Domicile » 10+ héros professionnels les plus puissants de MHA, classés (2023)

10+ héros professionnels les plus puissants de MHA, classés (2023)

It is without a doubt that the pro heroes in MHA are the strongest characters in the series because they maintain order in their society. Regardless of their quirks, they have the strength of will to enforce justice and protect the weak.

In the anime, each of the heroes is ranked according to the number of cases they have solved. However, it is explicitly mentioned that it does not directly reflect the power level ranking. Which is why in this article we will be ranking the professional Japanese heroes in My Hero Academia according to their power levels.

After All Might, the symbol of peace, retired, no other person was able to reach his level. Be that as it may, Japan’s current heroes are trying hard to fill the hole left by All Might.

Since All Might’s retirement and the debut of new faces, fans are eager to know who the strongest of them all currently in MHA are. So don’t worry, we will provide you with a fantastic list of the top 10+ strongest Japanese pro heroes in My Hero Academia.

Noter: This list is limited to the Japanese professional heroes. So we will not be including famous pros from other countries like Star and Stripe.

You can also learn about their peculiarities and why they are so powerful here. So let’s get straight to the listing.

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List of the Top 12 Strongest Japanese Pro Heroes in My Hero Academia

Dans cette section, nous allons classer les héros pro les plus forts en fonction de leurs capacités et des exploits réalisés. Leur numéro de héros joue également un rôle dans le classement, mais ce n'est pas le critère premier.

So you might notice that some low-numbered heroes ranked ahead of a higher-numbered hero. This is because they probably have more power or simply because the other hero didn’t have enough screen time yet.

Alors sans plus tarder, voici les 12 meilleurs héros pro MHA :

  • Endeavour, le héros de la flamme
  • Hawks, le héros de l'aile
  • Meilleur Jeanist, le Fibre Hero
  • Edgeshot, le héros ninja
  • Mirko, le lapin héros
  • Crust, le héros du bouclier
  • Ryukyu, le héros dragon
  • Kamui Woods, le héros du bois
  • Wash, le héros de la lessive
  • Yoroi Musha, le héros équipé
  • Gang Orca, héros de l'épaulard
  • Shishido, le Lion Héros

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12/12. Shishido, le Lion Héros


Let’s start the list off with Shishido, the man who is ranked number 13 in all of Japan.

He does not get much screentime in the series, so we don’t really know much about him.

However, his personality and unique look are enough to grab your attention. He possesses a lion quirk that gives him the abilities of a lion, such as sharp claws, superhuman strength, and durability.

Now if you think superhuman strength is all he has, think again. Because he possesses superhuman senses as well. He is also fairly intelligent, according to what we’ve seen so far.

As a result, he deserves to rank on our list of the strongest pro heroes.

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11/12. Gang Orca, le héros de l'épaulard

Gang Orca - les héros professionnels les plus forts du classement mha

No matter how you look at him, Gang Orca is definitely villain material. However, he is actually one of the strongest pro heroes in MHA. He is ranked No. 12 in Japan and is known for his sensory abilities.

He is also one of the few characteres who is super powerful under water thanks to his killer whale-based quirk.

His Orcinus quirks provide him all the powerful abilities of the Killer Whale, and he can paralyze his opponents through supersonic waves.

While Gang Orca is a decent fighter on land, his quirk truly shines underwater, where his strength is multiplied several times.

Furthermore, he is strong enough to defeat an average nomus dans des combats en tête-à-tête.

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10/12. Yoroi Musha, le héros équipé

Yoroi Musha

Here’s a Japanese Pro Hero you might have never heard of if you haven’t caught up. He has a little screentime in the anime and manga, so he is a very minor character.

He is an elderly man who is ranked number 9 in the Japanese hero society.

He is a stern and self-disciplined person who talks very little but very clearly.

He participated in the Guerre de libération paranormale, but since the war ended in a huge failure for the heroes, people started hating on them.

Because of this, Yoroi Musha and several other pros quit heroing, claiming that he became a hero only for fame and respect. Since there was no respect for pros anymore, he quit.

9/12. Wash, le héros de la lessive


Now, I know what you’re thinking. There’s no way this guy is stronger than the others listed above. But hear me out.

Wash is one of the most unique-looking Japanese pro heroes and is ranked number 8 on the Japanese Hero Billboard chart.

Despite his appearance, his abilities are super useful. Not necessarily powerful, but useful.

His quirk’s power was displayed during the attack on the Front de libération paranormal, when he saved several lives from Tomura Shigaraki’s decay quirk.

He can use bubbles to protect, heal, and even attack or repel enemies. While he might not have the ability to deal a killing blow, his versatile quirk is more than enough to deal with your average villain.

Overall, despite his appearance, he is one of the most useful and potent allies, excelling at support and escorting.

8/12. Kamui Woods, le héros du bois

Kamui Woods - les héros professionnels les plus forts du classement mha

Alright, here’s the guy we’ve literally been seeing since the start of the My Hero Academia series.

Kamui Woods is not as strong as other top-ranked pro heroes, but his dedication makes him so powerful. Regardless, I think his quirk has really great potential.

He always emerged as the greatest support for his fellow members in fighting méchants puissants.

He has a quirk called Arbor, which he skillfully uses both offensively and defensively.

Kamui’s ultimate move, the Chained Prison, is strong enough to capture powerful villains. However, he is weak against villains who use fire.

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7/12. Ryukyu, le héros dragon

Ryukyu - les héros professionnels les plus forts du classement mha

Next up is one of the strongest and most beautiful female characters in My Hero Academia, Ryukyu.

Ryukyu is the Dragon Hero, whose quirk allows her to gain the strength of a dragon. She is also able to transform into one when needed.

This gives her sharp jaws and claws, along with a pair of wings that give her an aerial advantage. Furthermore, she also has an incredible amount of strength and durability, which make her so powerful.

Even though she ranked lower (number 10) than Kamui Woods, she is stronger than him. In every battle against villains, including Humarise and Shigiraki’s group, she always shows her utmost resilience.

6/12. Crust, le héros du bouclier


Crust is one of those characters introduced only to be removed from the story permanantly. He is the sixth strongest pro-hero in MHA, with a unique quirk.

He is a good man with a great heart who lived as a true hero.

Despite having a bizarrerie défensive, he excels at using it as an offensive weapon against villains. Crust’s quirk provides him with the ability to create shields. They are pretty much unbreakable and can withstand almost any attack from powerful villains.

Crust’s greatest battle is against Chubs, one of the strongest high-end nomus. Later on in the show, he makes the ultimate sacrifice to save Eraser Head from Tomura Shigaraki and the Paranormal Liberation Front army.

5/12. Mirko, le lapin héros

Mirko - les héros professionnels les plus forts du classement mha

Mirko is the muscle mommy of MHA that fans drool over. Her strong body and strong will power, combined with her bold attitude, make her irresistible. It is not far-fetched to say that she is one of the most popular pro heroes in the MHA series.

Despite being a new face in My Hero Academia and debuting in season 6, she is already a fan favorite.

Mirko is also known as the rabbit hero. This is because her quirk gives her superhuman leg strength, and obviously she also has the ears of a rabbit. This helps her hear subtle things that normal people might miss.

She is strong enough to defeat multiple Nomus, making her one of the physically strongest characters in MHA.

4/12. Edgeshot, le héros ninja

Edgeshot - les héros professionnels les plus forts du classement mha

Everybody loves ninjas. They are cool and capable. But most of all, they are silent and slippery.

Edgeshot is a highly ranked ninja pro hero in MHA who is well known for his incredible strategies and plans.

He is from a ninja family, so he was literally trained to be one. However, what sets him apart is his quirk.

The “Foldabody” quirk is a very versatile quirk that seems to be a perfect match for his ninja techniques.

This quirk allows him to extend her body parts to a distance and use them as a sword or sharp weapon against opponents.

But his quirk is not the only thing special about him. He is a tactical genius who is capable of deducing his opponents’ next move through his keen intelligence and analytical mind.

3/12. Meilleur Jeanist, le Fibre Hero

Meilleur Jeanist - les héros professionnels les plus forts du classement mha

Best Jeanist is one of those weak-looking characters who is actually super strong. I mean, look at him; there is nothing about that appearance that screams “power.”

However, he is one of the most dedicated and disciplined pro heroes in MHA.

His real name is Tsunagu Hakamada, and his superhero name is Fiber Hero: Best Jeanist.

He is one of the few professional heroes who can face multiple supervillains at the same time.

He fought against several villains, including Gigantomachia, one of the strongest villains in MHA, showing just how strong Best Jeanist really is.

His quirk is a weird but very powerful one that fiber that allows him to manipulate all types of threads present in his surroundings.

Other than his quirk, Jeanist is known for his insane durability and extreme control over his quirk.

Aside from his powerful abilities, he is effective at counseling youths due to his highly impactful speech and admirable personality.

2/12. Hawks, le héros de l'aile

Hawks - les héros professionnels les plus forts du classement mha

Here comes one of the most popular MHA characters of all time, Hawks.

He is not only one of the strongest Pro heroes, but also the series’ coolest hero.

Keigo Takami is the real name of this man, and he has always been an admirer of Endeavor.

What makes Hawks special is that, no matter how difficult the situation, he is always stress-free and calm. This allows him to cook up some incredible plans that have saved countless lives.

Furthermore, he also has a very charming personality and a highly calculative mind.

Hawks is the ideal combination of power and mind, which is why he reached such a high position at such a young age.

Oh, let’s not forget about his amazing quirk! His quirk “fierce wings” give him two feathery wings, and he has complete control over every single feather. He is even able to manipulate multiple feathers at the same time.

1/12. Endeavour, le héros de la flamme

Endeavour - les héros professionnels les plus forts du classement mha

Finally, the number one strongest pro hero in all of MHA is none other than Endeavor. He currently holds the first position on the Japanese Hero Billboard Chart.

His real name is Enji Todorki, and his hero name is Endeavor.

He is the Flame Hero, who is the only one who continues to strive to reach All Might’s level despite knowing it is impossible.

This is exactly why he is the one closest to All Might’s level of protecting people and stopping crime.

His indomitable will, several years of experience, and powerful quirk make him such a powerful and great hero. In his fight against Hood, one of the strongest Nomus, he shows his greatest extent of power and skill by defeating him.

C'est tout pour ce post ! Il s'agissait des 12 héros professionnels japonais les plus forts de MHA, classés en fonction de leurs capacités et de leurs exploits.

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