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Top 10 Anime about Cars You Must Watch

You don’t see many people talking about Car related anime. The popularity around such anime is so scarce that most newbie anime fans don’t even know they exist. Yet they very much exist. And in this post, we’ll be talking about the “Top 10 Anime about Cars”.

This list includes OVAs, movies, car racing anime from the 80’s/90’s and a few mordern anime series related to cars. But rest assured, the top 5 titles in this list are the best of the best in this genre.

10. Next A-Class

Next A-Class

Here we have a short and exciting Anime film, one that centers around three young ’uns chasing a rather flashy-looking truck. From start to finish, the entire film lasts only 6 mins. Yeah, you heard that right. It’s only 6 minutes. So if you are looking for a fun ride to instantly watch right now, this might be it.

The story takes place in the middle of a jarring traffic jam. A young woman is walking in the city, wondering what to do next, when suddenly a truck passes right before her eyes. She is drawn in by the loud music and flashy decorations and just like that, as she seeks to go after it, she runs into two young boys. Together they chase after the truck in their latest A-Class Mercedes-Benz.

9. Tailenders

Tailenders - anime about cars

This one is an episode-long Anime film, and it offers the viewer some extremely colorful visuals. 

The story begins with a formidable racer ending up in a serious accident where he almost lost his life. Fortunately, he was saved by a genius scientist. But you know there is a catch when scientists are involved. His life was saved, but his heart was replaced with the engine of his car. 

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However, because of this, he also loses his ability to participate in Racing competitions. Why? Because, now he is seen merely as a mechanical part. Be that as it may, on a faraway planet, he finally finds the opportunity to race yet again. 

8. Bakusou Kyoudai Let’s & GoAnime About Remote Controlled Cars

Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go - anime with remote controlled cars

As Kids, most of us grew up with shows like Beyblade, Pokemon, Inazuma Eleven. But if you are someone who grew up while playing with remote-controlled cars, this anime might be for you. It may very well create that strange yet priceless feeling of nostalgia that one experiences when they relive a moment from their childhood. 

The plot and the execution are quite straightforward, the story follows two kids who receive the Mini 4wd racing cars from a certain Doctor, and from there on out, the two of them: train, customize their cars, improvise, and even go on to participate in the “Japan Cup” where only the best of all races gather together to compete for the top.

7. F (Formula-1 – Engines On The Track)

F (Formula-1 - Engines On The Track)

The name of this anime comprises of a single letter “F,” and it’s a really old, classic anime about cars from the 80s. It is nowhere near as popular as your average classic, but the story does more than enough to warrant your attention.

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It follows Gunma Akagi, he is a teenager from the countryside who never stops causing a ruckus with his enhanced tractor, even though his father, who is an aspiring politician, always pushes him to set a good example. 

And then one night, Gunma’s life takes a different turn when he tries to compete with a car on a highway with his tractor. He fails… but uses this failure as fuel to burn his passion and seek a life as a racer.  

6. Future GPX Cyber Formula

uture GPX Cyber Formula

Here we have yet another classic, this time from the early 90s. This series tells us the story of a 14-year-old young boy named Kazami Hayato, he is the youngest racer to ever participate in a competition called Cyber Formula. However, something is interesting about this competition, each vehicle is equipped with customized computers that help the racers up their racing game, exponentially.

So, with the help of his car Asurada, and his partner Sugo, he plans on claiming the 10th Cyber formula grand Prix. There’ll be obstacles, lessons, realizations, but Kazami will make his dream happen. 

5. Appare RanmanAnime About Cars In 19th Centuary

Appare Ranman - car racing in the 19th centuary

Compared to all of the other anime on this list, Appare Ranman is fairly new considering how it only just came out last year. 

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The story revolves around a young engineer named Appare who lives in a small rural town in Japan back in the early 19th century. 

He can make pretty much all kinds of machines, though nobody in his town really gets his strange fascination for inventing. As a matter of fact, he is hated for it.

The protagonist of this anime kinda gives you Senku vibes, if you’ve watched Dr.Stone. He’s logical and tries solve things in his head.

Things happen, and he sort of ends up in the middle of Los Angeles together with his samurai friend. There Appare decides to participate in the “Trans-America Wild Race.” Now, how will a young Japanese fare against all these Top Racers that the World has to offer? 

Things are about to get Exciting!

Also, check out this post about Appare Ranman, where I’ve given it a brief introduction and listed some of its quotes.

4. Wangan Midnight

Wangan Midnight - anime about car

Now the Anime so far have all been shounen, so let’s spice things up with a seinen.

This story stems from the actual street racing that happens on Tokyo’s shuto expressway, which is by far the longest and the straightest road in the country. However, it’s not made exclusively for racing. There are a lot of heavy trucks and other kinds of traffic that make street racing on this road quite arduous and risky. 

The main character is a third-year high school student who, one day, races against a doctor and fails miserably. He vows to be faster and overcome this man. So he goes to a junkyard in order to buy parts for his car when he comes across a glistening and prestigious car in the Junkyard. He wonders why such a beauty is here of all places, and then passionately buys it. 

Now, what mysteries lie behind the car? And how will this young man defeat that young doctor in their regular battles for supremacy? 

Find out in this legendary car racing anime!

3. Capeta

capeta - go kart anime

Capeta is an excellent anime about cars that can be enjoyed by both Shounen and Car racing fans alike. 

The protagonist named Capeta lost his mother at quite a young age. He ended up trying to be independent as an elementary school student to reduce the burden on his father. However, despite the tough act he puts in front of his father, Capeta is still just a kid. and the bullying at school eventually started getting to him.

Until one day, when his delightful father gets inspired by young go-kart racers and decides to create one for his son.

Capeta sneaks into his father’s workplace to see what he is up to, only to come across a homemade go-kart built from discarded parts and with Capeta’s name written on it. It does lack an engine and is kinda worn out, but it is still functional. 

 Just like that, he ignores the weather, takes the car out with him, and lets this become his new obsession. Gone were the days when he was bored and depressed with life. 

This was a new beginning!

2. RedlineBest Anime Movie With Cars

Redline - car race anime

“Redline” is about as close the anime medium has ever gotten to a pure, thrilling racing experience, one that just fills you with adrenaline, gets your blood pumping, and makes you want to get out, press the accelerator and let all that speed accumulate.

Produced by Madhouse, this anime film is a surreal experience. It has insanely glorious visuals, epic soundtracks, and does almost everything right!

The story revolves around this exhilarating race that takes place every five years. It’s by far the most anticipated competition and the appeal of this race is that there are No rules

I’d say, if you want to experience the absolute best of anime racing, this anime film has got you covered. 

1. Initial DMost Famous Anime About Car Racing

Initial D - best anime about cars

“Initial D” is handsdown the best anime about cars and racing. It is by far the biggest Car-Racing Anime franchise of all time. It has a total of 5 seasons and a few movies.

It’s an epic story that is conveyed over the course of multiple installments, with each season bringing some thrilling street race battles!

The story follows Takumi Fujiwara, whose friends are always going crazy over car racing. Meanwhile he couldn’t care less. Most of it is because since he is a son of a Tofu shop owner, he had to drive a lot in order to deliver all that Tofu, which lead him to make not so amusing memories with cars. 

However, what’s amazing about him is the fact that he drives faster than anybody on downhills in an old 86-Trueno car.

But then one night, when a team of infamous street racers called “Red Suns” visits their town, Fujiwara was put in the spot to race them. This marked the beginning of his life as a street racer.

He slowly begins to get captivated by the art of racing and begins to find it fun.

Now how will the story progress from here on out? Watch it and find out!

So, there you go guys, these were the “Top 10 Anime about cars”. 

You are going to have one hell of a good time watching these gems.

That’s all folks! 

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