Top 15+ dos melhores animes Isekai com tecnologia moderna

Most “in another world” fantasy anime series focus on a historical setting where magic is commonplace. However, there are a few Isekai anime series that have modern technology as well. In these anime, we get to see modern, scientific equipment used against magic.

From guns to trains, these series have some sort of technology from the modern world that makes them unique and interesting. As an ardent follower of this genre, I’ve found a whole bunch of titles that fit this theme, which I’ll be counting down below. So without further delay, let’s jump into the listing.

Isekai Anime With Modern Technology: 15+ Best Series for You!

16. Life with an Ordinary Guy who Reincarnated into a Total Fantasy Knockout

A vida com um cara comum que reencarnou em um nocaute total de fantasia

This is one of the funniest isekai anime series that I’ve watched that features modern technology in it. But this time around, we are not talking about guns or any weapons like that. We are talking about an entire room!

One of the MC’s special abilities is to summon a door that takes them to his friend’s house. Obviously, they can’t interact with their old world because only the room is summoned into the fantasy world.

This anime is about two middle-aged dudes who end up getting teleported to a fantasy world. One is gender swapped into a girl, and the other is made into an overpowered man with the ability to access the room mentioned above.

15. Highschool Prodigies have it Easy in Another World

Os prodígios do ensino médio têm vida fácil, mesmo em outro mundo!

This is a decent fantasy anime that aired in 2019. The show is about seven high school prodigies, geniuses at different things, who are sent to Freyjagard, a medieval fantasy realm.

There, they mount a revolution against the oppressive empire and its sovereign ruler, the Emperor, using all of their contemporary knowledge.

If you love to see some politics in addition to your usual Isekai elements, then you will love this show. Although the light novel readers say that the anime adaptation isn’t as good as the novel, I’d say it is a pretty decent watch.

14. Zipang

Zipang - best isekai anime with modern technology

Zipang is a classic anime series from 2004. This is a seinen anime with a pretty serious theme. The story is centered around a modern battleship with advanced guided missile technology. The ship and its crew are mysteriously transported back in time to 1942. As you all know, this was the time when World War II was going on.

Realizing that they’ve somehow time traveled, the captain decides not to do anything to change history. So, they prevent any fights or siding with anyone. After all, with their advanced battleship, the entire war’s result could be changed.

At least, that’s what they wanted to do. However, seeing a dying Japanese commander made them want to save lives instead of worry about history being changed.

While this is more of a time travel anime than an isekai, it still kind of fits the isekai genre because the old world is pretty much a new world for the main characters.

13. Combatants Will Be Dispatched

Combatants Will Be Dispatched

It tells the tale of a filthy, depraved, and conceited main character who receives a mission from his organization. Their goal is the conquest of the entire universe. In order to do that, the MC is tasked with spying on the kingdom of grace.

The MC is assisted in completing his task by a high-tech android disguised as a young girl. He enters the kingdom undetected, becomes an honorary knight, and moves up the social ladder. He is meant to aid the kingdom in overcoming the demon lord.

In conclusion, there is a villainous organization to take down as well as a selfish male lead who is joined by a loli companion. You must add this anime to your must-watch list if you enjoy amusing character interactions.

12. Drifters

Drifters - best isekai anime with modern technology

Drifters is kind of a time travel isekai anime where we see historical legends going up against each other. This is a one of a kind show with a dark yet very entertaining story.

While it isn’t exactly modern technology, we get to see guns in this anime. I know samurai warriors had them even in real life history, but it is still great to watch the swords against guns action.

“Drifters” are warriors from different eras who travel to a different timeline in order to fight the “Ends”, the enemies of the Drifters. Our heroes have to fight against the Ends, protect their people, and gain prosperity.

11. Reborn as a Vending Machine, Now I Wander the Dungeon

Reborn as a Vending Machine, Now I Wander the Dungeon

This is a brand-new anime series that is planned to be released in July 2023. However, the light novel version of this story has been entertaining fans since 2016.

The MC of this anime is a bit of a weirdo. He loves vending machines and nerds out about them. The funny thing is, it was also the reason for his death. He got crushed by one and was reincarnated into another world. What’s more, he became a sentient vending machine.

A girl in the fantasy world realizes that he is a super rare item capable of thinking and takes him to a human settlement. Despite being unable to communicate or move, the MC influences the world, gathers allies, and changes it bit by bit.

10. Log Horizon

Log Horizon - best isekai anime with modern technology

Log Horizon is an isekai anime where the MC is stuck in a game and has to survive there and figure out how to get back to the real world. What sets this anime apart from the rest is the focus on politics.

Unlike other anime series in this genre, Log Horizon takes a very realistic approach where the stuck players form a government. This way, they can organize things and get better information. Not to mention, they can also form bonds with other NPC kingdoms.

The MC of this show is a genius wizard who is a skilled gamer. With his great gaming skills he knows all sorts of tricks to make himself overpowered. With him spearheading the players, the story is about him escaping from the MMORPG world.

9. Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill

Fogueira cozinhando em outro mundo com minha habilidade absurda

When we think of modern gadgets, we usually think of weapons, robots, and the like. However, we easily forget that even cooking apparatus is the result of modern innovation.

The main character of this anime is a regular salaryman who gets summoned into a fantasy world. He was supposed to be the “hero” who had to save the kingdom from the demons. However, the MC ends up getting a skill called “Online supermarket.” The main character convinces them that his ability is useless and that he has the freedom to live as he pleases.

In addition to the MC, three other high school students were also summoned who had actual combat skills. So, the MC’s leaving was not a problem for the kingdom.

Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill will show us how the MC uses his skill to become kind of an overpowered person, yet live a peaceful life.

8. Arifureta

Arifureta - best isekai anime with modern technology

Arifureta is one of the few Isekai anime where the MC has access to modern technology like guns and grenades. The MC of this show used to be a nice and kind guy who gets betrayed and left for dead. His personality changes because of this, and he becomes a badass.

He gains the ability to create items, and he uses the power to recreate all sorts of modern weapons. Combined with magic, these weapons are unstoppable.

We will get to see the main character surprise and overpower all the side characters and villains alike with his newfound powers.

This anime is also one of the few titles in the harem genre that actually has a decent plot.

7. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

daquela vez eu reencarnei como um lodo

At first sight, this anime might not seem like it has any advanced gadgets at all. Well, it is because the world the MC gets reincarnated into does not have any. However, the MC recreates more and more luxuries of the modern world in the fantasy world as the series progresses.

With the help of a skilled blacksmith who can bring all of Rimuru’s thoughts to reality, you will see all sorts of modern innovations come to life. It’s just that they are not the main focus of the show.

The anime is about the MC, who creates a kingdom for monsters and civilizes them. However, trouble arises with the humans and demons of the world, which the MC has to deal with.

6. In Another World With My Smartphone

Em outro mundo com meu smartphone

As the title of this anime suggests, the MC of this show gets isekaied with his smartphone. One day, God makes a mistake and kills the main character before his time.

As an apology, God gives him the option to take one item from his world and get reincarnated in a magical world. He chooses his phone and gets transported to the new world.

God also gave him overpowering magical abilities to make sure he could lead a rich and prosperous life without any difficulty. Now, if you’re thinking he can’t be luckier than this, then you need to think again. The MC finds a harem for himself, and God gives the thumbs up to marrying them all.

5. Saga of Tanya the Evil

Saga Of Tanya The Evil - best isekai anime with modern technology

The Saga of Tanya the Evil is a dark isekai anime where the MC is the enemy of a being that identifies itself as god. The main character of this anime used to be a strict salaryman who was always hard on the people working under him. Because of this, one of his juniors, who hated him, pushed him in front of a running train.

At this exact moment, the entire world pauses, and God talks with the MC. However, the MC, who does not believe in religion, dismisses God. He calls them “being x” and insults them further.

The angered gods make him reborn as a girl in a fantasy world that is filled with war and suffering. Will the MC submit to God to ease his pain? Of course not. He accepts the challenge and defies the self proclaimed god with every move.

4. O World’s Finest Assassin reencarna em outro mundo como um aristocrata

O melhor assassino do mundo reencarna em outro mundo como um aristocrata

If you are looking for an isekai anime where the MC uses modern technology like guns and bombs, then this anime is for you. The main character of this show was a legendary hitman who was betrayed and killed by his own organization.

However, his days of assassination are not over because the goddess has one last job for him as a hitman. He is tasked with killing the “hero” of a fantasy world. In return for doing this, he will get a second shot at life and will be blessed with magical abilities.

The MC accepts and is born into an aristocratic family that is actually an assassination family that works in the shadows. He learns the killing techniques of that world, combines them with his own techniques from the modern world, and becomes overpowered.

3. Knight’s & Magic

Knight's & Magic - best isekai anime with modern technology

Kinght’s and Magic is set in an Isekai world with advanced technology. The Silhouette Knights are mechs (giant robots) that are piloted by skilled magicians. Their purpose is to fight and defend humanity from demons.

The main character is a escola de magia student who is taught how to pilot a Silhouette Knight. As a hardcore otaku who has always wanted to build a giant robot himself, the MC finally gets a shot at his dream. However, creating a silhouette knight is a next-to-impossible task that no one has ever done.

But the MC, equipped with his insane magical abilities and knowledge of the modern world, is ready to take on the challenge.

2. The Eminence in Shadow

The Eminence in Shadow

The Eminence in Shadow is one of the latest titles in the genre and is simply a masterpiece. The MC of this show is somewhat of a psycho who is obsessed with being strong. Despite being just a high schooler, he trains enough to take on military men in a fight. He uses his skills against biker gangs, thieves, and kidnappers.

However, he gets killed when he accidentally jumps in front of a truck. But this was a lucky event for him because he got to reincarnate in a world with magic. Now, he can truly become what he has always dreamed of—the eminence in the shadows. A powerful being who is not the hero or villain but always is in the scenes, acting from the shadows and influencing the world.


GATE - best isekai anime with modern technology

Gate is one of the most unique isekai anime series out there that features guns and other modern technology overpowering magic. The story starts with a mysterious gate opening up in Japan. Monsters emerge from the gate and start terrorizing the people. However, Japan’s military successfully managed to subjugate the invading forces.

With the door still in the middle of the city, the military officers have decided to explore the world behind the gate. The MC of this anime is a skilled soldier who is also an otaku. We get to see him use guns against magic to completely overpower the enemies of the other world. Meanwhile, he also gets a harem of other world girls who seem to like him.

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