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Everyone has their own favorite anime genre. But finding good anime in them can be a little difficult. So here are our top picks in each genre to make things easier for you!

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Find All Sorts Of List Based Content

Top 10 anime characters, list of the cutest pokemon, Ranking anime characters, etc.

Find all sorts of list based content here!

☆Anime Similar To☆

Find Other Anime Like Your Favorite Anime

We all have that one anime we couldn't get enough of. So we search for more anime like the said anime to get the same experience once again.

Here's a list of anime that are similar to a certain anime!

☆Anime Quotes☆

Find Quotes From Your Favorite Anime Character

Sometimes, anime gives you the most valuable life lessons you can get. It gives us the best advice anyone can ever give.

Here's a list of some of the most motivational, meaningful (or just cool) quotes from various anime characters!

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  • Anime Biz

    Read my tips and tricks to grow an anime business online.

  • Anime Games

    Find Anime game recommendations here!

  • Anime News

    Find news regarding latest trends in the anime and otaku community.

  • Anime Polls

    Vote for your favorite anime, characters, ships, etc.

  • Anime Quiz

    Play fun quizzes and test your knowledge in anime!

  • Anime Rant

    Find all anime reviews, and other anime related rants here.

  • Guest Posts

    This site wasn't created alone. It's the hard work of all of you! Here are all the guest contributions we've had so far.

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Let us know below! We'll consider writing about them as the next article!

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