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The Top 5 Best Card Sleeves for YuGiOh! : A Complete Beginner’s Buying Guide

Whether you are a competitive player or a card collector, it is important to always keep your YuGiOh cards sleeved. This will help to keep them in perfect condition even as they undergo flipping, placing, and shuffling during duels and collecting. YuGiOh card sleeves are available in different sizes and styles, so it can be…

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Top 10 Rare Yugioh Cards That Are Worth Money

Due to the popularity of Yu-Gi-Oh since it came out in 1997, thousands of cards have been made. These include the different monsters, spells, and traps that are present in the game. However, most of these are not worth anything. That said, there are also a bunch of rare Yugioh cards that are worth a…