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Naruto Transformations: 10 Best Epic Forms Of Naruto In Order

All forms of Naruto – Naruto is one of the more popular anime that fans are crazy about. He is a Jinchuriki, which means that he has a tailed beast sealed within his body. In the case of Naruto, it was the nine-tailed beast called Kurama. As a result of that tailed beast, Naruto has…

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Top 10 Strongest Otsutsuki Clan Members

The Otsutsuki clan is the strongest entity in the entire Naruto series. One of their members first appeared at the climax of Naruto and was revealed to be the main villain who was controlling everything from the shadows.  They have been discussed much more thoroughly in the sequel to Naruto, “Boruto,” and more members of…

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Top 10 Shounen Anime You Must Watch!

There are a lot of shounen anime to watch but among them there are ones with great backstories, powers, quotes, fight scenes and amazing graphics and designs. Here is a list of the new gen top ten shounen anime everyone should watch. List Of 10 Best Shounen Anime For You To Watch 1. Attack on…