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Top 20 Strongest Chimera Ants in Hunter x Hunter Ranked

In this article, let’s take a look at the strongest chimera ants from the HxH anime series. Hunter X Hunter is the most popular adventure anime series that was created by Yoshihiro Togashi. The series first aired on Fuji TV and the Funimation channel in 1999. This series has great world-building and fascinating characters. The […]

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The Brilliance of Nen in Hunter x Hunter

The world of Hunter x Hunter created by Yosihiro Togashi is one that’s fascinating. From it’s strange environs to it’s deep and motivated characters, all of it blends together in a nice package. However there’s one element to Togashi’s writing that elevates and distinguishes it beyond pretty much any other story. That element, as you […]

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Top Ten Anime Battles That Were Beyond Amazing

One of the best things about anime are its fight scenes. We’ve been seeing the animators pushing the lines, making each and every moment of an anime fight epic ever since the 1980’s. Naturally, over the past few decades, there have been thousands of memorable, great fight scenes. Of all of them, here are my […]

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Top 10 Shounen Anime You Must Watch!

There are a lot of shounen anime to watch but among them there are ones with great backstories, powers, quotes, fight scenes and amazing graphics and designs. Here is a list of the new gen top ten shounen anime everyone should watch. List Of 10 Best Shounen Anime For You To Watch 1. Attack on […]