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10+ Melhores Animes Sobre Samurai Que Você Precisa Assistir!

Samurai, being an extremely vital part of the Japanese, can be seen in a lot of anime out there.

They were the most honorable men back then, with amazing sword skills, and they were feared by everyone. With a strong sense of justice and honor, there are no men like samurai in the whole world.

Today, we’ll be talking about the Top 10+ Anime About Samurai and how modern-day animations have incorporated this theme. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it!

A Brief Overview of Samurai Animes

Samurai were hereditary military officers in medieval and early modern Japan. Only people of nobility were titled “samurai”.

They were the daimyo’s (feudal lord’s) well-paid retainers. Samurai enjoyed high status and exceptional rights, such as the ability to carry two swords.

They honed the bushido codes of martial qualities, indifference to suffering, and unwavering allegiance by fighting in numerous local skirmishes. Just hearing about them sounds cool, right?

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Which is why several anime series have attempted to bring back the legendary samurai to modern entertainment.

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The archetype of the samurai in anime

A maioria dos samurais no anime se enquadra em um dos arquétipos a seguir.

  • O rounin justo - Um samurai sem mestre é chamado de 'rounin'. Esses personagens geralmente se preocupam muito em proteger as pessoas.
  • O neutro - Esses personagens não se preocupam em ser bons ou maus. Eles fazem o que querem. Eles não são necessariamente maus. Mas eles também não se importam em ser justos.
  • O samurai malvado - Esses personagens geralmente são muito ambiciosos e tramam para ganhar poder.
  • O grunhido do vilão - Esses samurais não se importam com o que é certo ou errado. Eles simplesmente trabalham duro para seu mestre, independentemente de ele ser um bom homem.

List of the best Samurai anime of all time!

  • Orientar
  • Gintama
  • Vagabundos
  • Espada do Estranho
  • Lâmina do Imortal
  • Casa das Cinco Folhas
  • Hyouge Mono
  • Rurouni Kenshin
  • Afro Samurai
  • Dororo
  • Samurai Champloo

11. Orient

anime oriental

Orient is not your traditional samurai anime because it has supernatural elements in it. As you can see, flaming swords and tower sized monsters are all natural occurrences in this show.

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However, the main group in the anime called “Bushi” has the spirit of a samurai. They are the protectors of the nation who sacrifice their lives to save innocent people.

With their world infested by alien monsters, Bushi are the only ones who fight against them. However, the majority of the people have submitted to these monsters and pray to them as gods.

In such a world, these brave warriors wield swords and use special powers that they acquired from items created using a meteor.

10. Gintama – Most Hilarious Anime About Samurai

gintama - rei de todos os animes de gag

Gintama opens with some aliens named “The Amanto” invading Japan and putting a ban on the use of swords, thus disregarding and disrespecting the Samurai.

I know most of you are like, “Aliens in an anime about samurai with a historical theme? Really?” At least I was like that. As a matter of fact, I even dropped this anime because it felt too random. It breaks the rules of storytelling and…and is just weird. But when I finally gave it another shot a few years later, I realized what a masterpiece it was!

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This anime revolves around Sakata Gintoki, a man who still lives by the code of the samurai (or at least his own version of it). He mostly looks like a slacker and always carries a wooden sword. He’s probably the weirdest of all the samurai in anime.

Isto anime é extremamente engraçado but gets super serious when it must.

Gintama is my personal favorite and will always be number one in my heart, but we’ve listed it at the bottom since it is not an anime about samurai through and through.



Drifters isn’t your average samurai anime. It is also a time-travel anime. Its characters are references to real-life historical figures from various nations like Japan, America, France, etc.

What makes Drifters special is the fact that it is not bound to a particular timeline. Instead, the characters are “drifted” to another timeline and into another battle.

In some sense, it is like Gintama, where you get to see sword-wielding samurai fighting against guns. Which is a good thing in this case. I mean, what’s more thrilling than seeing legendary historical figures go against other historical legends?

8. Sword of the Stranger – Best Samurai Movie There Is

Espada do Estranho

Sword of the Stranger revolves around Nanashi, who is an aspiring samurai. He is training with a monk, who is teaching him the ways of life.

Nanashi yearns to search for the meaning of life, and while doing so, he is forced to commit horrible acts to save himself from the corruption of China and Japan.

As much as he hates it, he is forced to put on a dark mask in order to save humanity and accomplish his goals.

7. Lâmina do Imortal

Lâmina do Imortal

Samurai in anime always carry a heavy, gruesome past. This anime revolves around Manji, who was known as “The 100-Man Killer” as he killed a hundred innocent men. He’s extremely powerful and also immortal, as an 800-year-old nun placed bloodworms in his body that can heal any of Manji’s wounds.

To atone for his horrible acts, Manji decides to kill a thousand evil men. This is the only way his immortality curse could be lifted. Yes, people. Immortality is a curse.

Manji meets a 16-year-old girl named Rin who wants his help to kill those who killed her parents. Manji is reluctant at first but then decides to protect Rin for four years. The two go on a long journey, full of blood and gore, in order to have both of their goals accomplished.

6. Casa das Cinco Folhas

Casa das Cinco Folhas

The story revolves around Masanosuke Akitsu, who is a very meek swordsman. His meekness often leads to his employers firing him and making him question himself as a samurai.

Masa’s life is at its lowest point when a man named Yaichi hires him as his bodyguard.

His job as a bodyguard is not an easy one. He is forced to take part in illicit activities, and as he further gets involved with a group named “Five Leaves” under Yaichi, he begins to question his resolve even more.

He decides to unveil the mystery behind Yaichi and his group.

5. Hyouge Mono

Hyouge Mono

The story opens in the Sengoku Jidi era, where Furuta Sasuke, who is a vassal of the great warlord Oda Nobunaga, is constantly chasing material things to live a life of comfort.

He’s also accompanied by the tea master, Sen no Soukai, and the three go on different adventures to get what they want.

4. Rurouni Kenshin – Legendary Anime About Samurai

Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin was the first manga I ever read, and it was mind-blowing! For those who are not willing to watch anime with ‘old animation’, I strongly recommend you give the manga a try. It is really good.

Also, this classic 90s anime is getting a remake in 2023, so you can watch this version if you prefer a newer animation style.

At the peak of the Japanese Revolution, a legendary samurai titled “Hitokiri Battousai,” which translates to “Sword-drawing Manslayer,” desaparece misteriosamente.

10 years pass, and there’s still no clue about him, but his name still terrorizes everyone. Nobody knows, but Hitokiri abandoned his life as a killer, and now he lives as Kenshin Himura, who is a roaming swordsman.

What’s more? He has sworn to never use a sword again. At least not a sword that can kill. Which is why he always carries a blunt-edged sword with him.

Will he be able to get away from his dreadful past and live his new life peacefully? Well, we all know the answer to that. Lol no.

People eventually find out about his past and his enemies from the time when he was a manslayer, who come back to take him down with vengeance in their hearts.

3. Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai’s story opens in futuristic Japan, where Afro Samurai seek revenge from a man who killed his father and is also the number one fighter in the world.

He gained the position of the number 2 fighter, and now he wanted to challenge the number 1 fighter.

On his way to revenge, he comes across a bunch of bounty hunters, thugs, and monks. He’s also accompanied by a cheerful ninja.

2. Dororo – Anime About Samurai Fighting Demons

dororo - anime como Jujutsu Kaisen

The story opens with a greedy samurai named Daigo Kagemitsu offering the body parts of his newborn baby to 48 devils in order to gain complete domination of the country.

After that, Daigo ordered a woman to throw the baby in the river, but the woman couldn’t do this awful act and put him in a boat.

Miraculously, the baby without eyes, nose, skin, tongue, limbs, or literally every other organ somehow managed to reach the hands of a prosthetics maker.

That’s how the boy survived, and now he’s all grown up and has prosthetic limbs with blades embedded in them.

He’s on a demon-hunting spree to get his body parts back, even if it means destroying his real father’s empire.

Samurai Champloo

A young girl named Fuu works as a waitress at a tea shop and is bullied by a group of evil samurai.

She is saved by a rogue named Mugen and a ronin named Jin. Mugen and Jin start fighting afterwards, which leads to the death of the local magistrate’s son.

It is decided that both of them must be executed. Fuu helps them escape execution.

In return, she asks them to help her find the samurai who smells of sunflowers.

Outro anime em que Samurai é um personagem secundário

Samurai shine, whatever the role they play in an anime. Here are a few anime where the samurai characters are not the main protagonists but secondary characters.

  • Rei Shaman
  • Devorador de Almas
  • Destino / pernoite
  • Brave 10
  • Kabaneri da Fortaleza de Ferro
  • Tsukimichi: fantasia enluarada
  • Matador de demônios
  • Uma pedaço
  • Ar
  • Registro de Ragnarok


So, here’s our list of the top 10 anime about samurai. There were so many of them, but we had to narrow our list down to only the top 10. We hope you liked this list. We’ll come back with more!

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