and influence of these two groups to determine which is stronger.

We will also analyze specific examples of Yonko and Warlords to gain a better understanding of their capabilities.

This article will provide an in-depth look at these powerful characters and the factors that contribute to their strength.

Who Are The Yonko In One Piece?


Yonko is the title given to the four strongest pirates in the entire world. Even the world government considers them a threat.

They are purebred pirates who reign over several lands. They are some of the most wanted criminals and have a huge price on their heads.

However, nobody is able to hunt them down. This is why they are called the “Yonko,” or the “Four Emperors of the Sea.

While the position of Yonko is limited to four pirates at a time, there have been over seven different Yonkos since the beginning of the One Piece story. You can read the full list of every Yonko in One Piece, ranked according to their strength, in Cet article.

In short, each Yonko is feared and respected by all. So much so that they can be considered the rulers of their respective seas.

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Who Are The Warlords In One Piece?

faq shichibukai one piece

In One Piece, the Warlords, also known as shichibukai, are some of the most powerful pirates. They have sworn allegiance to the world government. They have the responsibility to beat up the other pirate crews that cause trouble for the world government.

The position of warlord is open to seven pirates at a time. However, there have been over ten different warlords in the history of One Piece. Some of them were defeated, while others resigned. In either case, other powerful pirate groups filled their vacant positions right away.

It should also be noted that the warlord system was abolished at some point in the story. So there are no “seven warlords of the sea” anymore.

Influence of Yonko and Warlords, Explained

Because the Yonko are stronger than warlords, they have greater influence in the world.

The main power difference between a Yonko and a warlord is that a Yonko is self-built. They have grown strong enough to go against the world government and successfully defend against any attacks from them.

On the other hand, the Warlords are backed and bought out by the World Government because they were strong as a pirate group. However, the government gets to issue orders to the warlords in order to make them do their dirty work.

But because of their affiliation with the government, they have the legal right to do anything they want. The world government approves their piracy, which makes them a powerful and seemingly unstoppable force. They are allowed to get away with almost anything.

Also, the warlords do not have any bounties on them. They are free to plunder cities as long as they obey the government when they want. A Yonko, on the other hand, is always wanted, making them a target for bounty hunters and Navy troops.

So, Yonko are more feared because even the government hesitates to take on them. However, a warlord does not hold as much power or influence over the people.

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What Makes The Yonko Powerful?

Four Emperor Saga - are yonko stronger than warlords

The crew of the Yonko is made up of very loyal people. All of them are very strong and skilled, and they will follow them no matter what.

They have a huge fleet of ships. So they can deploy forces to any corner of the world quickly and with relative ease.

However, the biggest reason as to why the Yonko are so powerful is the captain of the pirate crew. Each Yonko captain is a fierce beast with strength and leadership skills that are unmatched by anyone else. This is the main reason why the Yonko are stronger than warlords.

What Makes The Warlords Powerful?

What Makes The Warlords Powerful?

Warlords are powerful, but not as much as Yonko in the pirate world. However, they are still formidable forces in the world of piracy.

Each captain of the crew is cunning and dangerous, capable of leading their forces to victory with tactical precision. They can get any information they want from the government, giving them a leg up in the monde souterrain.

However, the captain and their crew are nowhere near as powerful as the Yonko and their pirate crews.

Comparison of the Powers of Yonko and the Warlord

Overall, Yonko are stronger than warlords in every aspect of pirating. Below are a few categories in which the difference between them is obvious.

Haki: Every Yonko captain possesses the Conqueror’s Haki. However, most of the warlords do not possess the conqueror’s haki. As a matter of fact, some of them didn’t even have mastery over normal armament haki.

Size of Fleet: Like Kaido and Big Mom, Yonko has dozens of ships and thousands of loyal followers. But the warlords’ fleets aren’t as big.

Territory: The Yonko command vast territories and even entire seas, while the warlords are limited to smaller areas.

Individual Strength: Each Yonko possesses unbelievable physical strength. Each Yonko is a monster who can destroy other pirate groups using their raw physical powers.

Are There Warlords Who Are As Powerful As A Yonko?

Mihawk - are yonko stronger than warlords

Oui, Hawkeye Mihawk was one of the warlords in One Piece who was as powerful as a Yonko. Normally Yonkos are stronger than warlords, but Hawkeye is only a warlord because he chooses to be one.

Mihawk could challenge Yonko in strength but not in overall power as a pirate. Because Mihawk does not have a pirate crew, he operates alone.

He also does not have a decent ship. He owns a small craft called the Hitsugibunewhich he uses for traveling around the harsh seas of One Piece.

Don’t get it wrong, though. It is a miraculous task to use his tiny boat to sail the Grand Line. This only shows his talent and skills as a person.

It is also mentioned in the anime and manga that he used to consider Shanks as his rival. He had also fought with Whitebeard at some point. Not to mention he is titled “the world’s greatest swordsman,” meaning he is unbeatable with a sword.

Final Verdict: Yonko Are Stronger Than Warlords

Are the Yonko stronger than the warlords? Absolutely! With the exception of Mihawk, none of the warlords can compete with the power of a Yonko.

However, it should also be noted that Blackbeard killed Whitebeard despite a significant power gap. Which means, with a good plan and devious tactics, a warlord can take down even the strongest of Yonko.

But they can never dream of taking on Yonko head-on and expecting to come out victorious.

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