Shimoneta Saison 2 : date de sortie, intrigue et plus !

“Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist” aired in 2015 and became an instant hit. Fans have been eagerly waiting for Shimoneta season 2 for over 8 years. However, there’s been no news about its renewal.

Shimoneta challenged societal norms and tickled viewers’ funny bones with its risqué humor. Not to mention, the satirical take on censorship was pure gold. The story is set in a dystopian world where lewdness is strictly prohibited and the government enforces a strict ban on anything deemed inappropriate.

The first season, which aired from July 4, 2015, to September 19, 2015, garnered a decent popularity ranking, holding the #229 spot on MyAnimeList. However, despite its fan base and unique premise, the series has been shrouded in silence for the past eight years, leaving fans to wonder if a second season will ever see the light of day.

Shimoneta Season 2 Overview

Nom de la saisonShimoneta
Numéro de saisonSaison 2
GenreEcchi, Comedy, School
Matériel sourceRoman léger
Date de sortie de la saison 14 juillet 2015
Shimoneta Date de sortie de la saison 2Être annoncé
Shimoneta Statut de renouvellement de la saison 2Non confirmé

Shimoneta Season 2 Release Date & Renewal Status

Shimoneta Season 2 Release Date & Renewal Status

Depuis septembre 2023, there has been no official news regarding Shimoneta Season 2. The passage of time has made the prospects of a renewal increasingly doubtful. Fans have waited for nearly a decade, and the absence of any concrete information has left them in a state of uncertainty.

While hope is not entirely extinguished, it seems unlikely that we will ever witness a sequel to the series.

J.C. Staff, the studio responsible for Shimoneta, has been silent about the series. However, the studio has been working on several other new shows year after year.

The anime was most likely promotional material for the Shimoneta Light Novel series. This is because the final episode of the anime was altered to give it an ending. Normally, shows made with such intent never get a sequel.

Y a-t-il suffisamment de matériel source pour une suite?

Y a-t-il suffisamment de matériel source pour une suite?

One of the important factors for renewal is the availability of source material. The anime is an adaptation of Hirotaka Akagi’s light novel series. It ran from July 18, 2012, to July 20, 2016. This light novel comprises a total of 11 volumes, along with an additional extra volume.

The series also has a manga adaptation; however, the anime is not based on that.

The first season of the anime already covered about half of the light novel series. This leaves room for a finale.

So, yes, there is enough source material for Shimoneta season 2. However, the fact that the anime altered its last episode means it probably was never meant to get a sequel.

What Will Happen In Shimoneta Season 2?

What Will Happen In Shimoneta Season 2?

If we get a new season, it will continue from where the first season left off. It’s safe to assume that the series will continue to explore the themes of censorship, societal taboos, and the absurdity of a world devoid of dirty jokes.

We will see some new characters getting introduced. We will see a heartfelt confession and a heartbreaking rejection. The villain behind the censorship rule is introduced. She is finally defeated with SOX and Anna’s help.

Fans of the series can expect more comedic chaos, witty social commentary, and, of course, some hilariously inappropriate situations as the characters strive to bring laughter and freedom back to their repressed society.

Quel studio animera la prochaine saison ?

Personnel JC brought the first season of Shimoneta to life. They are a well-known anime studio with a history of producing a wide range of anime genres.

However, in the world of anime production, studios often have their hands full with various projects. So, it is challenging to predict if the same studio would be available for a potential second season.

The choice of the animation studio would significantly impact the visual style and quality of Shimoneta Season 2. However, without an official announcement regarding the renewal of the series, the question of which studio will animate it remains unanswered.

Cast & Characters Of Shimoneta 2

PersonnageAV japonais
Ayame KajouShizuka Ishigami
Anna NishikinomiyaMiyu Matsuki
Tanukichi OkumaYuusuke Kobayashi
Kosuri OnigashiraYui Horie
Otome SaotomeSatomi Arai
Hyouka FuwaSaori Gotou

Where Can I Watch Shimoneta Season 2?

Where Can I Watch Shimoneta Season 2?

For those holding out hope for Shimoneta Season 2, there is a silver lining when it comes to accessibility. The first season of Shimoneta is currently available for streaming on platforms like Funimation et Netflix in specific regions.

Should a second season materialize, it would likely be made available on these same streaming platforms. This way, fans can easily catch up with the misadventures of Tanukichi and his comrades as they continue their crusade against censorship in their world.

In conclusion, the possibility of Shimoneta Season 2 remains uncertain. However, most sources speculate that the second season has been cancelled.

Fans can still cherish the first season and its humorous take on censorship and societal norms. The series remains a unique and memorable entry in the world of anime, even if it never sees a sequel.

Despite the challenges, fans can still hope that one day, the world of Shimoneta will return. But for now, the first season stands as a testament to the power of satire and humor in addressing societal issues.

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