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Les 7 Yonko One Piece les plus forts, classés

Hey, people who like One Piece! I’m sure you’ve all heard of the word “Yonko.” It refers to the four most powerful pirates in the world of One Piece. But hold on, did I say four? In fact, Yonko has been a title held by seven different people. Yes, I’ve also included the Emperors who have died.

SPOILER ALERT: Just so you know, this list has manga secrets, so read at your own risk.

But without further ado, let’s jump into the world of the Yonko and find out everything we can about these strong people.

Liste des Yonko de l'ancienne génération :

  • Barbe blanche
  • Kaido
  • Grande maman
  • Jarrets

Liste de la nouvelle génération Yonko :

  • Jarrets
  • Barbe Noire
  • Monkey D. Luffy
  • Buggy le Clown

7/7 – Buggy, le clown explosif

Buggy - One Piece Yonko, classé

The majority of One Piece fans believe Buggy the Clown, also known as the Bombastic Clown, is only a comedic figure. However, guess what? This fellow is a Yonko! That’s right, he’s the boss of one of the world’s most powerful pirate organizations, with heavy hitters like Hawk Eye Mihawk and Crocodile on his side.

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Buggy commands a terrifying fleet of pirates known as the Buggy Pirates, and he’s not to be trifled with thanks to his devilishly potent Devil Fruit skills.

He has two cool moves: the Clown Ball and the Chop Chop Party, which provide him a significant advantage in combat. He can also transform any part of his body into chopped pieces, allowing him to avoid strikes! Talk about a surprise.

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6/7 – Charlotte Linlin, la grande maman

Big-Mom - L'empereur le plus fort de la mer classé

Charlotte Linlin is a Yonko who has made a name for herself via physical strength, determination, and pure skill.

This boss lady has taken down multiple strong pirate gangs, demonstrating her ability to lead an army of formidable allies.

Linlin is the captain of the Big Mom Pirates, a large crew of hundreds of Devil Fruit-wielding pirates.

And, believe me, they have some strong hitters, such as Katakuri, who has proven to be a force to be reckoned with in battle.

Linlin is undeniably one of the most formidable characters in One Piece and a menace to even the toughest pirates. Be careful, or she might show you what she’s made of!

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5/7 - Edward Newgate, l'homme le plus proche de One Piece

Edward Newgate - Empereur le plus fort de la mer Classé

Former member of the Rocks pirates and Yonko, Edward Newgate. This person is a legend, widely regarded as the individual closest to discovering One Piece.

Whitebeard, as he was also known, was feared and revered across the world. His strength was famous, but his integrity and unfailing dedication to his crew and supporters truly distinguished him. Even the great Kaido admired him!

Gol D. Roger, who went on to become the Pirate King, was a bitter competitor of Whitebeard. If you get in his way, well, let’s just say you won’t want to be around when the rubble settles.

If Whitebeard had been in his prime, he would have been the strongest of all the Yonko. But he’s still a force to be reckoned with, which is why he’s ranked fifth on this list.

4/7 – Kaido, le monstre invaincu

Kaido - One Piece Yonko, classé

Kaido of the Beasts, often known as the Unbeaten Monster (or Invincible Man), is a well-known pirate from the Rocks pirates ship.

With his overpowering power, Kaido has earned his place as one of the Yonko, the four most formidable pirates in the universe of One Piece.

This man possesses incredible strength and power!

His physical power is so incredible that he can crush through mountains and metal with ease. He’s nearly unstoppable!

But that’s not all; Kaido has incredible endurance and a potent Devil Fruit talent to boot. It’s no surprise he’s regarded as one of the most fearsome pirates in the world.

3/7 – Monkey D. Luffy, le chapeau de paille

Luffy - Empereur le plus fort de la mer classé

Monkey D. Luffy, the leader of the Straw Hat Pirates, is one of the four Yonko.

Luffy has a reputation for being strong enough to take on even the most experienced pirates because of how tough he is and how determined he is.

He is a tough opponent in any fight because of how strong he is and how well he knows how to use Gear Fifth techniques.

2/7 – Shanks, le roux

 One Piece Yonko, classé

Shanks is a Yonko in One Piece with a commanding presence and unrivaled strength.

Even Dracule Mihawk, a seasoned pirate, admits that he cannot compete with Shanks’ power. To give you an idea, Shanks once stopped a sea-king with a single glance! Do you believe it?

He has a strong track record and has never lost a battle. He even challenged other powerful pirates like Whitebeard and came out on top.

And if that isn’t enough, Shanks is the last Yonko from the previous generation. That only adds to his frightening reputation as one of the world’s most powerful pirates.

1/7 – Marshall D. Teach, la Barbe Noire

Barbe Noire - One Piece Yonko, classé

Marshall D. Teach is also referred to as Blackbeard.

He began as a normal pirate in Whitebeard’s crew, but swiftly rose through the ranks and became the only newbie to enter the ranks of the Yonko leaders.

Blackbeard is obsessed with the power of darkness, and he possesses the unique ability to absorb other Devil Fruits and incorporate them into his own arsenal.

We don’t know what his best power is yet, but I have a feeling he has a few tricks up his sleeve for future encounters.

FAQ sur One Piece Yonkos

Tout le monde n'est pas au courant de l'histoire de One Piece. Lorsque ces personnes entendent des rumeurs et n'ont pas les connaissances de base, elles posent souvent des questions. Dans cette section, nous répondrons aux questions fréquemment posées concernant Yonkos dans le manga One Piece.

Qui sont les quatre nouveaux Yonko actuels ?


L'anime n'a pas terminé l'arc Wano, cependant, le manga a dépassé cet arc et les Yonko sont maintenant modifiés. Voici une liste des Yonkos nouvelle génération dans One Piece:

  • Shanks (Pirates aux Cheveux Rouges)
  • Marshall D.Teach (Pirates de Barbe Noire)
  • Monkey D. Luffy (Pirates de paille)
  • Buggy le Clown (Buggy Pirates)

Luffy est-il officiellement un Yonko maintenant ?

Oui, Luffy est officiellement un Yonko dans la série manga One Piece. Après l'intense affrontement au pays de Wano, il est devenu une plus grande menace pour le gouvernement mondial. Il a combattu deux des anciens Yonkos; Big Mom et Kaido, et est sorti vainqueur. C'est pourquoi il a été couronné comme l'un des empereurs de la mer.

Qui a déclaré Luffy comme un Yonko

Le gouvernement mondial a déclaré Luffy un Yonko.

Après que Luffy et son équipe aient vaincu Kaido et Big Mom, leurs primes ont explosé. Mais le gouvernement mondial n'a annoncé que Luffy que Yonko, même si Law et Kid ont joué un rôle important dans la bataille.

Seul Luffy a remporté le titre de Yonko parce qu'il a vaincu Kaido, la créature la plus forte du monde. De plus, les pirates au chapeau de paille ont déjà envahi le territoire de Big Mom et n'en sont sortis qu'avec des égratignures.

Ces actions de Luffy constituaient une menace claire pour le gouvernement mondial, alors ils lui ont accordé le titre de Yonko.

Y a-t-il quelqu'un de plus fort que le Yonko ?

Il y a peut-être quelques groupes qui pourraient avoir des gens plus forts que les Yonko. L'un est Dragon de l'armée révolutionnaire, et l'autre pourrait être l'un des le plus haut fonctionnaire du gouvernement mondial (pas nécessairement les Marines.)

Nous ne connaissons toujours pas les secrets du gouvernement mondial, il est donc juste de supposer que nous verrons des personnages incroyablement forts plus tard dans la série qui rivaliseront avec le pouvoir d'un Yonko.

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