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7+ лучших рекомендаций хентай-додзин без цензуры, чтобы доставить себе удовольствие

Сегодня я собираюсь обратиться к темным желаниям всех болтунов и дать рекомендацию хентая додзин. Что еще? В этих рекомендациях не будет этих надоедливых линий и размытых плиток. Ага, я собираюсь поделиться некоторыми из лучших кодов хентай манги без цензуры, которые есть.

Но как мне судить об этих додзинских названиях? Как мне их ранжировать?

Что ж, для этого я воспользуюсь мнением интернета. Я собираюсь составить этот список на основе самых популярных / просматриваемых работ на nhentai.net, несомненно, самом популярном веб-сайте для подобных вещей. Не говоря уже о том, что я также прочитал все заголовки, которые упомянул в этом списке, поэтому я точно знаю, что это материалы высшего уровня. И если вы хотите прочитать что-либо из них, вам просто нужно поискать их на вышеупомянутом веб-сайте.

Лучшие предложения на аниме футболки

Узнайте, как использовать коды додзин из эта почта.

Top 10 Doujin Manga of All Time With Codes

Inma no Mikata! (239990)

Inma no Mikata! (239990) - суккубский додзин

Inma no Mikata! (Succubi’s Supporter!) is currently the number 1 most read uncensored hentai manga/doujin on nhentai.

It’s been 3 years since it was published, but you can still find people reading and commenting on this doujin.

Inma no Mikata! это додзин-манга с более чем 200 страницами, рассказывающая историю мальчика-идеалиста, живущего в мире, где люди и суккубы coexist.

The boy wanted to be in a job that served all of humanity, to make the world a better place.

He graduated high school full of hopes in finding his dream job. However, he is nothing but a jobless virgin now.

Knowing his past, two succubi sisters offer him a job where he could be “useful”. Even though it might not serve humanity, it’ll serve the succubi at least, so he accepts.

Besides, who’d decline an offer where you get to have all the fun and still be paid for it?

Мирко: индивидуальная совместимость (329882)

Мирко: индивидуальная совместимость (329882) - mha doujin

As you probably already know, all popular anime series have their own hentai manga adaptation thanks to doujin artists.

And My Hero Academia is no exception.

There are tons of MHA hentai online, but the most popular one in the uncensored doujin manga category is this one involving Mirko.

Честно говоря, я не думаю, что этот заслуживает такой популярности. Это суперкороткий материал, всего около 20 страниц, в котором тоже нет хороших иллюстраций. Но интернет считает, что это хорошо, поэтому я просто перечислю это здесь.

Anyway, for those who don’t know, Mirko is the superhero with bunny like appearance & abilities. She is a strong willed character who’ll bow to none.

That is, at least what the outside world knows. However, there is one exception where she is completely passive.

Yup, you guessed it, she just can’t resist the hentai protagonist. She succumbs only to him and lets him play with her to his hearts content.

Torokase Org*sm(289857)

Torokase Orgasm (289857) - хентай манга милфы без цензуры

Alright people, with this hentai manga we’re venturing into the forbidden territory.

The story starts off with the hentai protagonist visiting his relative on summer vacation. And guess who’s there? His aunt whom he had a crush on for a long time.

She was going through a tough time as she had a fight with her husband and was about to break up.

Seeing this, our mc thinks this is his chance to confess to her. And he does. But she just laughs it off.

Later, the aunt calls the MC to travel with her in her car and apologises for laughing at him when he was serious. One thing leads to another and then, you know, the “regular thing” happens.

CL-orz 52 (244327)

CL-orz 52 (244327) - без цензуры konosuba hentai doujin

What’s up with this title, you ask? I’ve no idea either. But don’t judge a book by its title, rather look at its content.

This is probably the most liked Konosuba hentai comic out there. This one is not only uncersored, but it is also full colored!

Они не тратят время на знакомство и настройку сюжета, как другие додзины.

This doujin manga starts off with Aqua pretending to be asleep in “awkward” clothing. Kazuma knowing what she’s taunting him to do, does it.

After that, darkness and megumin gets their chance with him too. That’s about the entire story.

Один дома возня с моим другом детства (350536)

Один дома возня с моим другом детства (350536) - хентай комикс рекомендация

Это еще один полностью раскрашенный хентай-комикс. История начинается с двух друзей детства / соседей, которые планируют «сделать это», когда их родители уезжают.

Since they were friends from childhood they knew everythig about each other. Therefore, usual dating plans are jsut boring for them.

Which is why they were more interested in the adult part of being in a relationship. However, having their parents at home was a big obstacle for them.

So when both their parents were finally going on a short vacation to a hot spring, they’ve gotten their chance to finally do it.

Unfortunately though, their vacation plan was cancelled.

Frustrated by having their anticipation killed, they decided to do it anyways while being sneaky and silent at night, despite the risk.

Осикакэ Бакуньюу Гал Харем Сэйкацу! (347643)

Осикакэ Бакуньюу Гал Харем Сэйкацу! (347643) - гарем хентай манга

This is a fully colored, uncensored hentai comic with harem. It’s the ultimate combination, I swear.

It is a 74 pages long hentai manga about a guy who just lost his job and a bunch of girls who’ve no money to rent a house.

The girls find the man staring under their short skirt while they were climbing stairs.

They try to extort money out of him for peeking, but he’s just lost his job and is out of money himself.

So they decide to use him as their toy and move into his house since they had no money to rent a house anyways.

Living in his house, they tease him everyday and ultimately do it with him whenever they get the chance.

Что удивительного в этом додзинси, так это его точка зрения. Мастер этой истории - тоже отаку, который не очень красив / привлекателен. Он простой, что может понять большинство людей.

Пандемониум (165962)

Pandemonium (165962) - хентай манга без цензуры с девушками-демонами

This is another uncensored demon girl hentai doujin with 228 pages. The story starts off with the MC recieving a weird pot from his dad.

And from this pot, a demon girl has been summoned who makes the MC to “play” with her everyday. It’s basically her source of food.

However, the protagonist is still a young boy and does not have the energy to do it everyday.

He tries to resist her as much as he can. One week later, when he has finished up with all his make up exams, the demon girl suddenly kisses him.

Little did he know that she was just forcing down a special potion to keep him energized.

Несколько недель спустя его отец отправляет еще один предмет, одержимый демонами. Теперь он должен сделать это с ними двумя, чтобы они остались довольными и живыми.

Irrumax (244428)


Irrumax is a fairly long uncensored hentai manga about a guy who moves into a new place. There he comes into contact with a ghost who was actually the spirit of a dutch wife.

For those who don’t know, dutch wife is a human sized pillow like object used by men for having “fun”. Now that it has come to life as a ghost, it wants to be used as it was originally intended it to be.

Therefore the ghost offers herself to the hentai MC and they have a fun stay together.

Яйца глубоко в любимой (396084)

396084  - Marin Kitagawa Uncensored Hentai Doujin

You’ve found a classy NTR hentai starring Marin Kitagawa. This super short, 8-page uncensored hentai doujin has good content.

Marin tricks Gojo by bringing him a senpai.

She says her senpai will make her cosplay clothes. Marin wanted Gojo to confess his feelings in this way, but Gojo says it’s fine. Marin’s plan fails, so she must follow her senpai as promised.

Cosplay quickly becomes “other activities” between them. Marin calls Gojo to show him how they’re having fun. Gojo doubts himself and thinks he’ll never get Marin.

At the end, he musters his last bit of courage and finds Marin chained by her Senpai.

Элегантный секс (406589)

Elegant Sex (406589)

This 22-page spy x family adult manga is colored and uncensored.

Our elegant professor took things too far. He wants to watch Loid and Yor as they do it so he can assess their elegance. But Yor is nervous about doing it so publicly.

So she drinks. She won’t feel the eyes on her while she’s drunk. Soon, they began their show, which impressed the professor.

So that’s it for this post! These were all the top 10 hentai doujin manga out there in the uncensored category!! This was a fun post to write, and I hope you found something fun to read too~

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