Lista de todos os professores incríveis que treinaram Goku

If you’re a weeb, you must have heard of Goku, the ultimate powerhouse of the Dragon Ball series. This Saiyan is known for his incredible strength and fighting skills, making him a fan favorite. But, did you know there are a handful of teachers who trained Goku to become the strongest?

Goku has been blessed to receive guidance from some of the most skilled mentors in the Dragon Ball universe. These mentors have played a pivotal role in his journey to become a Super Saiyan.

In this article, we’ll be discussing eight amazing teachers who have trained Goku to reach his full potential. So, buckle up and get ready to meet the masterminds who have shaped Goku into the warrior he is today!

Chronological list of all Goku’s teachers

Teacher NameO que eles ensinaram
Grandpa GohanBasics of martial arts
Mestre RoshiKamehameha + strength and endurance training
KorinMovement speed boost and instinct
Mr. PopoSense Ki and improved speed and instinct
KamiSense spirit energy, ki based attacks, eliminate wasted movements
North King KaiSpirit Bomb and Kaioken
Yardrat NativesTransmissão Instantânea
WhisSuper Saiyan Blue and basics of Ultra Instinct

1. Grandpa Gohan

Vovô Gohan (avô adotivo de Goku)

At the beginning of the Dragon Ball series, we learn that Goku is an alien who is tasked with destroying Earth. However, he hits his head and forgets his motive. Soon after, Grandpa Gohan adopts him and takes care of him.

As a martial artist, Grandpa Gohan taught Goku the basics of martial arts. Thus, Grandpa Gohan is Goku’s very first mentor.

Other than physical training, Gohan also taught him good human values like compassion and morality. Throughout the series, we see Goku explaining how his grandpa taught him something.

He also showed Goku how hard work and dedication can lead to great results. Thanks to Grandpa Gohan’s guidance, Goku was on his way to becoming a powerful warrior and a true hero.

2. Master Roshi

Master Roshi - list of all Goku Teachers

The second Goku’s teacher is none other than our beloved troublemaker, Master Roshi.

Also known as the Turtle Hermit, he taught Goku the famous Kamehameha technique. It is an explosive technique with unbelievable power. This technique very soon became one of Goku’s signature moves.

He also mentored Goku and Krillin and helped them improve their physical strength and endurance.

Master Roshi was one of Goku’s earliest trainers and played a crucial role in his development as a fighter.

Goku spent the majority of his childhood training under the guidance of Roshi, leveling up slowly but surely.

Master Roshi also made Goku and Krillin participate in fighting tournaments in order to show them what a real fight feels like.

Overall, you can say that Roshi is the first official teacher of Goku who unlocked his hidden potential.

3. Korin


Korin is popularly known as the god of martial arts and was also the mentor of Master Roshi.

He is a wise cat who lives atop the Korin Tower, a very tall structure that not even planes can reach. Korin is also fabled to have “Sacred Water” that can greatly increase a person’s power and speed.

After being almost killed at the hands of a professional assassin, Goku decides to find the sacred water to power himself up. This is when he meets Korin, who eventually trains Goku.

Korin also introduced Goku to the mysterious Senzu Bean, a magical bean that can heal wounds and restore energy instantly. Throughout the series, we see Goku using these senzu beans after every fatal battle.

Korin was another of Goku’s mentors who played a significant role in his development as a fighter.

4. Mr. Popo

Mr. Popo - list of all Goku Teachers

It’s time to talk about the OG sensei from the Dragon Ball franchise, Mr. Popo! He is a mysterious man who is a loyal servant of Kami, the Guardian of Earth.

Mr. Popo is one of the best teachers Goku ever had, as he possessed immense knowledge and wisdom. He literally unlocked a whole new realm of martial arts and fighting techniques for Goku.

He’s always seen meditating and seems to be able to communicate with Kami telepathically.

However, despite his peaceful and friendly appearance, Mr. Popo is super strict when it comes to training his students.

Goku had a very hard time figuring out Mr. Popo’s tough lessons initially. But with time, Goku understood what Popo was teaching him and improved manyfold.

5. Kami


Next comes one of the biggest players in Goku’s training game: the Guardian of Earth himself, Kami! In order to receive direct mentorship from Kami, Goku had to first pass Mr. Popo’s tests.

After days of training under Popo’s tutelage, Goku finally got the right to learn from Kami.

Kami, a wise and powerful Namekuseijin, taught Goku how to harness his inner energy and introduced the concept of Ki.

He mentored Goku for three whole years and made him stronger and more powerful.

Kami sent Goku to different worlds and different timelines to make him fight the beings there. This is the way he trained Goku.

This was all done in order to prepare Goku to defeat evil Piccolo’s reincarnation, Piccolo Jr.

6. North King Kai

North King Kai - list of all Goku Teachers

Next comes the pint-sized powerhouse of the afterlife: North Kai, aka King Kai of the North Galaxy! He is one of Goku’s most interesting teachers.

Despite his small stature and humorous demeanor, North Kai is a skilled martial artist and a deity who rules a part of the galaxy.

When Saiyans were first introduced in the series, the power difference between them and Earth’s defenders was obviously huge. This is why Goku had to sacrifice his life to defeat Raditz, a lowly Saiyan who is Goku’s brother.

In the afterlife, Goku is introduced to North Kai. Under North Kai’s tutelage, Goku learns the Spirit Bomb technique, a powerful move that taps into the energy of all living beings. North Kai also teaches Goku the Kaio-ken technique, which temporarily boosts his power level to new heights.

With North King Kai’s guidance, Goku becomes a force to be reckoned with in battles against his foes.

7. Yardrat Natives

Yardrat Natives

After defeating Frieza in a grueling fight, Goku goes missing for a good amount of time. In this period, he meets the natives of the Yardrat planet, who teach him an incredible technique called instant transmission.

This technique allowed Goku to instantly teleport to any destination he was familiar with. It involves manipulating energy and sensing the target location’s energy.

Goku uses instant transmission several times in his lifetime to fight insanely vilões poderosos. While it is not an offensive technique, Goku uses it brilliantly in battles to gain an advantage.

8. Whis

Whis - list of all Goku Teachers

Whis is one of the most powerful and mysterious mentors of Goku in the Dragon Ball Super universe.

He is an angel who is tasked with guiding and attending to Beerus, the God of Destruction of Universe 7.

Since Beerus acts rashly on his whims, Whis has to keep him in check and prevent him from causing unnecessary damage.

Whis is not just an ordinary attendant to Beerus; he is also his mentor. As such, he is very powerful and the fastest being in the universe. He also has the ability to manipulate time.

Although Whis’s main focus is on Beerus, he also sees great potential in Goku and Vegeta. This is why he was willing to train them to reach their full potential.

Under Whis’ guidance, Goku and Vegeta learn about the incredible Ultra Instinct technique. It is a technique that allows users to move and react without thinking, granting them immense power and speed.

With his lightning-fast pace and quirky sense of humor, Whis is the greatest teacher that Goku has ever had.

Well, that’s it for this article! Grandpa Gohan, Master Roshi, Korin, Mr. Popo, Kami, North Kai, and Whis are all Goku’s mentors and trainers in the Dragon Ball universe.

They each have their own distinct styles of training and imparting wisdom. However, they share a common mission: to help Goku and his companions unleash their full power and become the strongest fighters in the galaxy.

With the guidance of these incredible teachers, Goku and his allies have been able to overcome insurmountable odds and emerge victorious in countless battles.

Whether it’s mastering the Spirit Bomb or unlocking the power of Ultra Instinct, these mentors have played a crucial role in shaping the destiny of our favorite Z Fighters.

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