10+ migliori anime come Black Summoner che devi guardare!

Welcome to our list of the “10+ Best Isekai Anime Like Black Summoner That You Must Watch!” If you’re a fan of Black Summoner and looking for more exciting Isekai adventures, you’re in for a treat. We’ve handpicked a collection of amazing Isekai anime that share similarities with Black Summoner.

These anime series transport their protagonists to magical worlds filled with thrilling quests, fantastic creatures, and epic battles. With immersive storytelling and engaging characters, these shows will keep you hooked from start to finish.

Whether you’re seeking action-packed adventures, heartwarming friendships, or mind-bending plot twists, our recommendations have got you covered. Join our heroes as they explore new dimensions, face formidable challenges, and discover their hidden powers.

So, grab your snacks and get ready for a captivating journey through the world of isekai anime like Black Summoner. Prepare to be amazed!

1. My Isekai Life

My Isekai Life - best anime like Black summoner

My Isekai Life is a relatively underrated Isekai anime where the MC is a “summoner”. As soon as the main character arrives in the fantasy world, he tames some slime.

They take him to a hidden abandoned house in the middle of a forest, where he finds hundreds of magic books. His slimes then read all the books, which in turn gave our MC the knowledge automatically. Thus, he became a “sage” with no effort.

The story of this show is about our MC trying to maintain a low profile and hide his powers. He is afraid of people abusing him, so he pretends to be weak. As the story goes on, he ends up having to fight an evil organization that is plotting the destruction of the world.

2. Beast Tamer

Beast Tamer

In a world full of powerful beasts, there are a few “ultimate species” that are known for their incredible strength and magic. These species are in danger of going extinct because people want their skills.

Rein Shroud is a skilled beast tamer who can control a wide range of monsters to do things like scouting and moving things around. Even though he joined a group led by the clever hero Arios Orlando, he was later sent away because he didn’t fight.

They don’t know that Rein is a great animal trainer. When he meets Kanade, a cat spirit and the ultimate species, he finds out what he is really capable of. They make a deal and agree to go on a trip together.

Rein moves up in the ranks as the story goes on, meeting more ultimate species and learning about his own secret abilities.

3. Per grazia degli dei

By The Grace Of Gods - best anime like Black summoner

By the Grace of the Gods is an isekai anime similar to Black Summoner, where the MC tames several slimes. He experiments with feeding them different items in order to make them evolve into different versions of slime. By doing so, he created healing slime, which is practically unheard of in the world.

Before getting reincarnated to the other world, our MC was a corporate worker who overworked himself to death. So he decides to stay in the forest, away from human interaction. He was living a peaceful life with the slimes, but one day he met humans adventuring in the forest.

One of them was gravely wounded, so he used his slime to heal him. After that, the MC ends up going to a human city and helping them out with his unconventional slime. He also goes on dungeon adventures and sets up a business that uses the abilities of his gooey monsters.

4. Rising of the Shield Hero

L'ascesa dell'eroe dello scudo

If you liked the part where Kelvin bought off a slave girl, then this anime is for you. The Rising of the Shield Hero is a popular isekai anime like Black Summoner, where the MC is summoned to a fantasy world. He was one of the four heroes who were supposed to save a kingdom.

However, the kingdom’s princess betrays him and frames him for assault. Thanks to her, the entire kingdom now hates her. The only people who don’t mind him are the ones in shady business. So he ends up going to a slave trader to buy someone to add to his party.

This is when he buys off a racoon girl and later a bird girl, who become the powerhouses of his party. The story is about him making a living in the new world, clearing his name, and saving people from impending doom.

5. Quella volta che mi sono reincarnato come una melma

that time i got reincarnated as a slime - best anime like Black summoner

Let’s be honest. The entire concept of slimes being overpowered originated from this show. That time I got reincarnated as a slime and set a new bar for the Isekai genre by doing something different. The main character of this show is a slime. He was a regular guy who died protecting his coworker from a random assault.

Now, he is a slime in a fantasy world who was born somewhere in a dungeon. He quickly understands his situation and adapts. He learns how to use his abilities and consumes dozens of monsters. As he has the ability to gain the skills of anything he consumes, the MC becomes overpowered.

Later on, he befriends a dragon and goes on to build a city for monsters. The story only gets grander and more interesting after this, which you will have to witness for yourself!

6. Death March

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

Death March is a slice of life isekai anime like Black Summoner, where an overpowered MC gets a harem. Another common factor is that the main character hides his true ability in this show as well. But in my opinion, that is the disappointing part. He hides it till the very end, and we don’t get to see him amaze others with his OP abilities.

Regardless, if you are in the mood for a slow and relatively peaceful anime, Death March is perfect for you. The anime is about a game developer who mysteriously ends up stuck inside his own game.

He gains several magical abilities and accidentally kills hordes of monsters, which gives him a ton of experience points. After becoming overpowered in an instant, he goes to town, gets a harem, and further explores the world.

He becomes a trader who adventures through lands and secretly operates in the shadows in order to save people from various villains.

7. Arifureta

Arifureta - best anime like Black summoner

Arifureta is yet another Isekai Harem anime with an OP MC similar to Black Summoner. The MC of this show got summoned to another with his classmates. They were supposed to save the kingdom from monsters.

One of the girls in his class had a crush on our main character. This fact didn’t sit well with one other male student in the class. So, in a dungeon mission, the guy pushed our MC off a cliff and made it look like an accident. Stuck in the deepest levels of the dungeon with insanely powerful monsters, the MC was desperate to survive.

He managed to live, but his personality completely changed. He became a badass, anti-hero MC who saved a vampire girl in the dungeon and fell in love with her. Later on, he also meets a whole harem of girls in his adventure.

The show is about him figuring out a way to get back to his original world.

8. Konosuba


The fact that Kelvin chose the goddess as his servant instantly made me think about Konosuba. This is why I’m adding it to this list of anime like Black Summoner. The only difference is that Kelvin loved her, so he wanted to be with her. Meanwhile, Konosuba’s MC was pissed off by the goddess, so he chose her to come along with him to the Isekai world.

Konosuba is a comedy anime series that parodies the Isekai theme. The MC, after getting scared to death, gets a second chance at life. The goddess allowed him to take any one thing to the new world, and he chose the goddess herself.

But disappointingly, she is one of the most useless characters in all of anime. His hopes of using her to kill the demon lord and live a fancy life go to the trash. He not only has to find a way to survive, but he also has to put up with the antics of the annoying goddess and his quirky teammates.

This anime focuses more on comedy than actual plot progression, but slowly and steadily we will get to see the MC’s adventure unfold.

9. The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It My Life Had It Made

The Fruit of Evolution Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made

One day, a supposed god takes over the intercom at a school and tells the kids to get ready to go to another world. Their job was to become heroes and stop the Demon King from destroying everything.

The move goes well, but Seiichi Hiiragi, who has always been bullied, is left behind. The man claiming to be a god is determined to send all students to the other world. So he sends Seiichi to join his friends. But he ends up deep in a forest, a long way from society.

Seiichi’s days get worse as he tries to change his position. But just as he is about to give up, he finds the “Fruit of Evolution,” a mystery fruit that might be the key to a better future.

10. Kemono Michi

Kemono Michi - best anime like Black summoner

If you liked the part where Kelvin is a summoner who tames monsters, then you will also love Kemono Michi. This is a comedy isekai anime like Black Summoner about a wrestler who gets summoned to another world.

He is asked to slay demon beasts and save the kingdom, but he refuses. Not only that, he uses his favorite move, “german suplex,” on the princess and runs away. Why? Because he is an animal lover and he couldn’t stand them asking him to slay beasts.

Later, he opens a pet store, tames all sorts of monsters, and even becomes friends with demons. While this anime barely has any adventure or action, it is full of hilarious moments that will make you laugh out loud!

11. Summoned to Another World for a Second Time

Convocato in un altro mondo per la seconda volta

Once, a man was called to another world, where he saved the people there. He became very famous, but in the end, he was sent back to his native world and reborn as a baby there.

This is the story of a once-great hero who, as a sad high school student, is called back to the same other world in a surprising twist. The MC once again gets to experience the same magical adventures. Not only that, but with his memories of the previous time, he is simply overpowered in this fantasy world.

This is an isekai harem anime like Black Summoner that has a decent amount of comedy, romance, action, and adventure in it!

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Yacheldy Capon Jr.
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I watched all of these they are good recommendations which is hard to find keep doing an awesome job whoever made this.

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