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Superman Vs Goku – Risolviamo quest'ultima volta

Superman vs goku is undeniably the most controversial versus topic that people still can’t agree on to this day. Some say Goku would win some say Superman would. Today I’m going to finally give you a proper and reliable answer. On January 19, 2013 the famous versus channel Death battle released the infamous video “Superman Vs Goku.” The video got so much controversy and backlash that they had to make a rematch.

superman vs goku - Deathbattle

In Both vidoes Superman won and the fact is that video was largely biased towards Superman and the channel’s knowledge on Dragon Ball was passable. But that doesn’t change the end result. Do you want to know who would win in a fight to the death? It would be none other than The Man Of Steel.

Superman contro Goku

Before you call me a biased Superman fanboy and click off the article I want you to hear me out. First of all we need to clear a lot of Superman misconceptions.

Superman vs Goku – Power Level

With the first being that Superman is only continental level. That is far from the truth. Just like Goku superman can easily destroy planets with a few punches and it’s been stated by other characters in the DC universe.

In this comic page Superman destroyed a planet and with ease actually. He did it as if it was child’s play. Another factor is that a lot of the things that Goku has been said to do haven’t been proven; they are just statements said by other characters and not much evidence of him being able to accomplish all the feats he is said to be capable of.

Brute Strength

Let’s consider brute strength. When it comes to this factor everyone will automatically assume goku because he is universal. That is far from the truth because superman’s strength is limitless. His strength is infinite.

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Superman vs Goku - Brute Strength - book of infinite pages

In this Panel Superman was lifting a book with infinite pages. A book made up of infinite pages all composing the sample space in reality. And superman was able to lift that, though Shazam was there to help him he was limited to his own ability. So let’s say what is the half of infinity? It’s infinite. And here is another controversial proof of Superman’s strength being infinite.

Superman vs Goku - planet busters

This page show’s Superman destroying a multiverse. In the Dc Universe the Multiverse is a combination of Infinite Universes. To fully destroy a multiverse you would have to break infinity. That doesn’t even make sense for Superman to do because Infinity is never ending. But he did it because… he is Superman.

That debunks the claim’s saying that Superman isn’t even strong enough to hurt Goku but as I have shown that Is far from the truth because Superman doesn’t exactly have a limit to his strength. And to counter the claim that Goku put universes at risk in a fight.

Multiversal Damage

Superman once fought another version of himself from another universe. In that battle they weren’t just putting universes at risk their battle was reshaping and altering reality itself. I’m no scientist but you definitely have to be at least multiversal.

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Another feat to show that Superman is multiversale.

Superman once punched Braniac so hard that other infinite versions of braniac felt the punch. Let me restate that. In the multiverse everyone has an infinite number of versions of themselves. And when Superman punched Braniac every single version of him felt the punch. 

Another thing to note is that Superman’s heat vision repaired a whole into reality so it is able to hurt goku.

Superman vs Goku – Speed

Now let’s talk about speed. Superman’s exact speed has never been stated but we do know that he is slightly slower than the Flash who has been able to run through time and reality itself.

Superman phased through attacks meaning he was moving his body so fast that the attack went right through him. Goku is incredibly fast but moving fast and moving your body fast down to the molecular level are two completely different things. We haven’t seen goku being able to phase through objects. This means a lot of Goku’s attacks won’t be able to harm Superman.

Superman vs Goku – Durability

Let’s talk about durability for a second. Superman in this issue was beaten and in an incredibly weak state. At that state he survived an atomic explosion. The dude was beaten with blood everywhere and yet he still survived an atomic explosion.  Goku also survived a similar explosion (of planet Namek), but to be more precise, he escaped. He didn’t endure it.

Superman also flew into the center of a red sun which is basically taking rapid nukes. He absorbed enough energy to vaporize a solar system.

Superman vs Goku - Durability

Superman also held a blackhole that would swallow the universe with his bare hands. Do I even need to tell you how much strength and durability you need to have for that?


Goku is a powerful being an extremely powerful being as a matter of fact. But superman is on a whole other level. The entire story behind Goku is about a man trying to overcome his limits while for Superman it is a man without limits trying to be accepted by the world that he is trying to protect. Superman isn’t meant to be relatable, he is meant to be sopraffatto. We aren’t fully supposed to see ourselves in him but appreciate the character he is. While we are supposed to relate to Goku. We are supposed to see ourselves within him Dragon Ball is meant to teach how to overcome your limits while Superman’s story focuses more on finding humanity within yourself. Superman isn’t meant to lose because he will always find a way superman is meant to be the strongest there is.

Superman is the power level meter for all fictional characters to follow. Every character is compared to Superman in terms of power. Goku vs Superman, Hulk vs Superman, one punch man vs superman. He is the bar that all powerful fictional characters are compared to. Superman is ridiculously overpowered but in a good way, he doesn’t belong in versus battles like these, he is the standard of all powerful characters.

Goku’s story will always be about overcoming limits while Superman is a being with no limitations to his abilities.

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  1. You never stated weaknesses on any character. You, NEED, to state weaknesses if you are doing a debate. Here is an example, ghost rider vs punisher. If you say that ghost rider’s penance stare can kill him instantly because of the sins that he has committed, then you are wrong. You need to state the weaknesses of the ability. From the comics, if the being has no soul, or does nor regret their sins, or has more than to eyes, or is too innocent, they the ability will not work. Below, it will say all of the weaknesses that superman has from the comic books. (There may be more weaknesses)

    High gravity (it effects him physically)
    Different atmospheres (he may become weak, or die)
    His own super enhanced hearing (screeches, loud noises, etc. May cause his ears to bleed, which can cause his head to explode)
    Strong forces (hawk man knocked superman out because of how strong the force of his punch was)
    Chi (or ki from dragon ball)
    Red suns
    Magic (you can use magic to stall, send superman to a different atmosphere, or trap him in a pocket dimension)

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