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Les 10 romans légers d'Isekai les plus populaires que vous devez lire!

Everyone dreams of getting isekai-ed into a fantasy world and the isekai genre light novels and anime are very popular. In this article, we will be taking a look at the Top 10 Isekai Light Novels to read. Although there are many good anime adaptations of isekai genre, almost all of them skip on some…

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13 meilleurs mangas romantiques qui vous feront vous sentir tout chaud et flou à l'intérieur!

We used Anime Planet ratings as a way to find the most loved romance manga for those who love a good love story. Romance manga isn’t a rare nor it is an unexplored genre. However, it can be hard to find the next great manga to read. But, that’s why we are to help you…

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Top 10 des mangas comme le nivellement en solo avec une intrigue / des personnages principaux similaires

Every manga and manhwa reader would know this title: Solo Leveling! Anybody who has read it would naturally crave for more manhwa/manga like Solo leveling, because it is THAT good!! Which is why I’m writing this article to qwell the thirst of my fellow manga readers (^^) Solo Leveling has become increasingly popular among modern…