Monster Musume Season 2: Release Date, Plot & More!

Monster Musume: Everyday Life With Monster Girls Season 1 ended in 2015, leaving fans eagerly awaiting Season 2. However, eight years later, there’s no sign of a second season.

Produced by Tokuma Shoten and Seven Seas Entertainment, this romantic comedy manga was adapted into an anime by Sentai Filmworks, animated by Lerche Studio. Despite Season 1’s success, fans wonder if there will ever be a Season 2.

Monster Musume Season 2 Overview

Name of the SeasonMonster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreFantasy, Comedy, Ecchi, Harem
Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Season 1 Release Date Jul 8, 2015
Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Season 2 Release DateNot announced yet
Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Season 2 Source MaterialManga

Monster Musume Season 2 Release Date & Renewal Status

Monster Musume Season 2 Release Date & Renewal Status

Fans began speculating about a second season of “Monster Musume” in 2015 due to a cryptic message in the final episode. Japanese fans pointed out that the animators cleverly hid the hint “niki kettei,” which translates to “phase 2 decision” in English.

This hint led fans to believe that a second season was confirmed. However, no official news has surfaced since 2015.

While rumors and conflicting reports have circulated, it’s unclear if a renewal has been officially confirmed. Various sources have provided differing information, making it challenging to determine a release date. Despite uncertainty, many publications remain optimistic about Season 2.

My take on the matter is that Monster Musume season 2 will most likely not happen. Why? Because it is an extreme Ecchi anime. These kinds of shows are not welcome on most streaming platforms. This means they’ll make much less money.

This is the same reason why shows like Redo of Healer and Interspecies Reviewers will most likely not get greenlit for renewal. The first season serves as a big advertisement for the manga, which will boost its sales. However, further seasons might only end in losses.

Is There Enough Source Material For A Sequel?

Is There Enough Source Material For A Sequel?

The Monster Musume anime is based on a manga of the same name that is still ongoing as of October 2023. The manga started publishing in 19 March 2012, and is still releasing new volumes every year or so.

Currently, it has a total of 18 volumes (over 100 chapters), with the latest Japanese version of the volume being published on February 13, 2023.

The anime ended fairly early in the manga, at chapter 25. It skips chapters 17 and 26, which are later animated as OVA episodes.

So, there is ample source material for season 2 of Monster Musume.

This means that the source material is not the problem hindering the production of the second season.

Where To Continue Monster Musume Manga After Anime?

Where To Continue Monster Musume Manga After Anime?

It’s already been years since season 1 ended, so fans are fed up with waiting. It is high time you started reading the manga.

Are you wondering where to start the Monster Musume manga after finishing season 1 of the anime? If so, you can start at Volume 7, Chapter 27 of the manga.

The anime’s OVA episode covers the 26th chapter, so don’t forget to go watch that before picking up the manga.

What Will Happen In Monster Musume Season 2?

What Will Happen In Monster Musume Season 2?

The anime adapted around 25 manga chapters, hinting at possible liminal battles for Kimihito’s hand in marriage. Expect more monster girls from various regions to join the competition.

Later in the manga, Kurusu works on a farm, leading to interesting situations like milking and spore-releasing. We will be introduced to a thick cow girl who’ll be the newest addition to the MCs harem. The story also delves into human-monster diplomatic relations.

Which Studio Will Animate The Next Season?

Studio Lerche, popular for shows like Assassination Classroom and Classroom of the Elite, animated the first season of Monster Musume. They are a fairly popular Japanese animation company that has vast experience.

They’ve animated almost 60 shows so far, making them the perfect pick for animation season 2 of Monster Musume. However, it should be noted that it has not been officially announced yet.

We will get to know the actual animation studio once the producers confirm the show’s renewal.

Cast & Characters Of Monster Musume 2

MiiaSora Amamiya
Rachnera ArachneraSakura Nakamura
SuuMayuka Nomura
PapiAri Ozawa
Centorea ShianusNatsuki Aikawa
ZombinaRei Mochizuki
Kimihito KurusuJunji Majima
Meroune LoreleiHaruka Yamazaki

Where Can I Watch Monster Musume Season 2?

Where Can I Watch Monster Musume Season 2?

Because of Monster Musume’s extreme ecchi content, it is not available on major streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu. However, the first season is currently available only on HiDive.

Since they already have one season, it makes sense that they’ll update the new season when it releases.

Other than streaming online, you can also opt to watch the latest season offline on CD or DVD. You can purchase the Blu-ray disc of the new season on the official website of the anime once it releases.

That’s it for this post! Despite being very popular, Monster Musume has not gotten a new season in over eight years. This is probably because the show is not able to get hosted on popular streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu because of its extreme ecchi content. This greatly reduces the profit the anime can make. But let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best!

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