«Храбрец шести цветов» — 2 сезон: дата выхода, сюжет и многое другое!

Brave of the Six Flowers is a captivating anime series that took the anime community by storm. It had an enthralling storyline, charismatic characters, and stunning animation. As fans eagerly await its return, let’s delve into what we know about Brave of the Six Flowers Season 2.

Also known as “Rokka no Yuusha”, the anime is adapted from a light novel of the same name. With a popularity rank of #326 on MyAnimeList, this action-fantasy anime deserves a sequel.

However, it has been 8 years since the first season, and there is no news about its renewal. What’s really happening? Let’s find out!

Brave Of The Six Flowers Season 2 Overview

Название сезонаBrave Of The Six Flowers
Номер сезонаСезон 2
ЖанрAction, Adventure, Fantasy
Дата первоначального выпускаJuly 5, 2015
Rokka no YuushaДата выхода 2 сезонаБудет объявлено
Rokka no YuushaТома ранобэ 2 сезонаТом 2 и далее

Brave Of The Six Flowers Season 2 Release Date & Status

Brave Of The Six Flowers Season 2 Release Date & Status

The most pressing question on every fan’s mind is when we can expect Rokka no Yuusha 2 to grace our screens.

Unfortunately, as of September 2023, there had been no official confirmation regarding Brave of the Six Flowers 2’s release date.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting news from the production team, and the lack of updates has only intensified the anticipation.

The renewal status of an anime series often hinges on several factors, including its popularity, sales, and the availability of source material.

Brave of the Six Flowers garnered a dedicated fanbase and received positive reviews. It’s popularity is still good, but the blu-ray sales are low. This is why the renewal status remains unconfirmed.

However, it’s essential to remember that anime production can take time. In the past, even a decade after the first release, we’ve gotten sequels. So, while it might seem unlikely, there is a very slim chance of getting a second season.

Is there enough source material for Rokka no Yuusha 2?

Is there enough source material for Rokka no Yuusha 2?

One critical aspect of creating a new season is the availability of source material. In the case of Brave of the Six Flowers Season 2, there’s good news for fans.

Ishio Yamagata wrote a series of light novels, which served as the basis for the anime. There are a total of six volumes so far, with one additional spin-off volume.

The LN stopped updating after 2016, even though the story is unfinished.

However, the anime only covered one volume of the novel. This leaves us with five more volumes for future seasons.

This means that there’s plenty of material left for the production team to explore in Brave of the Six Flowers Season 2.

Fans can rest assured that the story can continue without running out of source material.

What Will Happen in Brave of the Six Flowers Season 2?

What Will Happen in Brave of the Six Flowers Season 2?

No official synopsis has been released for Brave Of The Six Flowers Season 2. However, fans can engage in speculation about what the upcoming season might hold. Based on the existing storyline and character arcs, we can make some educated guesses.

The story will pick up where it left off in the beginning of volume 2 of the Light Novel. It will follow the journey of the Braves as they confront new challenges, unravel mysteries, and deepen their bonds.

Expect more intense battles, character development, and revelations about the world they inhabit. The central conflict between the Braves and the forces of darkness is likely to escalate, leading to thrilling confrontations.

One of the charms of Brave Of The Six Flowers is its complex characters, each with their own motives and secrets.

Season 2 could delve deeper into the backgrounds and motivations of these characters, shedding light on their true identities and hidden agendas.

The anime has a knack for keeping viewers on their toes, so anticipate unexpected twists and turns that will keep you hooked.

Which Studio Will Animate Rokka no Yuusha 2?

The choice of the animation studio plays a vital role in determining the quality of the anime. Passione Studio was responsible for the animation of the first season of Rokka no Yuusha. Whether they will return for Season 2 or if a different studio will take the reins remains a question mark.

Anime studios can change between seasons for various reasons, including scheduling conflicts, studio availability, or the preferences of the production committee.

Fans of the series can only hope that whichever studio handles Season 2 will maintain the high production values and captivating animation that made the first season such a hit.

Where can I watch Brave of the Six Flowers Season 2?

Where can I watch Brave of the Six Flowers Season 2?

Once the release date is officially announced, fans can look forward to watching the second season on various streaming platforms. The availability of anime on streaming services has made it easier than ever to access your favorite series. Brave Of The Six Flowers Season 2 is likely to follow suit.

Keep an eye on popular streaming platforms like Crunchyroll, Funimation, BiliBili, and even Netflix, as they often feature newly released anime. Although, not all regions have access to the series, so use a VPN in case you aren’t able to.

Some platforms may offer simulcasts, allowing you to watch new episodes as soon as they air in Japan.

Stay tuned for updates on where you can catch the highly anticipated Season 2.


In conclusion, the anticipation for Brave Of The Six Flowers Season 2 is palpable among fans. With its rich source material, complex characters, and thrilling storyline, there’s no doubt that a sequel has the potential to deliver another dose of adventure and excitement.

While the official release date and studio details remain uncertain, the promise of more Braves, battles, and mysteries to unravel is enough to keep fans eagerly awaiting updates.

So, stay tuned, as the journey of the Braves is far from over, and Brave Of The Six Flowers Season 2 is sure to be an anime event worth the wait.

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