2ª temporada de Baccano: data de lançamento, enredo e muito mais!

Baccano, the beloved anime, left fans craving for more after its first season, which aired 16 years ago. The series, known for its non-linear storytelling and intriguing characters, has a dedicated fan base eagerly awaiting a sequel. In this article, we’ll delve into the possibilities of Baccano Season 2, from its release date to potential plot details.

Baccano Season 2 Overview

Nome da TemporadaBaccano
Número da TemporadaTemporada 2
GêneroAction, Comedy, Crime, Supernatural
Data de lançamento inicialJul 27, 2007
Baccano! Specials (OVA) Release DateFeb 27, 2008
Baccano Season 2 Release DateA ser anunciado
Baccano Volumes Light Novel da 2ª TemporadaVolume 5 e além

Baccano Season 2 Release Date & Renewal Status

Baccano Season 2 Release Date & Renewal Status

Em setembro de 2023, there has been no official confirmation regarding the renewal of Baccano for a second season. Fans have been left in suspense for over a decade and a half. However, there’s still hope that the creators may revisit this cult classic in the future.

While it’s difficult to predict a release date without confirmation, fans remain optimistic that Baccano Season 2 could happen someday. The demand for more episodes continues to grow, and the anime industry has seen revivals of older series in recent years.

What’s more? The novel series of Baccano has not ended yet.

So, whether the show gets a reboot or actually receives a sequel, it really depends on the producers’ decision.

Existe material de origem suficiente para uma sequência?

Existe material de origem suficiente para uma sequência?

One of the key factors determining the fate of Baccano Season 2 is the availability of source material. The anime is adapted from a light novel series written by Ryohgo Narita, which consists of 22 volumes so far. The novel has not ended yet, but the author released the last volume in 2016. Its English translated version was recently published in May 2023. Fans have been waiting for over 7 years for the 23rd volume.

The anime adaptation deviates quite a few times from the novel. It doesn’t extactly stray far off from the novel, but the took its creative liberty to add or remove bits and pieces from the story.

Approximately, the first season covered only 4 volumes and the beginning of the 5th volume. The OVAs covered a part of the story from volume 14. So, this leaves us with around 15+ volumes left for future adaptations.

Portanto, there is ample source material to adapt into Baccano season 2. This leaves the door wide open for new episodes that could explore the complex and interconnected storylines of the Baccano universe.

What Will Happen In Baccano Season 2?

What Will Happen In Baccano Season 2?

The official plot for Baccano Season 2 hasn’t been revealed yet. But fans can anticipate more of the series’ trademark elements: a mix of historical fiction, supernatural elements, and an ensemble cast of intriguing characters.

The story is likely to pick up from where it left off, from Volume 5 of the light novel. It will explore the mysteries of immortality and the chaotic events surrounding various groups and individuals. New characters and plot twists could emerge, adding depth to an already intricate narrative.

Qual estúdio irá animar a segunda temporada?

If Baccano Season 2 were to be greenlit, the choice of animation studio would be crucial in maintaining the show’s unique style and atmosphere. The first season was the work of Base do Cérebro, a studio known for its attention to detail and vibrant visuals.

Fans would undoubtedly hope for the return of Brain’s Base to maintain continuity and faithfulness to the original series. However, studio decisions can change over time, and it would ultimately depend on the production team’s preferences.

Where Can I Watch Baccano Season 2?

anime girls with scar - Baccano!

When Baccano Season 2 eventually sees the light of day, fans can expect it to be available for streaming on popular platforms like Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu. These platforms typically offer both subbed and dubbed versions to cater to a wider audience.

However, the first season is not available on any streaming platform. You can only watch it on Blu-ray, or on illegal sites. The same might apply for the second season if no one gets the streaming rights.

In conclusion, while Baccano Season 2 remains unconfirmed, the passion of its fan base and the abundance of source material provide hope for its return.

The series’ unique blend of storytelling and memorable characters continue to captivate viewers, making a potential sequel a highly anticipated event in the world of anime. As fans eagerly await any news of its revival, Baccano’s enduring legacy remains as strong as ever.

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