Mais de 10 melhores personagens do BNA classificados (novo animal)

BNA (Brand New Animal) is a popular anime series about animal-human hybrids. It has many colorful and interesting characters. Some are more popular than others. Who are the best BNA characters? How do they rank according to popularity?

In this article, we will answer these questions. We will look at 10+ BNA characters and rank them based on their fan appeal, personality, and role in the story. Read on to find out who made the list and who topped it.

List Of All BNA Characters, Ranked

1. Michiru Kagemori

Michiru Kagemori - best Brand New Animal: bna characters

The BNA: Brand New Animal series has Michiru Kagemori as its main character.

She used to be a high school student before she turned into a beastman from a human.She and Nazuna are the first ones to do that.

Michiru has a big heart, courage, and enthusiasm. She loves both humans and beastmen and hates violence against anyone. She doesn’t care if they are bad people or terrorists.

Michiru will even risk her life to save her friends. She is also very stubborn and strong-willed, and she doesn’t let others influence her easily. She works hard to reach her goals.

2. Shirou Ogami

Shirou Ogami - best Brand New Animal: bna characters

The BNA: Brand New Animal series has Shirou Ogami as its second main character. He is a Wolf Beastman and a social worker. He is also the first and original Ginrou.

Shirou hates humans and fights for Beast men’s rights. He takes care of Michiru Kagemori, the main character, in the series.

Shirou is quiet and serious. He loves being a beastman and cares for his people. He likes living with them and gets emotional when they have a party for Anima City’s tenth birthday.

Shirou hates humans and will do anything to stop them from hurting Anima City. He thinks beastmen who work for humans are traitors.

He changes his mind about humans a little after he meets Michiru Kagemori. She is a human girl who turned into a strong tanuki beastman by accident.

3. Nazuna Hiwatashi

Nazuna Hiwatashi - best Brand New Animal: bna characters

The BNA anime series has Nazuna Hiwatashi (日渡 なずな) as its third main character.

She used to be a high school student and Michiru Kagemori’s best friend. She was also the second Ginrou and the guru Déesse Louve of the Silver Wolf Order.

Before she turned into a beastman, Nazuna loved Michiru as a friend and wanted to be an idol.

Nazuna didn’t talk much in the flashbacks, but she seemed to be a nice and happy character. She was more shy, girly and quiet than Michiru. She might have wished to be more friendly like Michiru.

Nazuna turned into a strange beastman like Michiru because of a blood transfusion with special blood. Boris Cliff taught her how to shapeshift better. She could shapeshift into other animals and become the second Ginrou.

4. Marie Itami

Marie Itami - best Brand New Animal: bna characters

Marie Itami is a character in the BNA Brand new animal anime series. She is a Mink Beastman and knows a lot about Anima City and its people. She has the appearance of a weasel or a mongoose.

Marie helps Michiru many times and shows her how to live in Anima City.

Marie is very smart, tricky, clever, and selfish. She always wants something in return when she helps others. She doesn’t care much about her friends and uses them to get what she wants.

Marie loves money and greed motivates her. But she is not all bad.

She helps Michiru when she is in trouble and teaches her about the tough life of Anima City.

She is like a strict parent who lets Michiru learn from her mistakes. But Michiru becomes stronger because of that.

Marie was very important for Michiru’s adjustment to the city.

5. Jackie

Jackie - best Brand New Animal: bna characters

Jackie is a character in BNA: Brand New Animal anime who is a Bear Beastman. She plays baseball on the Bears Baseball Team.

Jackie is not very smart and loses money easily. She falls for tricks that promise her money.

But she is friendly and loves her baseball team. She is a good leader for them.

Jackie is always happy, lively, and cheerful. She also likes to eat a lot and nothing can stop her.

Overall, Jackie is a comedy character in BNA that makes the show more hilarious and lighthearted.

6. Alan Sylvasta

Alan Sylvasta

Alan Sylvasta (アラン・シルヴァスタ Aran Shiruvasuta) is one of the main villain characters of BNA: Brand New Animal.

He used to be the boss of Sylvasta Pharmaceuticals. He used his power to hurt regular beastmen and make pureblood beastmen rule the world.

Alan also made humans and beastmen fight each other for his benefit. But Shirou stopped his evil plan.

Alan is cool, calm, and bossy. His staff listen to him a lot as they fear him. However, he can also be fun and easygoing sometimes.

Alan thinks he is better than other beastmen because he is purebred. He is very mean and sneaky inside. He wanted to control humans and beastmen by making them hate each other.

7. Nina Flip

Nina Flip

Nina Flip (ニナ・フリップ Nina Furippu) is a minor character in BNA: Brand New Animal. She is Giuliano Flip’s daughter and a dolphin Beastman.

She goes to junior high school in the beast city.

Nina is happy, outgoing, and a bit silly. She wants to live like a human in the mainland. So she uses human social media and gained human frieneds secretly.

One day, her human friend Lisa invited her to a party. Nina has fun at the party and meets new people. She is proud of her beastman form and shows it off.

However, her “friend” Lisa locks her up in a tank and almost suffocated Nina to death. Luckily for her, Michiru uses her beastman powers to save Nina.

8. Giuliano Flip

Giuliano Flip

Guiliano Flip (ジュリアーノ・フリップ Juriāno Furippu) is a character in BNA: Brand New Animal. He leads The Family, a bad gang in Anima City. He is a beluga whale Beastman.

Guiliano is mean and violent, and he bosses people around. He doesn’t talk much, but he scares everyone with his look.

Guiliano kills his subordinates if they don’t do their job. He hates humans and wanted to fight them when his daughter ran away.

But Giuliano is also nice and loving sometimes. He loves his daughter, Nina Flip, very much. He ALWAYS protects her from danger.

Giuliano gives her many gifts when he comes home. But he is also a tough parent and locks Nina in the house when he saw she liked human music.

9. Boris Cliff

Boris Cliff

Boris Cliff (ボリス・クリフ, Borisu kurifu) is a character in BNA: Brand New Animal. He trained Nazuna Hiwatashi and led the Silver Wolf Order cult.

Boris is cold, smart, and sneaky. He used Jackie’s witch trial to get more people for the cult and to find a place for the cult in the Slums.

Boris is also creepy and touches Nazuna like his toy to help the cult. He even tries to hurt her when he gets sick from the Nirvasyl Syndrome after she leaves him.

He might have liked her in a bad way and wanted to do bad things to her when he got corrupted with the syndrome.

10. Rose Barbaray

Rose Barbaray - best Brand New Animal: bna characters

Barbara Rose (バルバレイ・ロゼ Barubarei Roze) is a character in BNA: Brand New Animal. She used to be Natalia but later changed her name at some point in her life.

Barbara is the mayor and creator of Anima City and a naked mole-rat Beastman. She is smart and kind, but she always looks serious.

She is one of the few people who knew Michiru is a human-beast hybrid. However, she doesn’t discriminate and only tries to help.

She always watches Michiru and Shirou and worries about them like a caring mother.

11. Satou


Sato is a very minor villain character in BNA: Brand New Animal. He is in episodes one and two.

He is a canine beastman, like a fox or dog. We don’t know much about Sato, but he does criminal things for money. He is mean and talks big, and is also nervous and crazy.

Shirou put an end to his villainy and ended Satou’s story right in the second episode.

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