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Yu yu Hakusho Ghost files-an old anime but I found it very interesting. Not many people have even heard of this anime unfortunately.

About Yu yu Hakusho

The manga was written by the same author as the famous anime hunter x hunter.
It was adapted into an anime back in 1995.
The anime has a very catchy opening song. It has 112 episodes so it is not too long or too short.


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Initially it starts with the main character Urameshi, a typical  high school delinquent, who fights a lot and is hated by the other students. However he has a few friends who provide him support.

Eventually, he dies and becomes a spirit. However, he is then brought back to life by Koenma sama. Thus his link between the spirit realm and human realm got established. It was quite a big twist in the story and then it becomes amazing. He becomes a spirit detective capable of fighting yokai.

Each character has their own special techniques and the fights are pretty cool.

They all have to go on missions too. It is interesting to see the development of each character through the story. Each character has a female character close to them so we can see their relationship growing. Naturally, there were many funny moments involving this.

After completing each mission, the heroes grow stronger and are ready to take on more amazing foes. The villains challenge the characters to surpass their limits.

After watching, the anime has given me a feeling which I have not felt before. I would definitely recommend Yu yu Hakusho as it has amazing action scenes packed with humor and entertainment. I was laughing as well as on the edge of my seat due to the suspenses.

Many unexpected things happen which makes the show become very interesting.

Spirit energy

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Spirit energy(reiki) is the foundation of this anime and each character has their own special ability which is based on their spirit energy. Some characters can form a sword or a gun from their spirit energy. This makes the fights interesting as each character has different powers.

Main Characters

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Koenma is the leader of the spirit world. His appearance changes sometimes during the anime. This character looks like a baby sometimes. His antics make us feel thoroughly entertained. Honestly he is one of the main reasons for the anime’s humor.

Yusuke Urameshi

Urameshi is the main character of the story. After being able to use his spirit energy his power keeps increasing with every fight. He undergoes rigorous training to improve his abilities under master genkai. This brings about a change in him.

Toguro Brothers

Younger Toguro is the main villain of the story in the initial arc. He is capable of fighting by increasing the size of his muscles. When Urameshi sees his power he is shocked after which he underwent training to become stronger. This forms a main turning point in the story.

Yukimura keiko

Yukimura is the female lead character in the anime and is urameshi’s girlfriend.
Although this anime is a shounen anime it does not neglect the role of the female characters. This is what makes it much better. She provides support to Yusuke throughout the anime.


The anime does not seem outdated even though it is quite old. The action packed scenes along with the humor and suspense make this anime amazing. The depth of the female lead characters make this much more than just a typical shounen anime. I strongly recommend watching this anime.

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