Os 15+ personagens de desenhos animados mais populares do velho

No bond is more precious and pure than the bond between children and their grandparents. This is the same in cartoons where we see these old man characters that offer support and comfort to their grandkids.

They keep them anchored to the ground while offering them their hand and back to climb up to reach the sky. While some grandpas are easygoing, some might be grumpy; nonetheless, they love their families a lot.

Cartoons have a great deal of impact on the young mind, and we learn to associate our feelings with the image of them. Many children try to find the warmth they share with their grandpas, from the warm-hearted oldies to the grumpy ones.

Here we have compiled a list of the top 15+ most popular old man cartoon characters, which, along with nostalgia, bring us a feeling of oneness. This list is so inclusive that while it is a walk down memory lane for many people, it even intrigues the curiosity of the current younger generation.

List of Cartoon Old Man Characters With Glasses

In this section, we will be taking a look at some of the most famous grandpa characters in cartoon who wear glasses.

1. Eustace Bagge, the Famous Grumpy Farmer (Courage the Cowardly Dog):

Eustace Bagge - List of Cartoon Old Man With Glasses

Eustace Bagge is the most famous grumpy old man cartoon character from the hit series Courage the Cowardly Dog. He is a farmer who lives with his wife and dog, Courage, in the middle of nowhere. He is a cynic, and the man is often frustrated with the world. Throughout his day, he sits on his red chair and gives out orders to his wife. His love for money is profoundly conveyed in the series. However, when the situation arises, he allies with Courage to save his family, showcasing his underlying care and bravery.

2. Grunkle Stanford Pines, the Crafty Swindler (Gravity Falls):

Grunkle Stanford Pines

He is the great uncle, also known as “Grunkle,” of Dipper and Mabel Pines from the hit series Gravity Falls. He is a crafty swindler who is only interested in money. Grunkle is the most fun-loving old guy cartoon character. He tries numerous ways to trick the tourists for their money, which often lands him in many tricky situations. Despite this, he is a pleasant old fellow who loves his grandkids.

3. Carl Fredricksen, the Grumpy Adventurer (UP):

Carl Fredricksen - List of Cartoon Old Man With Glasses

Carl is the protagonist of the Disney Pixar animated movie ‘UP.’ Following his wife’s death, he becomes a bitter and grumpy old fellow. He deeply misses his wife and tries to fulfill his promise to move their house to Paradise Falls. He has a stubborn personality as long as he does not sell his house to the developmental authorities. However, deep down, he has a kind heart and later treats Russell as his grandson, forming a heartwarming bond.

4. Grampa Simpson, the Eccentric Patriarch (Simpsons):

Grampa Simpson

Grampa Simson is one of the wise, old characters in the Simpsons series where we see him do all sorts of eccentric things. Not to mention, his nasty schemes are always exciting. Despite his advanced age, he is very lively. However, his age gets him from time to time when he acts a little senile and forgets things. One of the most unforgettable things about him is his flashbacks where we see his love life during the World War period.

List of Cartoon Old Man Characters With Beard

In this section, we will be taking a look at some of the most famous oldie characters in cartoon who have a beard.

1. Master Shifu, the Skilled Martial Artist (Kung Fu Panda):

Master Shifu

Master Shifu is the teacher of the kung fu warriors from the hit Kung Fu Panda franchise. He is a skilled martial artist and is highly obedient to his master, Oogway. He is a wise and highly devoted teacher with wicked humor. Master Shifu is a strict disciplinarian but occasionally enjoys moments of laughter. Though stern-looking, he deeply loves his students and guides them to unlock their full potential.

2. Sultan, the Benevolent Ruler (Aladdin):

Sultan - List of Cartoon Old Man With Beard

The Sultan was first introduced in Disney’s 1992 hit animated feature film Aladdin. He is the father of Princess Jasmine and the ruler of Agrabah. He is a benevolent ruler who takes pride in his land and works tirelessly for the betterment of his people. As for his personality, he is a childish and pompous fellow. He is a jolly old chap but gets infuriated whenever someone tries to court his daughter.

3. Iroh, the Wise Uncle (Avatar: The Last Airbender):

Iroh - List of Cartoon Old Man With Beard

Anyone who has watched Avatar: The Last Airbender would know that Uncle Iroh is one of the wisest characters in the entire franchise. Exactly because of that, he has used to be the General of the Fire Nation army. Now, he is the teacher of Zuko, the hotheaded prince.

We can see him advice young Zuko on what to do and what not to do. However, half of the time, his words never the ever angry Zuko. But that doesn’t make Iroh mad because he is in peace with himself. He does not get triggered when his words aren’t given any respect. This shows how enlightened he truly was.

4. Master Roshi, the Strongest Old Man (Dragon Ball):

Mestre Roshi

When it comes to quirky old characters in cartoon, nobody can beat Mestre Roshi from the Dragon Ball franchise. He is wise, strong and has lived for hundreds of years. However, none of that stop him from being a complete perv who always harasses women.

Only in the latest Dragon Ball Super franchise he has started to overcome this habit of his. Regardless, he is one of the most hilarious characters in the show who is also surprisingly strong. How strong you ask? He was able to casually destroy a moon with his powers. And this was at the beginning of the series. Currently, he is far stronger than he ever was before.

List of Cartoon Old Man Personagens With Mustache

In this section, we will be taking a look at some of the most famous grandad characters in cartoon who have a mustache.

1. Reginald Fletcher, the Daredevil Grandfather (Phineas and Ferb):

Reginald Fletcher - List of Cartoon Old Man With Mustache

Reginald is the grandfather of Phineas and Ferb from the hit Disney television series Phineas and Ferb. He is an old English chap who was quite the daredevil in his youth. He was known as The Flying Fishmonger during childhood, famous for his dangerous stunts. As a grandfather, he is kind and supportive of all the bizarre inventions of his grandkids.

2. Alfred Pennyworth, the Greatest Butler (Batman: The animated series):

Alfred Pennyworth

Alfred is the capable butler of Batman who is perfect in every sense. Despite being an old man, he is a very reliable character in the cartoon, Batman The animated series. He is wise, witty and humorous too. His sarcastic comments always hit right on the spot making the viewers chuckle.

He plays a mojor role in helping batman out in his missions. Not only that, he also gives valuable advice that help Batman overcome his obstacles. There were also times when Alfred saved Batman by jumping into action himself.

3. Grandpa Lou, the Playful Oldie (Rugrats):

Grandpa Lou - List of Cartoon Old Man With Mustache

Grandpa Lou is one of the key characters from the cartoon series Rugrats. He is responsible for taking care of the main character trio, but he usually falls into a nap in the middle of his caretaking. This leads to the MCs to adventure and have fun. In essence, it is thanks to Lou sleeping we even got to watch the story unfold. Most of Grandpa Lou’s screentime is either him napping or using his wisdom to advice the young ones.

4. Mr. Wilson, the Grumpy Old Man (Dennis the Menace):

Mr Wilson

Mr. Wilson is one of the main characters of the cartoon Dennis the Menace, who is an old, grumpy guy. He is always at odds with the main lead, Dennis. In a sense, you can even say that Wilson was the antagonist in the show.

He is very dissatisfied with the fact that his body is getting weaker with his age. In addition to that he has to deal with the bratty Dennis and his antics. However, he is not a bad guy as he has been kind to Dennis and his family too. Overall, Mr. Wilson is a senior who is very relatable and comparable to most of our own grandparents.

List of Other Popular Old Man Characters In Cartoon

In this section, we will be taking a look at some of the most famous grandpa characters in cartoon who is well known among all fans.

1. Ginnosuke Nohara, the Quirky Grandfathe (Shinchan):

Ginnosuke Nohara

Ginnosuke is the grandfather of Shinchan and Himawari Nohara. Shinchan is the spitting image of his grandfather. Ginnosuke’s love for weird things, tea, and women is profoundly conveyed throughout the series. He has a complex personality and often drops unannounced at his son’s house. Due to his quirky nature, he usually ends up in embarrassing yet funny situations, bringing laughter to children and adults alike.

2. The BFG – A Gentle Giant (The BFG):

The BFG - A Gentle Giant

The BFG, or Big Friendly Giant, is the old man cartoon character from the classic 1989 fantasy film, The BFG. Unlike the other human and woman-eating giants, the BFG is a friendly person. He lives in the faraway Country of Giants and is often teased and looked down upon by his fellow giants for his humble personality. Like a dreamcatcher, he captures nightmares and distributes only fun and beautiful dreams to children. He eventually risked his life to save a 10-year-old girl named Sophie.

3. Grandpa Max, the Cross-Country Adventurer (Ben 10):

Grandpa Max - List of Popular Old Man Characters In Cartoon

Magister Maxwell Tennyson is the grandfather of Ben and Gwen from the television series Ben 10. He is a kind, pleasant fellow who takes his grandchildren on a cross-country trip. In his youth, Grandpa Max risked his life countless times to save Earth from harmful extraterrestrial beings. He is a genius strategist who is highly perceptive of his surroundings and emotions; however, his forgetful nature often shadows this side of his personality. Nonetheless, his love for his grandchildren shines through in every adventure they embark on together.

4. Professor Oak, the Pokemon Researcher (Pokemon):

Professor Oak - List of Popular Old Man Characters In Cartoon

Professor Samuel Oak is a Pokemon researcher in Pallet Town from the hit series Pokemon. He is the person who introduced Ash to Pikachu. He is a highly esteemed researcher specializing in relationships between Pokemon and humans. Professor treats Ash like his own grandson. He has a silly and forgetful personality, which often, over time, lands Ash in embarrassing situations.

5. The Genie, the Wish-granting Immortal Being (Aladdin):

The Genie

Genie is not your average human, and I don’t think you can even call him human. But there was a time when he was a human and it was hundreds of years ago. So without a doubt, the ever energetic and fun blue being is an old man cartoon character no matter how we look at it.

He is one of the main characters of the world famous Aladdin franchise that has gotten multiple adaptations through years. He is capable of granting any wish to a person. It is his curse that he must grant people’s wish.

Normally, he is stuck inside a magical item that must be rubbed in order for Genie to get out. Despite his cruel fate, he is always happy and fun loving. However, at some corner of his heart lies the sadness that he has endured for decades.


The characters in Crayon Shinchan present a unique and varied mix of personalities. There is something for everyone, whether it’s the hyperactive Shin-chan, the smart Himawari, or even Ginnosuke, who loves to play pranks on others. Each character has its own unique set of traits that make them entertaining and memorable. The series will provide laughs, warmth, and sometimes even unexpected lessons. Unsurprisingly, Crayon Shin-chan has been so successful in Japan and worldwide.


Who is the most popular old man cartoon character?

Ginnosuke Nohara, the grandfather of Shinchan, is the most popular old-guy cartoon character.

Who is the most powerful old man cartoon character?

Strictly speaking from this list, Master Roshi is the muscular older man with insane powers. Despite his appearance and age, he is an immortal martial artist who is stronger than ever before.

Who is the most handsome old man character in cartoon?

Professor Oak is considered quite popular among the ladies due to his looks and intelligence, making him the most handsome old man cartoon character.

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