10+ migliori giochi di ritmo anime di Idol per dispositivi mobili (Android e iOS)

Are you a fan of idol Anime Rhythm games? I am too! Discover the best Mobile idol Anime Rhythm games with captivating idols, stunning artworks, and fantastic music. These games also have active communities.

We’ve compiled a list of well-known and popular idol rhythm games available globally on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Some of the following games are also available on other platforms like Nintendo, PC and more. Get ready to grind and vibe with these exciting games!

List of the Best Mobile Idol Anime Rhythm Games

11. Idoly Pride

Idoly Pride - best anime rhythm games for android and iOS

Idoly Pride offers a unique rhythm game experience, not the typical “tap to the beat” gameplay. It’s an idol management RPG with RPG mechanics and simulation idle gameplay.

You train and raise your idols for performances, similar to Uma Musume Pretty Derby. Unfortunately, Idoly Pride is only available in Japanese and Korean, not globally.

10. Uta no Prince-sama: Shining Live

Uta no Prince-sama: Shining Live

Uta no Prince-sama: Shining Live is a joseimuke idol anime rhythm game, released worldwide in 2018. It has an anime and multiple movies to watch, which adds to the characters’ appeal and the game’s story.

With over 500k+ downloads in Google Play alone, it’s popular globally and in Japan. If you’re into stunning male characters, Uta no Prince-sama is a recommended game to try out.

9. Ensemble Stars

Ensemble Stars - best anime rhythm games for android and iOS

Ensemble Stars is a joseimuke idol rhythm game, catering to female audiences with male idols. The franchise dates back to 2015, but it just released globally in June 2022.

While it may not have as big a following as Project Sekkai or Bang Dream, the community is lively and active, especially since its recent global release. The game features a comedic and wild storyline with engaging 3D dances similar to Love Live! Even male players can enjoy the fun gameplay and give it a try.

8. D4DJ

D4DJ - best anime rhythm games for android and iOS

D4DJ, developed by Bushiroad, offers a unique twist on idol anime rhythm games with DJ Girls and awesome music remixes. The game features a variety of music genres like disco and dubstep, adding a DJ feel to the gameplay. This is easily one of my most favorite anime music games on mobile because of its hip hop theme.

D4DJ has captivating character art, a decent story, and is highly recommended for fans of DJ music.

7. Love Live!

Love Live!

Love Live! is a well-known idol rhythm game with a massive global following. It has two versions: Love Live School Idol Festival e Love Live! All Stars.

Both versions are immensely popular in the community, with unique and different gameplay. Love Live emphasizes 3D gameplay, showcasing idols in various stunning costumes.

The music produced in the game is equally awesome, making it a favorite among players worldwide.

6. Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage

Project sekkai - best anime rhythm games for android and iOS

Project Sekkai, a new idol anime rhythm game, was globally released in December 2021. It quickly gained popularity, attracting millions of players within its first month. The game’s theme, inspired by iconic vocaloid idols like Hatsune Miku, appealed to the massive fandom that already existed before the game’s launch.

Project Sekai boasts fantastic character art, mesmerizing music, and visually stunning 3D performances, making it a hit among players. The gameplay design is both simple and captivating. Overall, this rhythm game has taken the gaming world by storm.

5. Cytus II

Cytus II

The same team behind Deemo, Voez, and the first Cytus has developed Cytus II, a visual-driven story rhythm game. With over 100 songs and 300 charts, players can enjoy a range of difficulties.

If you love the aesthetic and don’t mind an abstract story, give Cytus II a try – it’s also available for free on the Google Play Pass. This game is loved by 1 million other android users, so I’m pretty sure you will love this too.

4. Lanota

Lanota - best anime rhythm games for android and iOS

Lanota is an enchanting anime rhythm game that uses music to tell a picture storybook adventure. The world has lost its colors and songs, and you must play through song levels to restore them.

In Lanota, you use a circular compass for rhythm gameplay, allowing notes to land and spin in any direction within the circle. It’s a unique twist on traditional rhythm games.

While Lanota offers a genuinely artistic storytelling experience, the full version requires a premium purchase.

3. Arcaea


Arcaea offers a visually stunning and unique rhythm game experience with sky notes and arcs to hit. Play offline or try online multiplayer. The game has a compelling story, but additional story packs require purchase.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of free content to enjoy. Arcaea is a polished and aesthetically pleasing rhythm game that’s worth trying. With over 1 Million downloads, this is one of the most popular anime rhythm games for mobile.

2. Bang Dream

Bang Dream - best anime rhythm games for android and iOS

In 2018, the global release of Bang Sogno, an idol anime rhythm game, took the gaming world by storm. It centers around Girl Rock Bands battling to create the best music for their fans.

Despite the rise of newer games like Project Sekkai, Bang Dream remains popular with millions of downloads and an active player base. While the community has slightly decreased, it’s never too late to join and enjoy the game.

1. Deemo


With over 5 million downloads, Deemo is more than just a rhythm game. It’s an emotionally touching modern fairy tale. Follow the mysterious figure, Deemo, as he helps a little girl named Alice find her way back home.

The story-centric game can be played offline and offers beautiful piano-themed music. It’s a charming favorite for pianist appreciators. It also has a sequel, Deemo 2, and a paid version called Deemo Reborn.

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