5 consigli per migliorare la colorazione digitale dei personaggi degli anime + BONUS pro tip

Coloring is a super important skill that every digital artist must master. However, coloring is not always as easy and straightforward. From picking the right color to applying lighting & shading, there are a lots of stuff to do.

So, do you want to level-up your Anime art?

Follow these 5 easy coloring tips as you work on your next masterpiece.

These tips can be applied with whatever software you prefer to work with!

Coloring Tips For Beginner Digital Artists

1. Contrasting colors

Ever wonder why Anime art looks so appealing? It’s because the artists/designers choose contrasting colors for the characters!

Even with only little details or no shading at all, Following this coloring tip would make your art look 5 times more appealing.

Anime digital art coloring tips

2. Choose 1 main lighting source

Choose a light source right from the start.

Commit to it and shading would be easier as you go on.

It will also help a lot when you start adding minor details to your drawing as it won’t look out-of-place. 

Look for magazines, pictures or screenshots from your favorite anime to help you decide.

Anime art coloring tips - Lighting

3. Coloring your shading

Everything in nature reflects back the color from its surroundings, Even the shadows.

When choosing the color for shading, you can also use Tip # 1 to decide what would look best for your Art.

Anime digital art tips - shading
shading tips for digital artists

4. Coloring your Lineart

Putting color to your lineart can give volume to the artwork. Plus, it won’t look too boring.

Coloring your lineart

5. Add Bounce/Atmospheric light

If you want to add some extra “oomph” to your Art, add these things.

Like the shading, the lighting should also compliment your art’s main colors.

anime art tips - bounce

BONUS pro tip:

The “Bloom” technique:

This is a technique that I’ve learned from some old anime forum that I’ve long forgotten, so credits to the original creator.

In my case, I’ve added some extra steps to make it more appealing and to unite the overall color.

So basically, you’d export a PNG of your finished art then you will import it back to the editable file.

The steps that i did for this Artwork are:

  • Duplicate the imported artwork
  • Blur both
  • Change the layer function (One is Normal, the other one is Lighten/Screen)
  • Create a new layer above it
  • Fill it with gradient (Dark to light)
  • Change the gradient’s layer function (In this one, I chose Hard Mix)
  • Create a new layer above it
  • Fill it with color and change the layer function (In this one, I chose Vivid light)

You’d have to experiment with the layer functions and colors in order to see what would work best for your art.

Easy coloring tips for beginner digital artists - bloom filter

Like with anything else in life, Practicing and experimenting everyday will surely get you somewhere.

And don’t forget to plan, It is tempting to just work on adding some flashy details right from the start but laying down the groundwork (Flat colors, separate linework, separate shading) will give you more easier time for effects and color adjustments later on.

Now go and create more art 😉

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