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Bleach Squads – “The Gotei 13” – All You Need To Know

Bleach is one of the so-called “Big Three,” which includes Naruto and One Piece. Since its release, the anime has been appreciated by the fans. The Naruto anime covered the whole manga series and ended on a good note, and the One Piece adventure is still going on without any break! Despite being on par…

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Bleach Waifus: 25 Most Beautiful Female Characters From Bleach

As we all know, Bleach is one of the “Big Three” Shonen anime series, which includes Dragon Ball Z and One Piece. After being on a 9-year long hiatus, the anime is returning this October. The story will continue and finish the Thousand Years of Blood War Arc. Bleach has the best character designs for…

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Bleach TYBW: Thousand Years of Blood War – All You Need To Know

In early 2020, Tite Kubo, creator of Bleach and Shonen Jump, announced that the Bleach anime was going to return to complete its final “Thousand Years of Bloodwar Arc”. During the launch of the “Burn the Witch” anime, which will be a short-term series by Tite Kubo, fans were surprised by the following announcement, which…

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Top Ten Anime Battles That Were Beyond Amazing

One of the best things about anime are its fight scenes. We’ve been seeing the animators pushing the lines, making each and every moment of an anime fight epic ever since the 1980’s. Naturally, over the past few decades, there have been thousands of memorable, great fight scenes. Of all of them, here are my…