Dove guardare Ao Ashi Anime online: 5+ migliori opzioni di streaming

The Ao Ashi anime series has gained significant popularity among fans, captivating viewers with its engaging storyline and interesting characters. If you’re eager to watch this exciting sports anime, you might be wondering where you can stream it. In this article, we will explore the different streaming platforms where you can watch Ao Ashi.

We will discuss subscription versus free options, delve into region-specific availability, touch upon physical media releases, and highlight online communities and fansubs dedicated to the series.

Where to watch Ao Ashi Online?

Where to watch Ao Ashi Online?

There are different ways you can stream Ao ashi anime series online. You can either use online streaming services like Crunchyroll and Disney+, or buy physical copies. If you are looking for a free option to stream the soccer anime, then you can always check YouTube, Dailymotion and BIlibili for episode uploads.

Alternatively, you can also use third party sites which might not have legal permissions to stream the show. But you have to be careful with these sites as they are infamous for having malicious ads.

Piattaforme di streaming

You can watch this thrilling football anime on the following streaming platforms in the US:

  • Crunchyroll
  • Disney +
  • Animax Mongolia

Crunchyroll, a renowned streaming platform, provides a vast library of anime, including Ao Ashi. With a subscription, you can enjoy the series in high quality and access additional features like ad-free viewing and simulcast episodes. Funimation is another popular platform that offers Ao Ashi, allowing fans to dive into the captivating world of soccer and its addictive storyline.

Subscription vs. Free Options To Watch Ao Ashi

Subscription vs. Free Options To Watch Ao Ashi

Subscribing to platforms like Crunchyroll and Disney+ has its advantages, such as uninterrupted streaming and supporting the creators. However, if you prefer free options, you can always check video platforms like YouTube and Bilibili. It’s important to consider the pros and cons of each option to choose what works best for you.

Availability by Region

The availability of Ao Ashi may vary based on your region. While Crunchyroll and Disney+ are accessible in many countries, certain licensing restrictions may limit access to the series in specific regions. The above mentioned streaming platforms in the U.S. region have Ao Ashi available to watch. However, most other countries do not have the show.

It’s recommended to check the availability in your country to ensure a seamless viewing experience.

Watch Ao Ashi On DVD/Blu-ray Releases

Watch Ao Ashi On DVD/Blu-ray Releases

You can buy this thrilling football anime on the following websites that ship globally:

  • Amazon.com
  • Blu-Ray.com

For those who prefer physical copies, the Ao Ashi anime series might be available on DVD or Blu-ray. These releases provide a great way to enjoy the series and can be great additions to your anime collection. Keep an eye out for any limited editions or collector’s items that might enhance your viewing experience.

Online Communities and Fansubs

Engaging with online communities dedicated to Ao Ashi can enhance your anime experience. The biggest fandoms for this show is on reddit e il fandom website. Aside from them, forums on MyAnimeList and Quora talk about all sorts of anime including this one.

These fandoms often discuss episodes, share fan theories, and provide a space to connect with fellow fans. Additionally, fansub groups may offer subtitled versions of the series, allowing viewers to enjoy Ao Ashi with translations if official subtitles are not readily available.


In conclusion, finding where to watch the Ao Ashi anime series is an exciting journey. Platforms like Crunchyroll and Funimation offer the convenience of streaming, with subscriptions providing enhanced features.

Checking the availability by region ensures that you can enjoy the series without any restrictions. For those who prefer physical media, DVD and Blu-ray releases offer a tangible way to experience Ao Ashi.

Engaging with online communities and fansubs further enriches the viewing experience. Whether you’re a fan of soccer or simply seeking an engaging story, Ao Ashi is a must-watch series that will captivate you with its thrilling narrative and dynamic characters.

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