2ª temporada de Hensuki: data de lançamento, enredo e muito mais!

Hensuki: Are You Willing to Fall in Love with a Pervert, as Long as She’s a Cutie?” is a 2019 Ecchi anime that has an average rating of 6.50 on MyAnimeList. It has been four years since it first aired, and fans are still waiting for Hensuki season 2. But when will it happen?

‘Kawaikereba Hentai’ or ‘Hensuki’ is a mediocre Ecchi that involves every modern Harem archetype. However, it adopts a more complicated approach. Most harem anime shows have protagonists who are either oblivious to the potential “assault” they face daily or take full advantage of it. But in ‘Kawaikereba Hentai’, the main character lies somewhere between the two.

This show is a psychological horror parody where a teenage boy gets harassed by the girls at his school without realizing what’s going on.

Produced by Seven and GEEK TOYS Studios, the animation suits the rom-com vibe of its story. The characters are not well developed, but their weird fetishes make them interesting to watch. Overall, ‘Kawaikereba Hentai’ is just a time killer and does not offer anything special. If you are a fan of Ecchi anime, then this one might enhance your viewing experience with its slightly different approach. But for others who despise typical high school harems, this one does not offer much.

With 12 episodes in the first season, fans eagerly anticipate a second. It’s been three years since the last episode aired, leaving them waiting for news.

Hensuki Season 2 Overview

Nome da TemporadaHensuki
Número da TemporadaTemporada 2
GêneroRom-Com, Ecchi, Harem
Data de lançamento inicialJuly 8, 2019
Hensuki temporada 2 Data de lançamentoA definir
Hensuki Volumes Light Novel da 2ª TemporadaVolume 4 e além

Hensuki Season 2 Release Date & Renewal Status

Hensuki Season 2 Release Date & Renewal Status

It’s been four years since the first season concluded, with no news of a season 2. Long waits like this are unusual in the anime world. Typically, shows are renewed in under five years; if it takes longer, chances decrease. Still, fans have hope.

The show gained popularity with its unique premise of a boy unknowingly facing harassment from his female peers. Keiki’s innocence and clumsiness appealed to viewers. Most online reviews were positive, indicating a demand for a second season. However, despite the potential, there’s been no renewal announcement.

The key factor for renewal is profitability. If the show generated enough revenue, production would likely continue. Unfortunately, Hensuki’s popularity has waned, making producers hesitant to pursue it further. While this news may disappoint fans, the studio focuses on numbers.

So, the chances of HenSuki getting a second season are very slim.

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Existe material de origem suficiente para uma sequência?

Existe material de origem suficiente para uma sequência?

This anime, based on Tomo Hanama’s light novel and illustrated by Sune, began in 2017. It officially ended in January 2022.

With 14 volumes released in total, there’s ample source material for season 2 of Hensuki.

While a new season isn’t confirmed, you can enjoy the light novel series while you wait. The anime’s final episode leaves off at Volume 4, Chapter 2 of the Light Novel. You can start reading from this chapter to have good continuity.

What Will Happen In Hensuki Season 2?

What Will Happen In Hensuki Season 2?

Keiki Kiryu, our young protagonist, has never experienced romance. He works at his school’s library, feeling self-conscious about his single status. However, one day, a surprising love letter changes everything. This mysterious letter hints at his Cinderella, and Keiki enthusiastically accepts it, although he doesn’t know the sender’s identity.

Thus, Keiki embarks on a quest to find this mystery girl. His journey unfolds as he explores various approaches to unveil her identity. He even resorts to spying on his clubmates, hoping to discover his Cinderella, but instead, he stumbles upon some unusual traits in his classmates.

The second season will continue the story from Volume 4, Chapter 2, where the first season left off. We will get to see more hilarious ecchi encounters and a little bit of drama.

Qual estúdio irá animar a próxima temporada?

Brinquedos geeks is a relatively unknown anime studio that has been in the industry since 2017. They have worked on a total of only 19 titles so far. Some of their popular works include Plunderer, Date a Live, and Dead Mount Death Play.

This is the studio that was responsible for the anime adaptation of HenSuki. So we can expect the same studio to continue animating the sequel.

Where Can I Watch Hensuki Season 2?

Where Can I Watch Hensuki Season 2?

HenSuki season is available to watch on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix. While not all regions have access to the show, it is available in the United States on the above mentioned platforms.

If we ever get HenSuki season 2, we can expect the same platforms to update the new season. Alternatively, it is also possible to watch the series offline on Blu-Ray.

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