Wataten Saison 2 : date de sortie, intrigue et plus !

Wataten! An Angel Flew Down to Me, or Wataten for short, is a heartwarming and comedic anime series. It captured the hearts of viewers with its endearing characters and charming story in 2019. The first season left fans eager for more. The possibility of Wataten Season 2 has been a hot topic among anime enthusiasts.

In this article, we will go over the latest updates regarding the show’s renewal as of October 2023. I will be talking about Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita manga availability, season 2 plot, and more.

Wataten Season 2 Overview

Nom de la saisonWataten
Numéro de saisonSaison 2
GenreComedy, Slice Of Life, Girls Love
Date de sortie initialeJanuary 8, 2019
Wataten Sequel Movie Release DateOctober 14, 2022
Wataten Season 2 Release DateÊtre annoncé
Wataten Season 2 Manga ChaptersChapitre 37 et au-delà

Wataten, which first aired in early 2019, revolves around the life of a high school girl named Miyako Hoshino. Her interactions with Hana, a young girl who happens to be her younger sister’s best friend, are the main theme.

The series struck a chord with fans due to its wholesome humor and the adorable antics of Hana. Miyako’s odd attraction towards Hana and their awkward encounters are pure comedy gold!

Wataten Season 2 Release Date & Renewal Status

Wataten Season 2 Release Date & Renewal Status

Depuis octobre 2023, Wataten Season 2 has not been officially confirmed. However, fans can take solace in a sequel movie titled “WataTen! An Angel Flew Down to Me: Precious Friends.” This 2022 sequel movie continued the story and provided some new adventures for Miyako and Hana.

Anime series often receive sequel announcements several months or even years after the initial release. We have even seen some scenarios where renewal happened 10 years after the initial release.

Since the movie aired fairly recently, I estimate that an actual season 2 might happen around 2025 or later. This is considering the time it will take for the author to create more manga volumes and the studio to animate the sequel.

Y a-t-il suffisamment de matériel source pour une suite?

Y a-t-il suffisamment de matériel source pour une suite?

One of the key factors that determines the possibility of a new anime season is the availability of source material. Wataten is based on a manga that Nanatsu Mukunoki wrote and illustrated. The manga is still ongoing and has 12 volumes so far, comprising a total of 108 chapters.

The anime’s first season only adapted the first 36 chapters of the manga. Even if we assume that the movie covered another 10 or 20 chapters, there is still a good amount of story available for Wataten season 2’s adaptation.

As of September 2023, we have not received a new volume this year. But I hope they release one next month, or at least in December 2023. Either way, source material isn’t a problem for the series at this point.

What Will Happen In Wataten Season 2?

What Will Happen In Wataten Season 2?

The official plot for Wataten Season 2 has not been disclosed. But we can make some educated guesses based on the themes and character dynamics established in the prequels.

The heart of Wataten lies in the endearing relationship between Miyako and Hana. Viewers can expect more delightful moments showcasing Hana’s adorable cosplay endeavors and Miyako’s awkward yet loving attempts to connect with her. The series may explore the growth of their friendship and the introduction of new characters who add to the comedic and heartwarming aspects of the show.

Fans can also anticipate a continuation of the slice-of-life format, with the series offering a glimpse into the everyday lives of the characters and their adventures.

Quel studio animera la deuxième saison ?

The choice of animation studio plays a significant role in the production of an anime series. Doga Kobo, a studio well known for its work on other uplifting and comedy-focused anime series, animated the first season of Wataten.

If a second season of Wataten were to release, it’s highly likely that Doga Kobo would handle it again to maintain consistency in animation style and overall tone. Their expertise in bringing out the charm of the characters and the humor of the series would be a valuable asset for a potential sequel.

Where Can I Watch Wataten Season 2?

Where Can I Watch Wataten Season 2?

Once Wataten Season 2 is officially announced and produced, it will likely be available on various streaming platforms that host anime content. Currently, the first season is only available on Crunchyroll for an international audience.

Alternately, the series is also available on Blu-ray. While it may be a more expensive choice, you can enjoy the show offline without any distractions.

That said, it is possible that other streaming services might get distribution rights in the future.

Fans should keep an eye on official announcements from these streaming services to know where they can watch Wataten Season 2 as soon as it becomes available. Additionally, it’s essential to support the official release to ensure the continued production of beloved series like Wataten.


In conclusion, Wataten Season 2 remains a highly anticipated prospect for fans of this heartwarming and comedic anime series. While it hasn’t been officially confirmed, the existence of a sequel movie and the availability of source material offer hope for the continuation of Miyako and Hana’s adventures.

As we eagerly await more news, we can relish in the adorable world of Wataten and look forward to the day when the second season finally graces our screens.

FAQs about Wataten 2

Is Wataten a Yuri anime?

Yes, Wataten is a Yuri story. In the first season of the show, there is only one-sided love. But in the manga, you will get to see some real Yuri romance.

Who is the main character in Wataten?

Miyako Hoshino, also known as “Mya-nee” is the main character in Wataten.

Is Wataten a romance?

No, the first season of Wataten is not about romance. However, things get a little different in the manga as Miyako and Hana’s relationship grows.

Does Miyako have a crush on Hana?

Absolutely, yes. Miyako fell in love with Hana when she first saw her. Normally, this would be called “degenaracy” because Hana is a minor. But you know what they say, “age is just a number and prison is just a room!”

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