10+ persone famose della vita reale che sono state citate / parodiate negli anime

Today’s blog post is going to be something fun! It’s going to be the list of some of the popular real life people who were referenced/parodied in anime!!

You’ve probably heard of anime referencing other anime, (yes I’m talking about JoJo references) but, an anime referencing a real life person must be something new. And if you’ve only picked up anime recently, I’m pretty sure this list will come across as a surprise.

This list consists of both legendary historical figures (2 of em are actually Gods, but they still count as they are considered to be real people who lived in the past) and some other famous people who are still alive as of date.

So, without any further ado, I present to you my listing of the 10+ popular real life people who were referenced/parodied in anime!!

List Of Popular Real Life Personalities Who Were Parodied In Anime

Stan Lee in Heroman

stan lee

Alright, let’s get this listing started off with a banger! Stan Lee was parodied in a superhero anime called Heroman. If you’re already surprised seeing Stan Lee in an anime, here’s something even more surprising; This anime, Heroman, is a work of Stan Lee. Yes, you heard it right. The world famous Marvel creator has also tried his hand at Japanese manga!

Jackie chan in Gintama

Jackie chan real life people who were parodied in anime

Gintama is infamous for parodying anything and everything. It’s only natural that this anime has parodied some of the popular personalities outside Japan too. And unlike most other anime, they don’t even bother with changing the names of the people they reference (as you can see from the above pic.) Moreover, they even make fun of these parodied characters. For example, they made fun of Jackie’s big nose.

Obama in Gintama


Yet another Gintama parody, where they clearly imitated Obama (they even quoted the above line), but called him Will Smith for no particular reason (that’s a very Gintama thing they pulled there lol.)

Muhamad Ali in Baki

Muhammad Ali real life people who were parodied in anime

Most of the characters in the Baki universe were inspired from real life people. Among them, the one most popular fighter that everyone would recognize in an instant is the boxing champion, Muhammad Ali. 

Hirano Kohta in High School of the Dead


Unlike most other people in this listing, you might not recognize Hirano Kohta unless you’re a hardcore otaku. For those who don’t recognize him, he’s the author of famous anime titles like Hellsing and Drifters. Highschool of the Dead’s Kohta Hirano is clearly a reference of this man.

Vladimir Putin in How heavy are your dumbbells

putin real life people who were parodied in anime

Valdimir Putin is one of the most famous and most loved presidents out there. We’ve seen him in several memes and now it’s time for him to make an anime debut. He was referenced in a body building anime called ‘Dumbbell nan kilo moteru?’


Arnold Schwarzenegger in How heavy are your dumbbells


arnold real life people parodied in anime

Yet another man who needs no introduction. Arnold is one of the most famous Hollywood actors whom we loved when we were younger. It’s no surprise that this anime also parodied him as Arnold is known for his insane muscular build.

Al capone in One piece

Al capone

Al Capone is one of the most notorious gangster in American history. He literally built his own crime empire and ruled over for seven years. However, he was finally sent to prison at the age of 33 and his crimes came to an end. After that, there was never a gangster who became as infamous as him. Similarly, Capone Benge was a wanted One piece pirate, and was a captain of one of the worst generation pirate crew.

Michael Jackson in One Piece

Michael Jackson

One piece is also pretty famous for referencing several real life people. There was an arc where Michael Jackson was parodied as a hypnotist named Jango who did the famous moon walk and several other moves of MJ.

Bruce Lee in Naruto

bruce lee

From his fighting style to his hairstyle, everything about Rock Lee screams Bruce Lee. Above all, his name gives away the fact that his character design was based on Bruce Lee.

Jesus and Buddha in Saint☆Onii-san

Jesus and Buddha in Saint☆Onii-san Jesus and Buddha

Remember how I mentioned there were gods in this list? Yeah, this is what I was talking about. Jesus and Buddha as homies. Sweet, right?


Donald Trump in Death note manga

real life people who were parodied in anime

Lastly, in the recently published Death note one-shot, Trump was shown as the president of the U.S. who tries to buy off the Death Note. However, Ryuk had to add an additional rule which made it impossible for him to get his hands over the note (not gonna spoil anymore than I already did lol.)

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