Quiz de l'aventure bizarre de JoJo

Heya everyone! Since the last quiz went so well (too well that you guys actually made the server to crash. Lol I didn’t expect that much of you to visit), I thought I’ll add more quiz and other fun games. So, you can expect more questionnaire, would you rather and smash or pass kinda games from now on.

Anyways, this time around, we’re doing a L'aventure bizarre de JoJo Quiz!

Quiz sur les aventures bizarres de JoJo

I personally think it’s pretty easy, but let’s see how well you fare!

As always, if you liked it, share it with your fellow JoBros to see how they do ^^ (that way I can get more visitors. HaHa I know. I’m absolutely demonic, ain’t I?)

Alright! Let’s get it started!!


[ays_quiz id=’3′]

So that’s it. Was it too easy? Or was it just so-so? I’d love to hear your feedback. Also if you want me to do a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Quiz part 2, or any other anime quiz for that matter, hit me up on Instagram @silvercrowv1 (^_^)

Laterz <3

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