Elenco di tutti i personaggi di Overflow, classificati

Welcome to our list of Overflow anime characters, ranked! Get ready to dive into the vibrant world of Overflow as we showcase and rank all its characters.

Whether you’re a fan or a newcomer, this list will provide insights into each character’s role and importance in the series. Join us as we walk you through the personalities that make Overflow an unforgettable H anime experience.

What is Overflow?


Troppopieno is a top-rated H anime series that explores romance in a unique way. It is currently the most watched show among all of the thousands of H anime out there.

The reason for Overflow’s success is its story and its characters. The story is about a guy, his childhood friend, and her sister getting into a relationship.

This three-way love triangle story made fans fall in love with the show. Now, unlike a usual family-friendly romance anime, this love triangle does not end with one person’s heart broken.

Instead, it turns out to be three-way fun, with the main male character taking care of the siblings.

Who Are The Characters In Overflow?

Overflow is a simple anime with only three major characters. There are a couple of side characters who don’t even have a few seconds of screentime. So, I’ll be ignoring such minor background characters on this list.

Also, this list is ranked based on the fan votes on MyAnimeList. Obviously, this should end the debate about who’s the best girl in Overflow.

3. Kazushi Sudou

Kazushi Sudou
  • Age: 19
  • Height: 163 cm

Kazushi Sudou is the main male character in the Overflow series. He is a university student residing near the Shirakawa family. Despite no blood relation, he’s grown up with the Shirakawa sisters, loving them like real siblings since childhood.

However, their relationship status changes from sisters to lovers when they become university students. Kotone and Ayane ambush Sudou one fateful day while he is taking a bath. Everything about their relationship changed after that.

2. Kotone Shirakawa

Kotone Shirakawa
  • Age: 18
  • Height: 153 cm
  • Cup Size: G-cup
  • Favorite food: Cream stew

Kotone is the second-most-loved character from Overflow. She is Ayane’s sister and Kazushi’s childhood friend. She’s the younger Shirakawa sister, appearing quiet but often doing bold things.

Like Ayane, she sees Kazushi as a big brother. She is blessed in places where one would like to look. Lately, she’s concerned about her growing breasts not fitting her clothes.

Overall, Kotone is a thick waifu with a cute haircut and a fun personality. She used to be just friends with Kazushi, but then she gets all romantic with him, along with her sister.

1. Ayane Shirakawa

  • Age: 19
  • Height: 159 cm
  • Cup Size: F-cup
  • Favorite food: Pudding

Ayane is Overflow’s best female character, according to fan votes. She is Kazushi Sudou’s childhood friend and Kotone Shirakawa’s older sister. She’s beauty-conscious. So, she is always saving money for skin bath salts. She’s twitchy around Kazushi but secretly cares about him.

She is a tsundere character that has captured the hearts of viewers with her antics. It is cute how she tries to assert herself before Kazushi and gain his attention.

That’s it for this post! These are all the main characters from Overflow. Ayane Shirakawa is ranked number 1 according to fan votes, making her the best girl. Kotone follows next, and then Kazushi is ranked last.

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