Anime For Christmas: Top 10 Anime à regarder cette saison des fêtes

Festival time is nearly upon us, and, naturally, people are getting excited about it. Everyone spends Christmas in their own way, and the same goes for anime fans. They want to see something that will put them in the holiday mood and raise their festive spirit this winter season. This is why we are bringing you a list of the Top 10 des animes de Noëlque vous allez adorer.

The recommendations in a nutshell:

  1. Sonate d'hiver
  2. Parrains de Tokyo
  3. La disparition de Haruhi Suzumiya
  4. Kanon
  5. Itsudatte Mon Père Noël
  6. Toradora
  7. Clannad
  8. Enfants loups
  9. Ton mensonge en avril
  10. 5 centimètres par seconde

Some people like to binge-watch an entire anime in one evening; others prefer regular-sized movies. Which is why we’ve compiled a list comprising both series and movies! With that said, let’s jump into the recommendations, shall we?

Meilleure série animée à regarder en rafale à Noël

6. Votre mensonge en avril

Meilleur anime émotionnel

Votre mensonge en avril est un anime musical qui apaisera votre âme. Cependant, il y a de grandes chances que cela vous fasse aussi pleurer. Notre protagoniste dans cette histoire estKousei Arima,qui est un pianiste de génie depuis son enfance.

But his mother put a lot of pressure on him, and after her death, he completely became unable to listen to the sound of his own piano due to trauma. This all changed when he met a pretty violinist by the name of Kaori Miyazono. La façon dont elle jouait du violon semblait tendre la main à Kousei et le motiver à revenir à ses vieux jours de pianiste prodigieux.

5. Clannade

anime comme clannad

The plot of Clannad involves a delinquent named Tomoya Okazaki. He doesn’t have any purpose in his life and is looking to pass his days idly. One day, he meets a girl called Nagisa while going to school, and she catches his attention. Nagisaa une façon de se motiver en disant des choses qu'elle aime.

Tomoya goes past her but soon finds her in school again. Slowly, the duo becomes friends, and Tomoya gets involved in Nagisa’s dream of reopening their school’s drama club along with a bunch of other girls. Each of the girls will teach Tomoya a valuable lesson that may just help him find purpose in his life.

4. Toradora

meilleur anime rom-com

Toradora is one of the best rom-com animes out there, and it can surely get you in a festive mood for Christmas. Our two lead characters are Ryûji TakasuetTaiga Aisaka,qui n'ont rien en commun les uns avec les autres en termes depersonalities.

The only thing connecting them is their feelings for each other’s best friends. When they find out about this fact, they decide to help each other out, which gives rise to some hilarantscènes. Cela met également en place l'intrigue magnifiquement pour un grand développement de personnage à la fois dans Ryuuji et Taiga, car ils forment lentement un lien assez inattendu.

3. Itsudatte Mon Père Noël

anime pour noël - Itsudatte Mon Père Noël

Maintenant, celui-ci est un anime très court avec seulement 2 épisodes. Ce spectacle est parfait pour ceux qui veulent avoir une montre rapide et amusante.

What could be a better anime for Christmas than the one that has Santa in its name? My Santa follows the story of a boy named SSanta,who was born on 24th December. You would think that he enjoys Christmas because all the stars align with him. But that is not the case, and he is not too fond of this holiday. He mostly has to spend his time alone, and there is no one to even wish him on this festival.

Suddenly, oneday,y a girl named Mai comes to him on Christmas Eve. She is currently undergoing training to be a Père Noël and promises him that she will do anything to make him happy. I know it sounds very sus but the situation plays out differently than you might expect.

2. Canon

montre comme clannad

C'est toujours agréable de retourner à l'endroit où vous viviez enfant. Mais cela ne semble pas être le cas pourYuuichi Aizawa. He is very wary of returning to his old hometown after seven years. He has vivid memories of his past, and they are not so pretty.

After Aizawa settles in his old place and starts going to school, he occasionally comes across some les filles who know him from before. They also bring back his forgotten memories as a big secret begins to uncover itself.

1. Fuyu no Sonata

anime pour noël - Fuyu no Sonata

If all the above anime have failed to put you in a Christmas moodmood,n Fuyu no Sonata (Winter Sonata) is bound to do that job. Fuyu no Sonata is an anime adaptation of a famous k-drama series of the same title.

It takes place in a beautiful snowy season and sets the mood right for the Christmas celebration. And if you are into romantic anime, then that is like a cherry on top for you.

Cette histoire parle deYoo Jin, who has had deep-rooted feelings for Joon Sang since an early age. But unfortunately, her lover passes away, and she decides to marry her childhood friend. As if fate hasn’t finished playing with her, she meets someone who looks exactly like her past lover, putting her in a very tricky situation.

Connexe >> Idées de cadeaux de Noël sur le thème de l'anime

Meilleures recommandations de films d'animation pour Noël

45 centimètres par seconde

5 centimètres par seconde

5 centimeters per second is a classic movie by Makoto Shinkao that will make you ready for the festive mood with some teary romance. So keep your tissues at hand and get ready to watch the story of Takaki ToonoetAkari Shinohara.

They are good childhood friends, but the distance between them keeps growing. Although they had promised to keep in contact, the waves of time take them far away with each passing second. It will also teach the viewers a de valeur lesson: clinging to the past can never be a good thing.

3. Enfants loups

Film d'enfants loups

Wolf Children is another perfect anime to watch for Christmas. It is a story about a beautiful girl named Hana who grows feelings for the mystery man in her college. Despite knowing that he can turn into a wolf, her feelings don’t falter, and they decide to start a family together.

Hanna gives birth to two sweet children named Ame and Yuki, who can also turn into wolves just like their father. But after the death of her husband, Hana finds it difficult to raise her kids in the city. This is why she decides to move to the village and undergo this new challenge of taking care of her kids as a single mother.

2. La disparition de Haruhi Suzumiya

anime pour noël - La disparition de Haruhi Suzumiya

Cet anime commence un jour de Noël froid lorsque Kyon se rend à son école pour la célébration des fêtes de leur brigade SOS. Mais on dirait qu'il est venu dans un monde différent depuis leBrigade SOS along with Haruhi Suzumiya, has completely disappeared.

Things are made even more complicated by the fact that Asahina doesn’t seem to knowhim, and Koizumi’s class is missing too. Meanwhile, their SOS Brigade room is occupied by the Literary Club,which has only one member. What’s going on? Watch this amazing anime movie to find out!

1. Les parrains de Tokyo

Tokyo Godfathers - meilleur film de Noël

Tokyo Godfathers is one of the classic anime that you can watch during Christmas. It starts with three characters named HannaGin, et Miyuki qui cherchent des cadeaux parmi les ordures.

But they accidentally find a baby instead that has been left all alone there. Hana rallies the others that they should find the mother of the baby and takes the child along with them. They try to solve the clues in order to find the biologique mother but get caught up in some unexpected events instead.

Besoin de plus de recommandations de films d'anime? Vérifiez mon post sur le Top 25 des films d'animation de tous les temps !

C'est tout pour ce post ! Ce sont quelques-unes des meilleures séries et films d'anime à regarder ce Noël !! J'espère que cet article a contribué à rendre vos vacances beaucoup plus saines (^^)

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