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10+ meilleurs personnages de Gleipnir classés selon leur popularité

Gleipnir is a popular anime and manga series. It has many interesting and unique characters. Some are heroes, some are villains, and some are in between. But who are the most popular Gleipnir characters?

In this article, we will list 10+ of them according to their popularity. We’ll also explain why their fans adore them so much. If you are a Gleipnir fan or want to know more about this series, read on!

List Of The Best Gleipnir Characters, Ranked

1. Clair Aoki

Clair Aoki - best Gleipnir Characters

The main female character of the Gleipnir series is Clair Aoki. She is a young girl who wants to find her sister, who has turned into a monster.

She joins forces with Shuichi Kagaya, another monster, to help her in her quest.

Clair has a troubled personality. She saw her sister kill her family as a monster, but no one trusted her. After all, monster’s aren’t real as far as normal people are concerned. So, she felt hopeless and tried to end her life.

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But Shuichi saved her in his monster form. She learns that monsters are real and decides to find her sister.

2. Chihiro Yoshioka

Chihiro Yoshioka

Chihiro Yoshioka is a member of Sayaka Koyanagi’s group. She is a kind girl who has a lot in common with Shuichi Kagaya.

She loves animals and wants to be a vet. In her monster form, she has fox ears that let her hear and feel what animals do.

When she fuses with Shuichi Kagaya, her body shape stays the same, but it turns black/brown with white lines on it. They have sharp claws on their arms and legs, and their arms get longer and wider.

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They also have two tails in this form. In this form, they are very fast, agile, and strong and can fight well against stronger foes.

3. Shuuichi Kagaya

Shuuichi Kagaya - best Gleipnir Characters

The main male character of Gleipnir series is Shuichi Kagaya. He can turn into a dog-like monster. He helps Clair Aoki find her sister and her parents’ killers.

Shuichi is smart, shy, and kind at the start of the story. He gets good grades and helps his classmates.

However, he is scared and confused by his monster power and wants to live a normal life. But as the story goes on, he changes a lot.

Shuichi becomes more serious, cold, and brave. He accepts his power and tries to make it better. He is still kind and helpful, but he does not care much about himself and is ready to risk his life for others.

4. Elena Aoki

Elena Aoki

Elena Aoki is Clair Aoki’s older sister, who became a monster and killed their parents. She is not stable emotionally.

She likes Shuichi Kagaya and acts shy and nervous around him. But she also wants him for herself and tries to kill anyone who gets in her way.

She made Shuichi into a monster suit that she could wear by going inside him like Clair does.

She is crazy and violent, and she has killed many people. Elena can turn into a dark, ghost-like creature with long hair. She is very strong and can tear off Shuichi Kagaya’s head easily. She can also turn into ash-like matter to create her monster shape.

Elena scares Shuichi a lot. He feels terrified when she touches him. He thinks he is not as strong as her.

5. Alien

Alien - best Gleipnir Characters

Alien is a space creature who wants to find his friends, who turned into coins after a crash. He is one of the most important characters in Gleipnir, as everything that happens is because of him. He can make any wish come true if you bring him a coin.

Alien is from another planet, but he looks like a young man with light brown hair and gray eyes. He left his planet when it got polluted and traveled in space until it got clean.

But his ship broke down and fell to Earth. He was looking for the coins, which were his friends in disguise.

Alien can change his shape by getting the DNA of what he wants to be. He got his current shape from a mattress where he lives. He can also change into Claire.

Alien can use this power to change others too. He calls this “Granting Wishes”. We don’t know how he does this.

Alien has a Monster Form that he used once in the past. This form looks like Tadanori’s monster form. It is tall, black, and has blade-like arms.

6. Nana Mifune

Nana Mifune

Nana Mifune is a friend of Shuichi Kagaya. She has long brown hair that is messy and dark brown eyes.

Nana is kind and smart, and she is one of the best female characters in Gleipnir. However, as a minor character, she doesn’t get much screen time.

Nana knew she got the college recommendation because Shuichi Kagaya said no to it. She has a crush on Shuichi and wanted to help him when he seemed sad. She tried to talk to him and see what was wrong.

While she never came to know the existence of “monsters”, her words encouraged Shuichi to be the hero who saves the world.

7. Tadanori Sanbe

Tadanori Sanbe - best Gleipnir Characters

Tadanori Sanbe is a monster who goes to Yamakita University. He is in the second year and helps Shuichi Kagaya and Clair Aoki.

Tadanori is a martial artist who follows a strict code of honor. He thinks that fighting a woman is wrong. He learned many martial arts but none of them made him strong enough.

Tadanori got his power from the Alien, but he did not care about the coins. He only wanted to fight other monsters to test his strength.

Tadanori can turn into a big monster with a skull-like head and arms with blades. He can make his muscles and strength bigger whenever he wants. He uses his strength and martial arts to make a new martial art for his form.

Tadanori can do a special attack where he bends his back and puts his arms on the ground. Then he snaps forward and slams his arms, making a huge hole in the ground.

8. Hikawa


Hikawa was once a regular female character in Gleipnir who ended up becoming a monster working for the Alien. She collected coins for him.

Hikawa was a nice girl before, but she lost her place on the running team. She was sad and hopeless because she needed a sports scholarship.

She got a coin and made a wish. Her wish made her faster and changed her arms and legs. Her new legs made her run faster and kick harder. That was how she fought.

She got back on the running team, but she started to change. She did not want anyone to see the monster side of her. So, she looked for another coin in order to wish again. She was willing to kill for it.

9. Sayaka Koyanagi

Sayaka Koyanagi - best Gleipnir Characters

Sayaka Koyanagi is a girl who leads a group of Collectors. They want to get a hundred coins for the Alien.

Before becoming a collector, Sayaka loved a female teacher, but the teacher was not sure about their relationship.

Sayaka told a friend, but the friend told everyone, and the teacher killed herself. Sayaka felt betrayed and did not trust anyone after that.

She knew what she wanted and got a “wish” from the Alien. Her power makes people keep secrets about her and her friends. She puts a string of her hair around their neck, which they can’t see or feel. If they tell any secrets, the string will choke them to death.

10. Honoka


Honoka was a friend of Shuichi Kagaya and Elena Aoki in their class. She is responsible for the Coin Hunt game.

Honoka was a nice and helpful girl. She cared about others more than herself and gave up her own identity for her friends. She thought no one would miss her if she was gone.

Honoka was also innocent and optimistic. She did not think that the coin game could make people wish for bad things. Kaito said she liked Naoto, but he is crazy and lies a lot, so we don’t know if that is true.

Kaito killed her because of a misunderstanding. However, after realizing his mistake, he brought her back to life, but she became a bad monster/horror who wanted to end the world. She undoubtedly became one of the villainous characters in the Gleipnir series.

11. Kaito

Kaito - best Gleipnir Characters

Kaito is the primary villain character of the Gleipnir series. He collects coins and has his own group.

He was in the same class and friends with Shuichi Kagaya, Elena Aoki, Honoka, Naoto, and Aiko.

Kaito was happy and excited before Honoka (his old friend) disappeared. But he killed Honoka because he thought she killed Aiko.

Kaito was sad and guilty after that. He felt worse when he learned that Aiko had killed herself. He was wrong about Honoka. This made him crazy and emotionless.

Kaito became a guy who only liked negative feelings and hate. He talks in a weird and scary way. He can’t die, and this makes him more proud and crazy.

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