Re Creators Stagione 2: data di uscita, trama e altro!

Re:Creators is a thought-provoking anime that blurs the lines between fiction and reality. It was so good that it left fans eagerly awaiting news of a second season. The anime, which premiered in 2017, garnered a dedicated following for its unique concept and compelling characters. But will there be a Re:Creators Season 2?

In this article, we will go over all the latest news regarding the renewal status of this reverse isekai anime. We will speculate a possible release date, its plot and the streaming platforms where it will be available.

Re Creators Season 2 Overview

Nome della stagioneRe Creators
Numero di stagioneStagione 2
GenereReverse Isekai, Mecha, Sci-Fi
Data di rilascio inizialeApril 8, 2017
Re Creators Season 2 Release DateEssere annunciato
Re Creators Season 2 Source MaterialOriginale

Re Creators Season 2 Release Date & Status

Re Creators Season 2 Release Date & Status

As of September 2023, there has been no official announcement of Re:Creators Season 2’s release date. However, there are no reasons to remain hopeful. The first season ended with a proper closure, satisfying fans with a memorable ending.

Since the entire story has come to an end, we might not get a second season of Re Creators. The fact that there has been no news about renewal even after 6 years proves this point.

However, it must be noted that the anime was an original story. This means, just like how “Scatola Megalo” got a sequel, there is a chance Re Creators might get one too.

While we hopefully anticipate good news, it’s reasonable to speculate that Re:Creators Season 2 is cancelled.

C'è abbastanza materiale originale per un sequel?

One crucial aspect of any sequel is the availability of source material. In this regard, Re:Creators appears to be on solid ground.

The anime is based on an original story by Hiroe Rei, meaning that the creators have the creative freedom to craft a new narrative.

However, the absence of pre-existing source material can also be seen as a challenge, as it requires the team to come up with a fresh and engaging storyline for a potential second season.

The show is ranked #433 in terms of popularity on MyAnimeList, which is a good sign. If enough fans care about the series, then we might get a sequel in the future.

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What Will Happen In Re Creators Season 2?

Anticipating the plot of Re:Creators Season 2 is pretty much impossible at this point. Season 1 ended the story completely. There are no rooms for continuation, as far as I know.

However, just like how Sword Art Online continues with new sequels despite completing each story arc, there is potential for a new adventure.

The anime’s initial premise revolved around characters from various fictional works coming to life in the real world, sparking intense conflicts.

In Season 2, fans can expect a continuation of this intriguing concept. New characters may enter the fray, and unresolved mysteries from the first season could be explored further. The battle between creators and their creations might intensify, delving deeper into the consequences of bringing fictional worlds to life.

Which Studio Will Animate The Next Season?

As of the last update in September 2023, there’s been no official confirmation about the studio responsible for animating Re:Creators Season 2. However, it’s common for anime sequels to retain the same studio to maintain consistency in animation style and quality.

Fans can hope for the return of studio TROYCA, which produced the first season, and anticipate the same level of stunning visuals and attention to detail.

Where Can I Watch Re Creators Season 2?

When Re:Creators second season finally hits screens, fans can catch it on popular streaming platforms like Crunchyroll, Funimation, e Hulu. Subtitles and dubbing options will likely be available to cater to a diverse audience.

For those who prefer the original Japanese audio with subtitles, Crunchyroll and Funimation should be your go-to choices. English dub enthusiasts can check Hulu for the dubbed version.


In conclusion, while we await an official announcement for Re:Creators Season 2. The chances of continuation seem slim, but there is reason to be hopeful.

We have seen original anime get sequels before, so let’s hope something similar happens for Re:Creators. That said, there are even more original anime’s that ended with only one season, so let’s not get too hopeful.

With the freedom to explore new directions and the potential for deepening the existing narrative, a second season promises to be a thrilling journey into the world of creators and their creations.

Keep a keen eye on your favorite streaming platforms for updates on this highly anticipated sequel.

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