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20+ Most Popular Haikyuu Ships/Couples List + Poll

Haikyuu is without a doubt one the most popular sports anime of all time!  It is also safe to say that it has one of the largest fandom in the anime and otaku community. Today’s post is going to about some of the most popular Haikyuu ships that are loved by Haikyuu fans. Best Haikyuu…

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Haikyuu Quotes From To The Top Part 2

Haikyuu quotes from the following characters: Tanaka, Ryuunosuke Nishinoya, Yuu Kita, Shinsuke Takeda Sensei Best Haikyuu To The Top Quotes! Tanaka Quotes Haikyuu to the top part 2 was more focused on Tanaka than usual. This is because they wanted to emphasize how Tanaka contributed to the team in his own way. He wasn’t a…