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The Big Three In MHA – All You Need To Know

The “Big Three” are the group of three powerful students in the MHA series. They get an enormous amount of love and popularity among the fans because of their likeable personalities and incredible powers. Just after their debut, they already get a lot more attention than most of the major characters in the series. However,…

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MHA Nomu And Its Types Explained – All You Need To Know

My Hero Academia is has some of the most powerful villains there is. The villains in this show has managed to mass produce hero killing machines known as “Nomu.” The introduction of these artificial beings changed the game for the anime as they were made way too powerful than most pro heroes. It was a…

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15+ Most Popular Female Characters In MHA

My Hero Academia is known for its amazing plots and well written characters. In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the most popular female characters in MHA. My Hero Academia has a whole lot of girls, be they villains, heroes or just normal civilians. It is pretty much impossible to…

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MHA Characters From Class 1A (List + Poll)

MHA characters from class 1A have great personalities and meaningful backstories, but which one is best out of all the students in Class 1A? MHA class 1A has a total of 20 students, eacch with unique personalities and abilities. In this article you will find the list of all class 1A students with a brief…

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Top Ten Most Powerful Quirks In My Hero Academia

There are several quirks in my hero academia. They are awesome and powerful. Each quirk has its own advantages and uses but among many, here are the top ten extremely powerful quirks as of now. 10. DECAY Decay allows the user to disintegrate almost anything that the user’s fingers touch. This quirk is quite powerful,…