8 melhores ideias de presentes para amantes e fãs de anime

As a long-time anime viewer, I’ve received many anime-themed gifts over the years, so in this article, I’ve decided to prepare for you a selection of anime themed products that can be used as gifts for your loved ones. Items on this list are perfect as a gift for a fan of manga and anime – as a birthday present or just – as a pleasant surprise for no particular reason.

Best Gifts For Anime Lovers

  • Anime Gift Box
  • Cosplay Clothing
  • Room Decor and Posters
  • Anime Mugs
  • Anime Figurines
  • Notebooks with Anime Cover
  • Anime Accessories
  • Phone Cases With Anime Design

Anime Gift Box

Подарунковий набір

Let’s start with the simplest option – a premade anime gift box, which has licensed items focused on the best anime franchises. For example, on the image above you can see the anime gift box from Abystyle Gift Box Group. This set includes a cool mug with the main characters, a keychain and a pair of badges, so you have a great opportunity to buy a nice set for otaku, without spending time searching for each accessory separately.

Cosplay Clothing  

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What anime fans love more than watching their favorite series is a quality cosplay. But still, even though people enjoy watching cosplay models on Instagram, not everyone is ready to transform their look into their favorite characters. But there is a compromise option that will satisfy both fans of anime and cosplay: stylish clothes with bright prints of your favorite anime and manga characters. This clothe can be worn every day, even for as your outfit for work or school. This include t-shirts, raglans, hats and even buffs (which can be worn as a scarf or protective mask) designed with style of your favorite anime. 

Room Decor, Pictures & Posters

If your friend is one of those who prefer to surround themselves with favorite characters at home, then the best option for a gift may be home decor. For example, you can gift him or her with a special poster or picture on the wall with their favorite anime character.

If you like this idea, all you have to do is to find out what character they love, and pick a poster design that you like the best. If you want to make a surprise and pick accessory without asking your friend, you can buy something with Japan’s most popular virtual anime singer Hatsune Miku. By the way, if you have never heard of it – we highly recommend you to fill this gap.

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Anime Mug

anime birthday present ideas

What else can you buy to please a fan of anime culture? For example, a cool mug – with a print of your favorite character or even in a form of character sometimes. Affordable and easy to customize, an anime mug with a favorite image make great mementos for friends and loved ones. You can also order a custom photo mug and add any text or image of your choice. For example, you can add a heartfelt message or an inside joke, that will put a smile on their faces each time they reach for a drink.  

Collectible Anime Figurines  

best anime present

Let’s move on to the coolest and popular category of anime products, in which you will definitely find a gift for a fan of any anime and any manga – regardless of their age, tastes or interests. As you’ve guessed, its anime figurines! Some full-sized anime figures can cost $200 or more, but you can buy “chibi” version, which is much more affordable without sacrificing character accuracy. Pretty much every anime character you can think of is available, just make sure you’re ordering one that’s in stock right now to avoid lengthy preorder waits. The most popular figurines of anime characters are:

  • Animation: Avatar – Katara Toy
  • Re:Zero – Rem 
  • Magi Madoka Magica: The Movie Rebellion EXQ – Madoka Kaname 
  • JoJo’s Bizarre – Golden Wind ver. B 
  • Caderno da Morte 
  • My Hero Academia – Izuku Midoriya 
  • Dragonball Z – Krillin with Destructo Disc 
  • Sailor Moon 
  • Animation: Avatar – Toph 

Notebook With Anime Characters  

anime gift guide

If the person that you preparing a gift for is not a big fan of collecting thing, pay attention to more practical gifts, like notebooks. This is a universal gift that almost any person. And if you buy a notebook with admirable anime character, you probably will not lose. When you’re in the market for anime themed gifts or book fetish items, personalized notebooks nearly always come up. Everyday journaling practice is certainly helped along by an appealing object in which to write. There are also smaller notebooks that can serve as themed journals for travel, poetry, or any particular topic you want to confine to one longhand journal.

Anime Accessories

Gift guide for anime fans

Extremely stylish keychains, wallets, belts and other puff & whistles from popular anime – all of that can serve as a great gift for your loved one! Wallets are another excellent way for avid anime fans to express themselves. It’s always a great feeling when you pull out your trusty Dragon Ball Z themed wallet and the cashier gets a glowing look on their face and starts complimenting you on your choice of anime. That means that a good anime wallet is a great gift for any anime fan.

Anime Stickers


Stickers are always fun things to have. You can use them on your laptop, mobile phones, backpacks, water bottles etc. What’s more? You can even get custom stickers of your favorite characters printed and shipped straight to your door.

Anime Phone Case

Anime gift ideas

There are some gifts that show your effort and keep on giving every day, like a led phone case with anime character. Like regular phone cases, led phone cases come in multiple designs and can be created for just about any type of phone because they’re, well, custom-made. And when you choose to purchase a led light phone case for your loved one, you are telling them that you put thought in ahead of time to consider what they could really need and would appreciate. If you know an anime really they are passionate about, you can find anime case that will be a perfect fit for your close ones.

Other Cool Anime Gift Ideas

Anime Destinations

anime destinations

If you simply want to surprise an anime fan and make them cherish their special day, there are several other options as well. You can take them to popular maid cafe, anime stores, ramen shops or anime conventions. Better yet, you could take them to these anime themed destinations and buy them a present. This will make any anime lover thrilled.

Drawing Tablets

anime drawing tablet

While not anime fans are artists, there are a lot of people that were inspired to become an artist because of anime. In such cases, the best option is to buy them graphic tablets and support their hobby! If they already possess one, you could opt for buying accessories for the tablet, like gloves and cases.

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[…] Recommended >> 8 Best Gift Ideas for Anime Lovers & Fans […]


[…] Recommended >> 8 Best Gift Ideas for Anime Lovers & Fans […]

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