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25+ Hottest Harem Anime You Must Definitely Watch!

The anime industry has a lot of different genres, and one of them is “harem.” Here, we get to see several girls flocking around the MC and wants to be his romance partner. If you’re an otaku, you have surely tried to explore this genre. Now don’t tell me you didn’t senpai. There are also […]

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Anime Fanservice – Everything You Need To Know About Fan Service

Anime fan service is getting out of hand. Remember the days when people used to call Jiggle physics and Beach episodes fanservice? How cute? We were all so pure and innocent back then, weren’t we? I remember getting flustered seeing bikini scenes and awkward camera angles a few years ago, and here we are in […]

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Why Do Some People Hate Anime?

Anime is a popular form of entertainment enjoyed by people all over the globe. Chances are, you know someone who watches anime. Yet, anime has its haters, with some being very vocal about it. While some celebrate anime, others revile it and even bully those who like anime. Here are five reasons why some people […]