Kröten in Naruto: Alles, was Sie wissen müssen

Toads in Naruto appear frequently as summons in the series, summoned by Naruto Uzumaki, Jiraiya, and Minato Namikaze. They live on Mount Myōboku.

In this article, we will be going over all the important information about these supernatural frogs. We will discuss the nature and role of these frogs in the Naruto series, list each one of them and brief their impact on the series.

We will also be going over the characters who can summon these supernatural frogs in the Naruto series.

What Are The Naruto Toads?

Toads possess a wide range of abilities. They can spit water or oil, use their tongues and weapons in battle. They are unique for being able to perform ninjutsu and hand signs, making them powerful allies on the battlefield.

Toads vary greatly in size, from giant summons like Gamabunta, Gamaken, and Gamahiro to smaller ones like Gamakichi and Gamatatsu. Their personalities are distinct; Gamatatsu loves snacks, Gamakichi enjoys observing battles, and Gamabunta speaks like a yakuza gangster, but he’s fiercely protective of his children and Naruto.

The toad elders hold esteemed positions in toad society. The Great Toad Sage provides wisdom and predictions and is highly respected. Meeting him is an honor. Shima and Fukasaku, a married couple, are powerful and assisted Jiraiya in battle against Pain.

Toads can live long lives. The Great Toad Sage lived since the era of Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, and Fukasaku is over 800 years old. Some toads, like Gamakichi, experience rapid growth during significant events like the Fourth Shinobi World War.

List of All Toads In Naruto, Ranked

In this section, we will take a look at all the frogs that appeared in the Naruto anime series. Note that this list does not include the characters that have only appeared in the official Naruto games. Even if they are from official games, they don’t appear in the anime or manga, so I’ll be skipping them in this list.

15. Gamatama, the Tadpole

Gamatama, the Tadpole

Gamatama, a tadpole from Mount Myōboku, serves as a name-registration clerk since he can’t form a contract with shinobi yet. He has a very small body with black irides and yellow sclerae.

Gamatama’s upper half has pink skin, and his underside is white. As a tadpole, he still has a tail. He was seen watching over the list of Mount Myōboku inhabitants and noticed Kōsuke was missing, suggesting he might be deceased.

14. Gamaden, the Elite Toad In Naruto

Gamaden, the Elite Toad In Naruto

Gamaden, an elite toad from Mount Myōboku, has a small, typical toad appearance with pale green skin and blue highlights. Fukasaku sent Gamaden to inform Shima to summon toad reinforcements when he noticed Konoha was under attack.

Overall, Gamaden is a background character who has not had much screentime. He is not involved in any legendary battles worth mentioning. Gamaden is a frog in Naruto who works from behind the scenes.

13. Kosuke, the Messenger Toad In Naruto

Kosuke, the Messenger Toad In Naruto

Kosuke, a messenger toad from Mount Myboku, was upbeat and joyful, following directions with enthusiasm.

With blue marks on his head and around his eyes, he sported green goggles and the kanji for “gold” on his back. Ksuke was famous for his lightning speed and remarkable stamina.

12. Gamamaru, the Great Toad Sage

Gamamaru, the Great Toad Sage

Gamamaru, also known as the Great Toad Sage, is the oldest and most revered resident of Mount Myboku. Other toads call him “Great Honourable Geezer” due to his advanced age. He’s renowned for giving remarkably precise prophesies.

Gamamaru is one of the largest residents on Mount Myboku, matching the sizes of Bunta, Ken, and Hiro. He has a white tummy, is brown in color, quite wrinkled, and frequently squints. He wears a professor’s hat with tassels and an orb on top, along with a necklace featuring the toads’ village’s “oil” emblem.

11. Gamariki, the Female Toad In Naruto

Gamariki, the Female Toad In Naruto

Gamariki is a flamboyant toad from Mount Myboku. He expresses feelings through body gestures and charming language when referring to people with names ending in “-chan.”

His typical voice is usually high-pitched but turns deep and somber when he’s serious.

10. Gamahiro, the Frog Swordsman

Gamahiro, the Frog Swordsman

Living on Mount Myboku is a gigantic toad known as Gamahiro, also called Hiro. He’s inconsistent in size like Gamabunta. Usually taller than structures and trees, he has round marks on his shoulders and aquamarine skin with golden eyes outlined in grey.

Gamahiro wears an orange sash around his midriff and carries two enormous katanas on his back as main weapons. In Part I of the anime, he had a brown color.

9. Gamatatsu, the Foodie Frog

Gamatatsu, the Foodie Frog

Mount Myboku is home to various toads, including Gamatatsu. He’s Gamabunta’s youngest child and Gamakichi’s younger brother. Gamatatsu has orange accents around his eyes and mouth, with a primarily yellow coloration. He has two indented markings on his tummy.

Gamatatsu is the kind of guy who’d rather be eating snacks than saving people.

In Part I, Gamatatsu was small enough to fit on Naruto’s head, but in Part II, he has grown larger, capable of holding Naruto on his head and swallowing an adult. He wears a blue vest like his brother.

8. Gerotora, the Scroll Toad In Naruto

Gerotora, the Scroll Toad In Naruto

Gerotora, a scroll toad from Mount Myoboku, is a rare species that preserves inscribed information until the summoner’s death. He’s known for exceptional stamina and resides inside his contractor’s belly.

Gerotora is black and orange with dark patterns on his mouth, eyes, and underbelly. He can extend his abdomen to reveal a scroll, creating the appearance of wearing an obi as a scroll toad.

7. Gamaken, one of Jiraya’s Frogs

Gamaken, one of Jiraya's Frogs

At Mount Myoboku, lives a gigantic toad known as Gamaken, also called Ken. He’s unassuming and often appears anxious, feeling awkward during battles. Despite this, he promises to always try his best.

Gamaken is a massive magenta-colored toad with black patterns on his face, arms, and legs, along with horn-like protrusions on his head. He’s part of the toad community, summoned to aid during Pain’s invasion.

6. Gamagoro, the Giant Frog


At Mount Myoboku, lives Gamagor, a gigantic toad. He’s friendly and respectful, using honorifics when addressing his summoner, Konohamaru.

Gamagor promises to follow Konohamaru anywhere he wishes. This lighter-purple toad has scales at the bottom and red marks around his eyes.

Konohamaru summons Gamagor to demonstrate the summoning technique to academy pupils. After the demonstration, Gamagor is dismissed.

5. Gamakichi, Naruto’s Personal Toad

Gamakichi, Naruto's Personal Toad

Gamakichi, a toad from Mount Myboku, is Gamabunta’s eldest child and Gamatatsu’s elder brother. Naruto has specifically summoned him. Gamakichi has a smart aleck personality, often being comical and lighthearted.

He prefers conversation over combat and has grown close to Naruto since protecting him from Gaara in his small Shukaku form. When called, he usually responds with a friendly “Yo.”

4. Gamabunta, the Chief Frog

Gamabunta, the Chief Frog

Gamabunta, also known as Bunta, is the chief toad of Mount Myōboku. He’s grumpy, stubborn, and apathetic. He follows orders only from highly talented summoners who earn his respect. Despite his confidence in fighting, he knows his limits and understands his enemies’ power.

Gamabunta can spew oil from his mouth to enhance fire techniques, like the Fire Release: Toad Oil Flame Bullet, in collaboration with Jiraiya. He’s skilled in nature transformation, using Water Release for powerful water blasts. Surprisingly agile despite his size, he can leap high and fight mid-air with successive kicks.

His durability is remarkable, enduring a direct air bullet from Shukaku without much trouble.

3. Gama, Jiraya’s Personal Frog

Gama, Jiraya's Personal Frog

The first toad to be shown in Naruto series, Gama, debuts alongside Jiraiya as the scroll’s keeper for the Toad Summoning contract. Gama’s personality is mostly unknown, as he hasn’t spoken yet, only making croaking noises.

He shows great loyalty to Jiraiya, following him and obeying his commands promptly.

2. Shima, Mother of the Toad Way

Shima, Mother of the Toad Way

Shima, a respected elder toad from Mount Myoboku, is known as the Mother of the Toad Way. She and her husband Fukasaku are referred to as the “Two Great Sage Toads” since they are the successors of the Great Toad Sage.

Shima is known for her open heart, which allows her to perceive things clearly. This quality has earned her the title “Mother of the Toad Way” among all toads.

She has a purple underside and green upper side with purple markings around her mouth and back. Shima is renowned for her keen observation skills during wars she participates in.

1. Fukasaku, Head of the Toads

Fukasaku, Head of the Toads

Fukasaku, an elderly toad living on Mount Myoboku, is also called “Head” and is over 800 years old. He and his wife Shima are revered as the “Two Great Sage Toads” due to their lineage from the Great Toad Sage.

Fukasaku is a green toad with white hair styled like a mohawk, thick brows, and a small goatee. He wears two different capes, one with a high collar and the other with a simpler collar.

In battles, Fukasaku and Shima display great power. Fukasaku attacks swiftly with his tongue, while Shima releases a serpent-like creature from her tummy to track down adversaries.

Other Known Toads In Naruto

After Naruto’s battle with Sasuke Uchiha, Jiraiya visited him in the hospital riding atop a giant toad, similar in size to Bun, Ken, and Hiro.

Chapter 429 mentions several toads listed on the scroll monitoring Mount Myōboku inhabitants: Amachan, Gamaspeed, Gamasoap, Peach.

In the novelization of Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie, two toads are named: Gamaton and Gamachū.

Toads appearing in video games include Gamamichi and Gamachū (whether it’s the same toad as in the novel is unknown).

Special Types Of Naruto Frogs

Mount Myōboku is home to various unique toads and amphibians. Scroll Toads have secrets written on their scroll-abdomens, while “Tracker Toads” can locate individuals.

Among the diverse population, there’s a toad-like amphibian, possibly a toad, who served as Fukasaku’s perch when he brought the news of Jiraiya’s death to Konohagakure.

List Of All Toad Summoners In Naruto

List Of All Toad Summoners In Naruto

At least six people signed the toad summoning contract, with three seen in the series: Jiraiya, Minato Namikaze, Naruto Uzumaki, Konohamaru Sarutobi, Koji Kashin.

  • Jiraiya, known as The Toad Sage, frequently used toad-based techniques and had a respectful relationship with the toads.
  • Minato was well-respected by the toads, with Gamabunta and Gerotora as his known summons. Naruto summoned toads for stronger opponents and later mastered senjutsu on Mount Myōboku.
  • In the Boruto anime, Konohamaru summoned Gamagorō for a Summoning Technique lesson.
  • Koji Kashin used a boiler toad and small toads for various purposes, including spying and combat.


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