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Wie stark ist Saitama von One Punch Man?

Saitama is our bald hero from One Punch Man who is insanely powerful. He can defeat any and all villains with just his fist and a single punch. However, during the fight with Boros, we saw that it took more than just a single punch for him to win. So just how strong is Saitama from One Punch Man?

Is he really the strongest anime character there is? Or does he have any secret weakness that makes him very mortal? Let’s find out in this detailed analysis of Saitama’s feats.

So join me as I compile all of the strengths and weaknesses of One Punch Man’s MC.

Saitama’s Best Feats

Saitama Kunststücke

As I mentioned before, in the One Punch Man universe, Saitama is the strongest. He is written to overpower anyone in the universe.

However, this kind of plot armor means nothing in a fight with MCs from other universes.

Daher werfen wir in diesem Abschnitt des Artikels einen Blick auf die besten Leistungen von Saitama (as of early 2023), was als Rang seiner Stärke angesehen wird.

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  • Saitama mühelos gesprungen von the moon to Erde.
  • Was unfazed by the force of the black hole.
  • Er nahm eine Planetplatzender Schlag als wäre es nichts.
  • He has noch nie gewesen verwundet in jedem seiner Kämpfe.
  • Gepoppt Jupiter mit seinem niesen.
  • He matched Boros’ Geschwindigkeit laufen effortlessly, despite the fact that he was rückwärts gehen.
  • Er zerstörte a Meteor mit einer normal schlagen.
  • Saitama konnte a werfen stadtgroßes debree into space so fast that Garou couldn’t react.
  • High reaction speed: He was able to catch a stone that was thrown at almost the Lichtgeschwindigkeit.

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Saitamas Angriffskraft

From the above examples, we can determine that his power is wenigstens solar system level. Meaning, he definitely has more than enough power to Pop-Planeten wie ein Ballon.

However, what’s interesting about him is that his strength keeps increasing exponentially. This was clearly shown during his fight with cosmic Garou.

As Garou tried to copy his “limitlessness”, Saitama’s power surpassed his own exponentially.

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It is also mentioned multiple times in the manga that he has “broken the limiter” that limits humans. In short, we can assume that Saitama is stronger than anything because of his limitless power and potential.

Saitamas Geschwindigkeit

Wir können höchstens sagen, dass er es ist schneller als die Lichtgeschwindigkeit. Post-training, he was easily able to block Tausendfüßler-Garou nach dem Weisen‘s attacks. To put it in perspective, Post-Sage Garou was so fast he eine gewaltige Konstellation geschaffen in gerade 1,3 Millisekunden.

However, we still don’t know if that is Saitama’s top speed or if he can be faster than that.

Saitama’s Stamina & Durability

Saitama is strong in both offense and defense. He probably übertrifft alle im Haltbarkeit Kategorie. Nach dem Training hat sich nie gezeigt, dass er sich verletzt hat. Verdammt, er hat nicht einmal einen Kratzer abbekommen, nachdem er einen Angriff abbekommen hat Tausendfüßler-Garou nach dem Weisen. Bis zum heutigen Tag weiß niemand, was die Grenze des Schlagens ist, die Saitama aushalten kann.

Saitama is also said to have starke Willenskraft das macht ihn beständig zu psychisch und andere Geist basierte Angriffe.

Similarly, Saitama has never been out of breath. He never sweats or pants in the middle of a fight. Therefore, we can assume that he has almost infinite stamina surging within him.

So overall, Saitama’s stamina and durability are off the charts, making it pretty believeable that Saitama might really have boundless stamina and durability.

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Saitama's Schwächen


While Saitama may be strong and possess several superhuman feats, one should not forget that he is still a human. There are certainly limits to his capabilities. Below are some of the weaknesses of the invincible One Punch Man.

  • Benötigt Sauerstoff. When Boros blasts him off to the moon, Saitama casually says, “Will holding my breath do it?” Meaning he still needs oxygen. But of course, his lung capacity is probably insanely huge, so it will take a decent amount of time for him to run out of air.
  • Mangel an Techniken and training in martial arts This was identified by Garou.
  • Er can’t take a fight seriously and probably will end up taking the first few hits because he doesn’t care either way.
  • Might be vulnerable to reality-bending abilities. While our bald hero has insane physical attack and defense, he might not be very resistant to hax abilities that bend reality itself.
  • No Hax. Saitama does not possess any skills or abilities other than brute strength. So enemies who are resistant to physical damage or those who can use magic to evade them will be troublesome opponents for Saitama.
  • His strength is mimicable. Saitama’s limitless strength may be amazing, but it is still copyable. This was evident when Garou was able to break his limit and copy Saitama’s limitlessness in just a week. But Garou lost simply because his potential was lower than that of our bald hero. However, if someone copies his limitlessness, trains them, and unlocks their potential, that could mean a threat to Saitama.

Saitama has a few other weaknesses which I have detailed in Dieser Beitrag, where I’ve listed ten of his greatest drawbacks. Check it out if you have a couple of minutes to spare.

That’s it for this post. You just read through all of Saitama’s current feats, his strengths and his weaknesses.

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