Elenco di tutti i personaggi popolari in Kakegurui

Kakegurui is the most popular gambling anime series, which is based on the manga of the same name. This amazing and fascinating anime series was animated by Studio Mappa. It featured a dozen of interesting characters with unique interests. In this article we will be taking a look at all the popular characters in Kakegurui.

You will find the details of all the male and female characters from this series, including the games that they’ve played during their time in Hayakkaou Private Academy.

Kakegurui – Overview

Facce pazze di Kakegurui ed espressioni pazze

Kakegurui’s first season aired on Tokyo MX and other JNN channels in 2017, and the second season aired in 2019. This series is written by Homura Kawamoto and illustrated by Toru Naomura.

Kakegurui’s world is set at Hyakkaou Private Academy, the most popular school in Japan. This school is completely different from any other ordinary school. Gambling is legal at this school and is the only factor that determines a student’s status or rank. This series shows every detail of gambling and the science or facts behind it. 

This series is full of stunning and intelligent female characters such as Yumeko, Mary, Sumeragi, Kirari, Midari, and so on. They have excellent character development, which contributes to their global popularity. They are the key reason for making the series more interesting and fascinating. In this female-led series, there are also some male characters who have shown their own specialties. They leave an indelible impression on fans due to their stunning appearance and distinct personalities.

There are a number of male characters in Kakegurui, but here we only talk about the most popular one. While the male characters are not the main feature of this show, they also get a critical role in the series. They also challenged the female professional gamblers in a game and defeated few of them. They don’t get as much popularity as their female rivals, but they are still quite talked about in the kakegurui community.

In this list, we included only those characters who got a lot of screen time and showcased their special skills at gambling. Here, in this list, you get to know about their personality, status, gambling skills, and many more things. 

So without any delay, let’s dive into the list of the most popular male characters in Kakegurui.

  • Jun Kiwatari
  • Rin Obami
  • Ibara Obami
  • Kaede Manyuda
  • Ryota Suzui

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5. Jun Kiwatari


Jun Kiwatariis is one of the minor characters in Kakegurui. He is the governor’s son and a second-year student at the Hyakkaou Private Academy. Jun is quite tall and muscular, with tanned skin. He is very harsh, egotistical, and self-centered.

Jun despises those who oppose him and wants to use them as his puppets. He also enjoys teasing and harassing the house pets, even his friends and subordinates. He used fake debt in order to play the “Dept-swap” game. In this game, he was gambling against Yumeko Jabami and Mary Saotome. But, as a result of his irresponsibility, he loses and becomes a house pet.

Jun’s appearance changed dramatically and now looks thin and sickly after being a house pet. This is due to the pressure and harassment that his new life as a house pet has caused him.

4. Rin Obami


Rin Obami was initially featured in Kakegurui Season 2 Episode 1, “Gambling Women Again.” He is a member of the Momobami clan. He wanted to take the position of Student Council President at Hyakkaou Private Academy by replacing Kirari Momobami. 

Rin maintained a calm and well-mannered demeanor in order to acquire others’ trust. In reality, he is extremely intelligent and evil. He also has a very attractive appearance and is well-liked by many of the school’s female students. He enjoys doing investigations into his adversaries and getting to know them better in order to outsmart them at gambling.

Rin played a gambling game called “War” with his brother Ibara, Ririka, Anzu, Aruka, and Midori. However, he was defeated by Ririka and was driven away from the presidential election.

3. Ibara Obami

Ibara - male characters in Kakegurui

Ibara Obami is the brother of Rin Obami and one of the supporting characters in Kakegurui. He was born into a notorious swindler family known for deceiving others with their polished lies. Ibara is unable to lie due to his odd physical condition. As a result, he is shunned by his family and is known as the family’s punching bag.

Ibara is a self-assured and outspoken individual. He makes yelling noises and enjoys mocking others. Ibara also has a lot of comedic and quirky moments. He doesn’t take himself too seriously. When it comes to his caring brother, Rin Obami, though, he takes things extremely seriously.

Ibara engaged in the presidential election by participating in the Greater Good Game, a gambling game. Terano Totobami organizes this game, and the winner receives a chance to win election coins. Ibara played this game with Yumeko Jabami, Itsuki Sumeragi, Kaede Manyuda, and Miroslava Honebami. He unfortunately loses in this thrilling and suspenseful game, while Itsuki came out on top.

2. Kaede Manyuda

Kaede -  male characters in Kakegurui

Kaede Manyuda is one of the supporting male characters in Kakegurui. He was also the former treasurer of the Student Council and aspired to become the Council’s president. Kaede is a tall and slim man with decent black hair and eyes. He has a cold, cautious, and manipulative personality as well as a calculative and observant mind. His sharp intelligence aids him in deducing opponents’ behaviour, allowing him to win the gamble against them.

Kaede played an official card game, Choice Poker, against Yumeko Jabami. The president, Kirari Momobami, is the dealer in this fascinating card game. He gave it his all in this game to beat Yumeko, but he was badly defeated by her. He also lost his place on the student council as a result, and he ended up getting demoralized. His black hair became white after this humiliating defeat and the emotional stress that he went through. 

Kaede is also one of the minor characters in Kakegurui Season 2. In this series, he appeared in the Greater Good Game alongside Ibara, Yumeko, and Sumeragi. He wins fourth place in this game and does not lose or gain any of his coins. By playing this intense game, he was able to regain his spirit and confidence. 

1. Ryota Suzui


Ryota Suzui is one of the main characters in Kakegurui. He is the first friend of Yumeko Jabami who paid off his debt and released him from the title of housepet. Ryota is also one of the most handsome and gentle male characters in Kakegurui. He stands at about average height and has brown hair and eyes. His personality is very polite, friendly, and reserved. 

Ryota is very close to Yumeko and adores her very much. He isn’t awful at gambling, but he is afraid of taking risks. He first competed against Mary in a gambling game called “Poker,” but he lost. As a result of his loss, he loses his social standing and becomes Mary’s personal pet. But, with Yumeko’s help, he is eventually set free.

Along with Yumeko, Ryota engages in a number of gambling games against a dozen of other well-known gamblers. In the first season of Kakegurui, he played the Tarot Cards of Fate game against Kirari. He uses his inherent gambling instinct in this game to draw the Judgment Tarot card. With the correct combination of cards, he is able to bring the game to a draw.

In Kakegurui season 2, Ryota and Yumeko collaborated in the Nim Type Zero game against Miyo Inbami and Miri Yubami. He is able to keep his cool in this deathmatch, which leads to their victory, even though his opponents were cheating. 

Female characters are prominent in this series and play an important role in it. They take up almost all of the screen time and display their personality and outlook. Each of them is an expert gambler with unique skills and instincts.

Female characters in Kakegurui hold the majority of the main positions at Hyakkaou Private Academy, such as President, Vice President, Chairperson, and so on. Many fans were curious about their personalities, skills, goals, etc. So we’ve put together this list where you can find all of your answers. 

So without further delay, let’s dive into the list of the most popular female characters in Kakegurui.

  • Yumemi Yumemite
  • Yuriko Nishinotouin
  • Rei Batsubami
  • Sayaka Igarashi
  • Itsuki Sumeragi
  • Runa Yomozuki
  • Midari Ikishima
  • Ririka Momobami
  • Kirari Momobami
  • Maria Saotome
  • Yumeko Jabami

11. Yumemi Yumemite


Yumemi Yumemite is an idol and the head of public relations for the Student Council. She wanted to be a well-known Hollywood actress and win an Academy Award. She is willing to go to any length to achieve this goal.

Yumemi has two personalities; as an idol, she appears to be adorable and joyful. She is always respectful of her fans and shows them a lot of love. In reality, she is conceited, determined, and heartless. She despises her fans and looks down on them. 

Yumemi is one of the top ten highest vote-holders in the election. In the Grand Tournaments, she competes against Mary. She put up a good fight in this tournament, but got defeated and lost 80 votes.

10. Yuriko Nishinotouin


Yuriko Nishinotouin is one of the main supporting characters in Kakegurui. She is in her third year of studies at Hyakkaou Private Academy. She is the head of the Traditional Culture Club and a member of the Student Council.

Yuriko is a stunning young woman who dresses in traditional Japanese clothes. Her personality is composed, classy, and well-mannered. The members of her club had great affection for Yuriko. She easily defeats Mary Saotome in the Life or Death game. She then plays this game against Yumeko, but fails ultimately. As a result, she lost both her club and her seat on the student council.

In Kakegurui Season 2, Yuriko played her favorite game, Life or Death, against Miri Yobami and Miyo Inbami. However, as a result of being poisoned by them, she lost the game and was eliminated from the election.

9. Rei Batsubami


Rei Batsubami is a major villain in Kakegurui Season 2. She was a member of the Momobami Clan in the past. She is later discarded by the clan as a result of a previous conflict within the clan. Rei first appears as a guy and works as a servant for other clan members.

Rei is a teenage girl with both male and female physical characteristics. Her demeanor is gentle and friendly. She is also sympathetic toward others, and she always protects those who are abused or bullied by others.

Rei bet 3 billion yen on a Coin Flip of Fate game against Yumeko. She was defeated in this game, but she was able to break out and receive a new name as a result.

8. Sayaka Igarashi


Sayaka Igarashi is the secretary to the president of the student council, Kirari Momobami. She is a sensible and calculative young lady who is very attentive to her work. She has a strong attachment to Kirari and adores her.

Sayaka dislikes gambling, but in order to prove herself, she challenges Yumeko to a deathly game. She played the Tower of Doors game with her, knowing that if she lost, she would not only die, but also become a stranger to Kirari. She performed admirably in this game and completed it at a record speed, yet she was defeated.

Sayaka had to jump from the fifth floor of the tower after losing the game. However, she chose the correct door, fell into a safety mat, and reclaimed her position as Kirari’s secretary.

7. Itsuki Sumeragi

Itsuki - female characters in Kakegurui

Itsuki Sumeragi is a first-year student in the Flower class at Hyakkaou Private Academy. She first appeared as an irresponsible and heartless young woman. But her personality shifted after she lost the Choice Poker game to Yumeko. She became gentle, supported others, and befriended Yumeko.

Sumeragi enjoys collecting painted human nails as a hobby. She used her gambling skills and vast wealth to grow this collection. Her father owns Japan’s largest and most popular toy company. She is an expert businesswoman who has consistently promoted her own products in gambling games.

Sumeragi took part in the Greater Good Game with Yumeko, Miroslava, and Ibara. She won first place in the game and received a prize of 100 votes. 

6. Runa Yomozuki

Runa -  female characters in Kakegurui

Runa Yomozuki is one of the cutest characters in Kakegurui. She is the chairperson of the Election Committee and a member of the Student Council. She usually wears an orange rabbit kigurumi, a Japanese garment, over her academy’s uniform. Her personality is very upbeat, spunky, and charming.

Runa does not take her role as a council member seriously. During meetings, she mostly plays a video game and eats sweets and snacks. She was also in charge of election broadcasting and announcing which candidates were in the lead.

Runa is the referee and dealer in the majority of the gambling matches during the Presidential election. She also explains the game’s rules and ensures that the matches are fair and free of cheating. 

5. Midari Ikishima

Crazy Kakegurui faces

Midari Ikishima is one of the major characters in Kakegurui and the main character of the series’s spin-off, Kakegurui Midari. She is the president of the Beautification Council and a member of the Student Council.

Midari wore a white surgical eyepatch over her left eye, and her hands were scraped by bandages. Her personality is psychopathic and stubborn. She competed in the Finger Cutting Guillotine game against Erimi Mushibami, in which her fingers were on the line. She thoroughly enjoyed the thrills of this game, but she lost because of breaking the rules.

Midari also gambles against Kirari and loses the game. As a result, she stabs herself in the eye with an ink pen in order to repay her debt. She is an exceptionally gifted academic student who has received numerous awards throughout her school years.

4. Ririka Momobami

Ririka -  female characters in Kakegurui

Ririka Momobami is one of the most well-known supporting female characters in Kakegurui. She is the older twin sister of Ririka Momobami, and they share the same facial features and complexion. She holds the position of Vice President of the Student Council at Hyakkaou Private Academy. 

Ririka usually wears a white mask over her entire face. She is a lonely and silent person who hesitates to communicate and feels awkward around others. She won the Gin Rummy game against Nozomi Komabami.

In the gamble against Rin Obami, she turned the tables and proved herself to be the finest gambler. Ririka demonstrates her confidence and gambling talents for the first time on this bet. She knocked Rin out of the election by defeating him in his own fake game.

3. Kirari Momobami

Elenco di tutti i personaggi di Kakegurui

Kirari Momobami is the main villain in the Kakegurui series. She is the President of the Student Council at Hyakkaou Private Academy. She is a lovely, light-skinned young lady with beautiful white hair. Kirari looks like a decent and cultured lady, but she is actually cold-blooded and obsessed with gambling. 

Kirari has no regard for anyone and only pursues what she finds interesting. She has a genuine affection for her older twin sister, Ririka, and a little too much for her secretary, Sayaka. She also invented the “pet system,” in which the losers of a gamble become pets. Her superior manipulative skills and analytical mind enable her to easily defeat her opponents.

Ririka is a skilled gambler, similar to Yumeko, who enjoys taking high risks for thrills. She challenges Yumeko to a Tarot card game, with the rule that whoever loses will drop the school. However, Ryota’s unexpected move draws this game to a close, and no one leaves the school.

2. Mary Saotome

sfondi pazzi di kakegurui

Mary Saotome is one of the main characters in Kakegurui. She first appears as a twisted and arrogant individual. She loves to mock her opponents and laugh at them. But after losing to Yumeko, she became the housepet and experienced their life. She later became allies with Yumeko and befriended Ryota and Sumeragi. 

Mary is a beautiful girl of average height with long blonde hair. Her eyes turn bright yellow whenever she gets excited about gambling. She wanted to become the President of the Student Council after learning of Kirari’s views on the pet system. She is one of the most intelligent and potent female characters in Kakegurui. 

Mary participated in the debt settlement game against Jun Kiwatari. She won this game and freed herself from the housepet’s position. She also helps out Ryota and Yumeko in the Nym Type Zero game. When Yumeko was being poisoned in the game, Mary gets her position and defeats Miyo and Miri, and saves Yumeko’s life. 

1. Yumeko Jabami

Elenco di tutti i personaggi di Kakegurui

Yumeko Jabami is the main character in Kakegurui. She is also one of the most gorgeous female characters in Kakegurui. She is a transfer student who attended Hyakkaou Private Academy in her second year. Her personality is energetic and charming, and she can easily attract anyone. She enjoys gambling and wants to gamble more and more without being concerned about the risks.

Yumeko is a tall, lovely girl with a wonderful curvy figure. Her eyes turn bright whenever she gets excited about gambling. She doesn’t hesitate about taking high risks while gambling. She simply lives to enjoy the thrill of the game. Her superior gambling instincts and knowledge enable her to deduce opponents’ tricks and intentions.

Yumeko nearly won all of the bets from the school’s popular gamblers and student council members. She also won the gamble against the majority of the Momobami Clan’s members. Her first gamble in school was a game of Vote Rock-Paper-Scissors against Mary Saotome. In this game, she lost two rounds but won the final round, leaving Mary in a massive debt. Later, she participated in the Double Concentration game against Itsuki Sumeragi, using her nails as a stake. She easily wins this game by deducing Sumeragi’s false cards.

Yumeko also challenged the council members to a gambling game, which she won. She also won in Indian Poker against Nanami and Jun, Midari’s Dangerous Game, Yumemi’s Live Stage Gamble, and Kaede’s Choice Poker. Kirari’s Tarot Cards of Fate game is her only drawn match in which she played against the president of the council.

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