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Adivinhe o personagem de anime do Silhouette Quiz

Can you guess the anime character from their silhouette in this quiz? Play this quiz and test your skills! Let’s see how much you score~

Most of the characters included in the below quiz are kind of popular so that it is beginner friendly. But of course, there are a couple of not so well known characters mixed in them.

Also, you’re going to get one of the four endings based on your score. So try to get all the endings if you’re bored or something.

Well, enough with the foreplay. Let’s get to the quiz!

You will be given 13 characters’ silhouette from which you will have to guess the anime character’s name.

Anime com MC de roubo de poder

In case you’ve forgotten the name, no worries. It has the name in the option along with the anime title. You just need to choose the correct option!

Guess The Anime Character Quiz

Can you guess the anime character just from their silhouette? Take this quiz and test your skills as an anime fan.

So, how was it? Were you able to guess the anime characters? Was it a breeze? Or did you have a little trouble? Whatever the case, hope you had fun!

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