The God Of Highschool Stagione 2 Data di rilascio, trama e altro!

Here’s the latest on God Of Highschool season 2’s release date, trailer, story, and other information.

Anime often stems from manga or novels, but Korea’s titles like Tower of God, The God of Highschool, and Noblesse changed the scenario in 2020.

Among these, The God of High School which was already a word famous webtoon became popular among anime fans. Airing on Crunchyroll and Muse Asia, it premiered in July 2020. The debut episode’s stunning battle animation earned praise and a runner-up spot in Crunchyroll Anime Awards’ Best Animation category.

However, most fans of the webtoon thought the anime adaptation could’ve been better. I personally thought the anime was mid too, as you can read on my review here. On the other hand, new fans who were not aware about the web comic found it interesting.

But because of this mixed review there has been no news on renewal. Will this korean action series get a long awaited second season? Here’s what we know so far.

The God of Highschool Season 2 Overview

Nome della stagioneIl Dio del liceo
Numero di stagioneStagione 2
GenereAction, Martial Arts, Supernatural
Data di rilascio inizialeJul 6, 2020
Il Dio del liceo Data di rilascio della seconda stagioneNessuna data ufficiale annunciata
Il Dio del liceo Season 2 Webtoon ChaptersChapter 113 and beyond

As of now, The God of Highschool anime awaits a second season. MAPPA, the studio that handled season one’s adaptation, has not confirmed it yet. Fans anticipate its return, considering the anime’s acclaim.

Initially a webcomic on Naver Webtoon, the series has 300+ chapters. The anime’s 13 episodes cover Chapter 112. However, the fact that they blew through a hundred chapters in a mere 13 episode is not a good sign.

At this point, the anime is really just a high budget advertisement for the web comic. So, the chances of getting a second season is slim.

The God of Highschool Season 2 Release Date

The God of Highschool Season 2 Release Date

“The God of High School: Season 2” lacks a release date as the anime is not officially confirmed. Even though it’s been three years since the season 1 aired, there doesn’t seem to be any plans to renew the show.

Social media is quiet, and the studio hasn’t mentioned it lately, so a return seems unlikely soon. The author of the series has also not mentioned anything about a sequel either.

While not as acclaimed as some 2020 anime like ReZero, The God of High School had substantial viewership. Renewal is possible, but strong upcoming anime might delay it.

After all, the anime wasn’t exactly a huge hit, but it wasn’t a failure either. Most anime like this have a solid chance of renewal, but it is also possible that they never get a sequel.

As of 2023, there is no information on the possibility for MAPPA continuing the God of Highschool’s adaptation.

Is There Enough Source Material For GOH S2 Anime?

The webcomic ended with 555 chapters in 2022. The anime adaptation of GOH only covered the first 112 chapters. Even if the sequel follows the same pace as season 1, there is enough content for another 4 season.

So, yes, there is enough source material for them to adapt the second season of The God of Highschool. It is just a matter of when the studio will get the greenlights to continue the renewal.

The God of High School Season 2 Trailer

As there’s no news about God of High School S2, there’s little to share right now in terms of a trailer. The creators haven’t released the trailer for the upcoming season yet. You can enjoy the final trailer of Season 1 for nostalgia or re-watch the whole series on Crunchyroll and Muse Asia.

Which Studio Will Adapt GOH Sequel?

Surprisingly, Studio MAPPA, known for hit anime like Jujutsu Kaisen, created our favorite Korean martial arts anime. We can expect them to continue The God of High School Season 2 adaptation.

MAPPA’s reputation for excellent animation continues, and we hope they stay committed to this show.

Where To Watch GOH Season 2?


The God of High School: Season 2 will air on Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll holds the license, and Vudu might also stream it. MAPPA, known for great anime, is busy with other projects like Attack on Titan: Season 4 Part 3. Chainsaw Man: Season 2 is also possible.

The release of The God of High School: Season 2 might take time, but fans hope for a swift announcement from MAPPA.

The God Of High School S2 Plot & Expectations

The God Of High School S2 Plot & Expectations

YongJe Park’s manhwa, debuting on Webtoon in April 2011, is the adaptation source for “The God of Highschool”. Season one covers 112 manhwa chapters.

The final anime episode covers the National Competition arc.

In the first season’s climax, warrior Taek (Kenjiro Tsuda) becomes a god, unleashing powers on Mori and friends. Mori regains memories as the Monkey King, defeating Taek with help to win The God of High School tournament.

While the story seems done, Daewi and Mira prompt Mori to recover his godly memories in his homeland. We anticipate new adventures as Mori embarks on this journey.

If it follows the manhwa, the next part covers Jin Taejin arc. Jin Taejin heads to North Korea due to a huge energy reading, finding a giant gorilla instead of a missile. After battles, he obtains a crystal with infantile Jin Mori. The manhwa is nearly finished, awaiting its conclusion.

Expect good news about the anime’s second season in the final chapter of this 11-year-old manhwa. We’ll update this when the second season is announced on the official GOH anime website.

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